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Lieberman to play central role in election campaign
Ynet reporters
Published: 15.12.12, 21:56
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1. When will the plea bargain be announced?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.15.12)
5 weeks to elections, Lieberman is charged, does the honorable thing and resigns from his post as FM while remaining as the the head of Israel Beitenu. 3 weeks before elections Lieberman agrees to a plea-bargain and is free to become a minister again. Likud-Beiteinu wins the elections and Lieberman is appointed Defense Minister. The only thing that's possibly in doubt is if Bibi, Lieberman and Weinstein ironed all this out before the Likud and Israel Beitenu merged. One would have to think that they did.
2. Mr. Lieberman should wait as long as Mr. Bozaglo 4 his trial
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (12.15.12)
Really, why should Mr. Lieberman get to jump in the trial line? Mr. Bozaglo committed his crime first so his trial should get heard first....and only after Mr. Bozaglo's trial is finished should Mr. Lieberman get his day in court.
3. I wouldn't mind at all if Lieberman was DF
A ,   Belgium   (12.15.12)
after years of Ehud "Creampuff" Barak, accompanied by attacks from gaza, terror against Israelis and Jews all over the world, and bending over backward to satisfy the terrorist Abbas, maybe its time Israel had a Defense Minister who hates the arabs more than the arabs hate themselves.
4. Two types of people
SInce they could find no evidence after 13 years, we know that Lieberman did not really commit any crime. Despite this, there are two kinds of Israelis. Leftist voters know he is guilty of something, it doesn't matter what. Likud/Beitenu voters know this is a setup because he is a Zionist and speaks Russian.
5. #2 - there will be a plea bargain and ..
redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.15.12)
Lieberman has been hounded for 15 years.
6. #3 - I don't think Lieberman hates Arabs
redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.15.12)
Lieberman is a pragmatist, sees the danger from Arabs and wants to end it. Guttman, who served in the National Fraud Unit for 21 years said the image of Lieberman portrayed in the press was very different from the man he had encountered in person. "The man is, in my opinion, the fastest-thinking suspect politician the police have had to face. He will come prepared". "Lieberman does not hide behind his right to remain silent. He won't confess, either. He will give full answers and send police abroad looking for evidence," Guttman said. "He does not stutter, and he is not like Olmert, saying he doesn't remember this or that. He has all the facts in his head, and he does not refer to documents when answering questions".
7. Good ridence to bad rubbish
Haim ,   TA   (12.16.12)
it was just a matter of time untill hisd criminal activites caught up with him. He`s managed so far to bully and threaten anyone who has ever tried to prosocute him looks like hes finally going to face justice.
8. Likely an attempt to destroy Lieberman's political career.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.16.12)
Isn't it a strange coincidence that any politician who threatens the leftist status quo ends up facing corruption charges? The charges are very likely part of a plot destroy Lieberman's political career.
9. # 8
Linksman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.16.12)
You must see lefties in your sleep you are so obsessed with them.
10. Leftist hate, nothing more to talk about.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.16.12)
11. Innocent until proven guilty
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (12.16.12)
12. A stupid move of the left
Daniel ,   JM   (12.16.12)
They have created a holy martyr just ahead of the elections. The electorate does not give a hoot and three whistles as to whether Lieberman is guilty of anything. They see him being a victimized for being proud, honest, zionist, and russian-speaker. If Livni, Yahimowitz and other lefties think that the annual racist witch-hunt will bring them votes, they are in for a rude awakening. Not to mention that the only person who truly benefits from the entire debacle is Naftali Bennet.
13. #10 More advice from a rabbit in LA LA Land
Avi ,   Israel   (12.16.12)
Thanks for the advice on how to run our lives in Israel. However you are not an Israeli citizen or entitled to vote here, so quite frankly my dear its none of your bussiness.
14. Leftists synonymous with cruelty
Ganit ,   HG   (12.16.12)
simply because they're a miserable bitter lot who are anti establishment and anti everything good.
15. @9 ooo... red - neck aggressive leftie...
Miron ,   USA   (12.16.12)
16. Interesting to see......
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (12.16.12)
That in the Hebrew edition of Ynet most talk backers will be glad to see the end of Lieberman.Those who understand, will understand why.
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