Report: 2012 record year for incitement
Omri Efraim
Published: 16.12.12, 09:04
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1. Cmon Israel
Sol ,   America   (12.16.12)
You are BETTER THAN THIS! You know you are. Get your act together please, just because you are the best in the region doesn't mean you should allow yourself to fall.
2. Any reason for ynet to report this ridiculous drivel
Ganit ,   HG   (12.16.12)
from anti Israel pro arab self-hating Jewish inciters?
3. Who paid for this
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.16.12)
This report can be picked apart and proven to be full of lies and distortions. For example, the "rise in water rates" for Jews and Arabs alike, is the result of a shortage of water caused by stupidly deciding to give Israeli water to Jordan and PLO rule in Judea and Samaria. Imagine what would happen to water prices if Left's plan to surrender Golan and Judea and Samaria occurs. Or the "persecution of asylum seekers" No asylum seeker has been persecuted, although enforcement of illegal immigration has increased. Lucky, as this has reduced the number of children sold into prostitution. "discrimination against Palestinians": What discrimination? Arab "rights" in area A and B are Abbas' problem. Area C are governed by Oslo Accords that Barak interprets very leniently for Arabs and harshly to attack Jews. Edmond Levy produced a legal opinion, can ACRI make any legal counterargumnents? Or are they racists that support ethnic cleansing of Jews? This report is not surprising considering ACRI is funded by hostile foreign governments and radical anti-Jew organizations: NIF, EU, Diakonia, Norway, Spain, Ford Foundation and Christian Aid.
4. Illegal to sell lands to Jews
There is a law in Jordan & PA which forbids to sell lands to Jews. These biased one sided Europeans dont see this is racist. ISRAEL should make a law that it is ILLEGAL to sell any land to Arabs, and anyone sells to them, they will go to jail, and the money will be confiscated by the government. Tit for tat , and for sure these European will start to burk like dogs.
5. Self defence, nothing else.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.16.12)
Arabs declared the annihilation of Israel. The jewish state must draw the consequences and do everything what needed for survival. The Nethanyahu government is doing so, if changes are required first the arabs must make the first steps. Instead Abbas & Co is inventing a new palestinian logo, with red-white-green from the sea to the river. And a key, symbolizing jews must seek new home. Not a penny, not a drop of water, no food to the enemies !
6. A political report from an extremist organization
Ilan   (12.16.12)
ACRI is not a human rights group. it is a front for those opposed to the existence of the state.
7. No 4: why would ICRA deal with human rights in Jordan?
The fact that they didn't mention the Chinese maltreatment of Tibetans is one sided?
8. no 7
China not ISRAEL. The European will not dare to say to China what they say to Israel because of simple reason China too big for them, and CHINA can finish them off in one day. Poor Israel very small nation
9. Human rights
Chris ,   Austria   (12.16.12)
All this reports is the only attempt to strip human rights from Jews. All Christian countries in the world had the same problems that only one Jewish state face but solve them more harsh and don't care about opinions. Arabs enjoy their live in Israel with rights without obligations.
10. Human Rights organizations
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (12.16.12)
are favored, by a large margin, by anti-Western, anti-Semitic nations as a source of information for their subversive news agendas. Had HRO's formed as an non-political entity, they would have done much for humanity, now they are just another tool of evil, for the progressive drive towards first anarchy, followed by the goal of a Totalitarianism global state.
11. # 1 Sol, America
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.16.12)
nobody's perfect. Remember, we American's allowed slavery, child labor, and women had to work hard for the right to vote. We do, however, evolve and our laws which are being constantly challenged by 'the ordinary man' is proof that not only America but, Israel, 'Are better than that.' If you doubt this, please name a 'better than that' neighboring nation to either Israel or America.... I can't. Both of our nations ( uniquely so ) share the values of the 10 commandments and, to me, there is no higher or better authority to law, justice, and equal rights under the law. I hate to be the one to tell you this but, Israel isn't failing, she's become stronger, more determined and unified than ever to continue what she began, "A Homeland for The Jewish People." Take this from a family that beat Microsoft in court. That is better than what you wrote by a mile and it is a fact. "Only in America", as they say.....
12. The truth will out...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.16.12)
despite all of the hysterical reactions of the reactionaries here on the comments section.
13. The TRUTH is out
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.16.12)
if Israel weren't so desirable, there wouldn't be so many illegal aliens to contend with in Israel. Says it all..
14. #11 that is my point
Sol ,   America   (12.16.12)
Israel is of course better than the other countries in the region, I said that did I not? It doesn't mean we should ignore the problems.
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