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Hungarian far-right lawmaker burns Israeli flag
Associated Press
Published: 15.12.12, 13:50
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1. Hungarians that bored......
Dan ,   Israel   (12.15.12)
I'm sure they have more pressing issues that Zionism. Seems abstract. Perhaps they are bored.....
2. another loser
tiki ,   belgium   (12.15.12)
Hope the Israeli flag could help him to get rid of his frustrations. As the saying goes "Losers never die, they only multiply".
3. The Hungarians were always vile anti-semites..nothing new..
Al   (12.15.12)
Why Jews insist on staying in Europe and why Jewish groups keep on supporting their continued stay there is subject for psychoanalysis. Jews staying in Europe is the definition of insanity, trying to effect change time and time again while having the same result. Jewish life in Europe is history..get a clue and get the hell out of there.
4. Hungary's contribution to Humanity namely Salami, has always
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.15.12)
been a mystery to me: faul-tasting and devoid of any culinary fantasy; now I know why!
5. Hungarian speaks
ky   (12.15.12)
a load of Balazs
6. red green black
The red, green, black coalition: Leftists, Islamists and Far-Rightists all think the same and are united in their hatred of Jews. Not a surprise, really.
7. woow !! good idea :)
Salma ,   Ramallah   (12.15.12)
& good way to celebrate the new year. am so excited !!!
8. Salma=Zionist agent
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (12.15.12)
Salma, Hamas knows you are a Zionist agent. You try so hard to pretend the opposite but now you are exposed. I suggest you dye your hair and get a nose job.
9. #3 Jews have a right to live anywhere
ky   (12.15.12)
More so their presence in every county ESPECIALLY Europe enhances and give a voice to Israels supporters. We are a people of the world not just of Israel and the USA . BY spouting your rubbish you are saying just what Israel's enemies want, that is to isolate pro Israel opinion and eventually isolate the state of Israel. Jews will live in Europe , and any place on this earth that they feel happy !
10. Yes it is a qood idea
Will ,   U.K.   (12.15.12)
Burning this lie attatched to David the Beloved, David The Prophet is not only a good idea but also defending a man of God's honor.
11. dear Salami
Jerry   (12.15.12)
careful what you wish for
12. salma
michel ,   belgium   (12.15.12)
no need to put you on fire salma,you burn with blind hatred all by yourself
13. people complain about Liberman's lack of diplomacy
zionist forever   (12.15.12)
Liberman looks like the greatest diplomat of all times compared to this nut.
Jobbik arseholes can continue to stamp their feet and cry and burn flags like petulant children ,and israel;is will continue to thrive ,be happy ,enjoy life ,be successful and strong .Sounds good to me.
15. Solution finders
Mark ,   London, UK   (12.15.12)
So, this party doesn't like the Jews in Hungary, but also doesn't like the Jews in Israel. Mmmmm. What solution do they have in mind? An End Solution perhaps? Shame that the Hungrian economy is in such bad shape that they don't even attract muslim immigrants. Must be the jews' fault.
16. Not so hot.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.15.12)
In the neo nazi gathering took part maximally 80 persons. Rather humourous was what they lied about Israel and the jews, than to take it seriously.
17. #13 Lieberman,the greatest diplomat....
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.15.12)
....since Molotov
18. Free speech! An expression of distain of israel's
Jim   (12.15.12)
racist, illegal occupation of Palestine. Anti-israel isn't the same as anit-semitsm. Most pro-jew posters say it is anti-semitism when people complain about the jews spitting on Christian,
19. Shame on Hungary
Al ,   Toronto canada   (12.15.12)
You didn't learn anything from the past, haven't you??? Take it seriously, Hungary, and stop this anti sematisem at its root!!!
20. Salma from Ramallah does not exist
Yossef   (12.15.12)
it's just a fake name and a fake person, here just to provoke talkbackers. Don't pay attention...
21. #9, you are 100% correct
Tahl   (12.15.12)
The biggest prize we would give antisemites, is to leave their countries, making them feel victorious. Jews are entitled to live freely anywhere in the world they were born in - just as Christians and Muslims are. Why should we have less rights? I look now at how many Israelis and Jews are living now in Berlin, I look at how sensitive Germany has become regarding its past, and to what great lengths it went, to try and make amends with the Jews, and I smile to myself, as this is our greatest victory over the Nazis. The same should be in Hungary, and every other country with antisemitic roots. The solution is not to run away, but to stand proud and unafraid. And yes - it is vitally important to have Jews living in important countries of the world, as we could never have too many ambassadors.
22. The CHRISTIAN Jobbik party shows its true...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (12.15.12)
...colours again. However, it's not being mentioned anywhere how much this party emphasizes that Christianity is the core of their own ideology. No, can't mention that. Then we would risk to undermine the whole "Judeo-Christian unity" mumbo jumbo.
23. Exactly how is Israel a political issue in Hungary?
Tahl   (12.15.12)
I see no reason at all why Israel and its conflict with the Arabs, would amount to any sort of a political issue in Hungary, of all places. This conflict is completely detached and far away from them, Hungary is not supporting Israel, and therefore does not pay any political price for it, and Hungary does not have such a big Muslim population (as Britain or France do) that supports the Palestinians. It's like Israel would intervene in the conflict between Argentina and Britain regarding the Falklands. It appears the only real reason for this rally is the desire to find a scapegoat to vent hatred for, and for that purpose Israel and the Jews have always been very handy, especially to racist Neo-Nazi pigs. It doesn't matter that there are hardly any Jews in Hungary... If you can't hate them in Hungary, you can always hate them in Israel!
24. Jim #18
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.12)
Jim ya must be American. Free speech is always the first thing Americans shout about. Sadly stupid Americans also believe free speech allows people to use actions or words that call for violence. Guy that's even illegal in the good ol' US of A. Any idiot can see economic issues are causing old Europe to forget the lessons of WWII and go back to their anti Semitic and now anti Israel roots. You can pretend they're separate things but just remember your history.
25. Treason to Israel is loyalty to mankind.
Rif ,   dsadas   (12.15.12)
Treason to Israel is loyalty to mankind.
26. Pour guy...
Jeff ,   Maccabim, Israel   (12.15.12)
Must be a really cold winter in Hungary... Give him some more flags...
27. An improvement...
Jeff ,   Maccabim, Israel   (12.15.12)
Once they burnt us... Now they only burn the flag...
28. Once a European
steve from raleigh   (12.15.12)
Always a European.
29. Hungarian lawmaker burns Israeli flag...
Marco ,   Spain   (12.15.12)
Proof enough that honorable people still exist...
30. Marco #29
Steven ,   Rockvile MD USA   (12.15.12)
Marco the wise(sest) man of Spain: If I burn the Spanish flag as a protest for the expulsion and the subsequent inquisition, would that make me a honorable man? I am out to buy a Spanish flag.
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