Study: Israeli teens less sexually active than Europeans
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Published: 16.12.12, 14:38
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1. LOL
sam ,   colorado-USA   (12.16.12)
The reason is very simple, Fear and insecurity "Erection and fear do not meet" LOL
2. The winner, coming in at first place: Greenland.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (12.16.12)
The winner is Greenland??? I don´t think so. I guess the winner is Israel. There is no advantage in having sex like crazies.It is certainly a very bad cultural fashion. I am glad Israel´s youths are coming to terms about the difference beetwen what is normal and what is a cultural (pernicious)temporal fashion. Jewish religion DOES have healthy answers to this question and should be consulted more oftenly by Israel´s education authorities and families, in order that the "winner" Israel keeps being the real winner ,more and more.
3. I was 16 first time
zionist forever   (12.16.12)
The first girl I had sex with in England was 15 and I was 16 but her best friend did it for the first time when she was 14. We live in a sexual age. Looking back at it now I realise lack of experience can lead to mistakes being made. After me and my girlfriend had done it a couple of times I said she should take the contraceptive pill partly I felt embarrassed buying the rubber and my friends, thinking back half of them were probably vrgins anyway told me sex was better without. I thought the only risk was pregnancy I never considered things like sexually transmitted diseases. I think that one of the main reasons for the different rates in Israel compared to other countries is because from religious families and not because Israeli teenagers don't have rampant sex hormones like they do in other countries.
4. Isn't it dismaying!?!
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (12.16.12)
They are leaving out the best thing!
5. Israeli Arabs screwed this time ;) ,...
split ,   US   (12.16.12)
6. #5, Errr, the subject of the article is 15 year olds
Jake   (12.16.12)
Not Jewish sector vs. Arab sector.
7. What do you expect with most of the Jewish girls in Israel..
looking like Sarah B?
8. #7 hahahaha...Good one...
Avi ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
When I am in the mood, its enough to read one of Sarah B's idiotic posts and the switch is
9. # 6 ,...
split ,   US   (12.17.12)
How many Israeli Arab girls have sex at 15 ? Don't they make you look better by abstinence ,...
10. Greenland is actually in second place
Alan   (12.18.12)
The chimps in the safari park came in first place.
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