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Hungary Jews face down new extremism
Published: 16.12.12, 13:22
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1. Maybe jews stand up
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.16.12)
but official leaders of the jewish community sleeps on. They are too closely tied with the Fidesz government. What the jew haters lied yesterday is absolute world record in the history of antisemitism. They discovered a new, never before mentioned jewish organisation, the french Alliance Israelite Universelle. The drunken speaker blamed it for the Trianon Treaty what partitioned Hungary. Why not blamed for the extinction of dynosauruses, too ?
2. All Europe should fight against anti-semites!
Christian ,   Suomi Finland   (12.16.12)
It is horrific that now there is again a more potential threat in Europe than just those radical Muslims and their far leftists sympathizers. But not even the sick EU will take this seriously. But this kind of development will take Europe to a doom, not just economically, but also mentally, morally - and after that there is nothing left and to do. So all sensible Europeans who are worried - you should also act against this kind of development - before it is too late!
3. Perhaps if Jews in Israel
Ganit ,   HG   (12.16.12)
would not be so hostile against their own Jewish brethren, Hungary and other countries would not be so hostile against Israel. It's self-hating Jews a lot to be blamed for anti-Semitism worldwide. Secular Jews do not want to believe the hatred non-Jews have towards Jews who want to be like them. They hated these Jews in Germany and despise them today too. One has to be really blind not to see it.
4. How sad -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.16.12)
- will the Jews never learn ? HASHEM is calling You to Go Home. Hungary will Radicalise and have intercourse with Germany again, their evil faces will soon be shown. Arn.
5. Nothing Changes
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (12.16.12)
Antisemitism is born from ignorance and the need to blame someone for certain peoples personal failures or lack of initiative to work and better themselves. Politicians tap into that and try for power whose only end is oppression, despair and death for the people they wish to dominate. We honor the memory of the 400,000 Jews that Hungarian VOLUNTARILY turned over to the Nazi's to be killed and now we also stand withe the Hungarian Jews against this new Fascism.
6. Nr 3. Look Deeper !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.16.12)
The Haters of Jews are the Haters of HASHEM, the GOD of Israel. It goes Hand in Hand. Those Haters of Jews are selfdeceivers, who want the place of The Chosen People of GOD for themselves. It is the Old story of Kain against His Brother Abel. Arn.Sweden.
7. # 5 - VOLUNTARILY turned over to the Nazi's
snag ,   USA   (12.16.12)
What would you like them to do, to declare war on Germany to save Jews? Tell me that you don't know about Kastner and his handlers in Palestine deal with Eichmann to sacrifise 600 000 Hungarian Jews to save 1600 zionist relatives ? Google 'rudolf vrba' for details of that deal ,...
8. please put accents
HungarianJew   (12.17.12)
please drive-by journos, could you at least TRY to get the accents right - thank you!
9. #7 Snag.
Steven ,   Rockville, MD USA   (12.17.12)
Do not just read Google, since other sources like books written by those that were involved they know it better. Majority of the 1600 were those that could pay the high ransom like members of the industrialist Goldberg family, only a fraction of the 1600 were members of the Zionist organization(s). What would you do if you lived in that period, would not you try to be in that group if you could? Majority of the 500,000 Jewish population of the countryside were already deported and died when the 1600 were negotiated with the Nazis, consequently nobody was sacrificed for the Zionists as you mumble it. If you do not know the facts and you just parrot Google, better shout up, you moron.
10. Dont worry - Hunagary will be "swallowed" by Muslims
Naomi   (12.17.12)
just like the rest of Europe.... They are getting such a fit punishment for their crime of antisemitism! And when the Jews leave, Hungary will frantically try to bring them back because Jews bring prosperity, stability, culture and advancement !!!
11. Again they're the bad not us ;) ,...
snag ,   USA   (12.17.12)
Hungarians had not forgotten the Communist regime led by Béla Kun (Béla Kohn) that had drenched their country in blood during 4 1/2 months of 'Hungarian Soviet Republic' before being overthrown by popular forces in 1919 ,... To have a control over post WWII Hungary Stalin installed a regime (just like in any other Soviet dominated countries) run almost entirely by Jews. At the top of Communist terror machinery Matyas Rakosi, Ernest Gero, Michael Farkas and Joseph Revai. The AVH, a Hungarian equivalent of the NKVD the bloodiest enterprise ever created , was headed by Gabor Peter also a Jew. Their departments were staffed by their fellow trusted Jews creating a situation that eventually lead to an uprising and national tragedy in '56 ,... Just like in Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania to name few of their victims also in Hungary during their 800 years of presence there they never assimilated greeted and joined and collaborated with every invader that showed up at their host country borders including Ottomans, Habsburgs and Soviets ,...
12. Steven @ 9 - Do not just read Google ,...
snag ,   USA   (12.18.12)
Did you read the last sentence of my post ? At least try to find out who Rudolf Vrba was and why I have mention him. In regard to of whom they were zionist or loaded relatives is secondary what's matters it's the Kastner/Eichmann and the result of it.
13. #7 Dumpster diving as usual
Ron ,   US   (12.18.12)
Accusations against Rudolf Kastner were overturned in a trial. He was found to have saved more lives than originally reported. The hazards of being a not too bright propagandist.
14. To #7 Snag
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (12.18.12)
You are still wrong. Most of the loaded were not members of the Zionist organizations and were not the family members of Kastner. Your timing and accusation about the entire deal was also wrong. I do not need Google, I lived there during that time, so I know what happened, while you did not, and you are motivated by hate-mongering. Adieu.
15. 12 - It was suppose to be Kastner/Eichmann deal,...
snag ,   USA   (12.18.12)
16. 13 - By whom by one of his handlers ? ,...
snag ,   US   (12.18.12)
Too bad that Hungarian Jews didn't buy it and took care of him or maybe his handlers by proxy because he knew too much - Read Vrba's book pinhead and take second look at this deal ,...
17. #16 By the Supreme Court of Israel
Ron ,   US   (12.19.12)
Turned out he saved many more lives than was originally reported.
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