Gantz assists in wounded soldier's medevac
Yoav Zitun
Published: 16.12.12, 18:05
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1. A caring gesture- two in fact.
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.16.12)
Notifying the parents and giving his helicopter for the evacuation of him.
2. this shouldn't be considered a gesture it should be a duty
zionist forever   (12.16.12)
Benny Gantz is being treated as some kind of hero here for ordering his personal helicopter ( IDF property ) to turn round and take a wounded soldier to hospital. That is something that should be considered a duty weather the helicopter is used by any soldier or even the PM himself on his way to a very important meeting. The only thing that matters now is the soldier makes a full recovery.
3. Speedy recover 4 the solier & thanks 2 CoS Gantz!
Jew with Cojones ,   Israel   (12.16.12)
4. Gantz assists...
Daniel Glazer ,   Buenos Aires Arg.   (12.16.12)
With such a heroic gesture, Rav Aluf Gantz should recieve the ITUR HA NAKNIK (decorat. of the salami). With my best wishes for a speeeeeeedyyyyy recovery to that soldier. D.
5. Good on Gantz - a lot better then Barak at Tseelim !
David ,   Israel   (12.16.12)
When Barak was at Tseelim base as chief of staff there was an accident during a training for an operation to assassinate Saddam Hussein. 5 soldiers lost their lives and rather then staying to check on the injured he fled in his helicopter to avoid any responsibility
6. #2 Correct but....
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (12.16.12)
Even duty should be acknoledged as extrodinary when done in such a way. Just because it is what he should have done doesn't make it any less heroic.
7. Barak left dying soldiers on the ground at Tzaylim B'
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (12.16.12)
Now we know who is the General and who is the Ego!
8. Very low-bar for a hero in israel!!
9. Thank you.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.16.12)
Thank you aluf Gantz for your devotion to our soldiers.
10. 2 kinds of Generals in the M.E.
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (12.16.12)
Those who order their soldiers to die for them and those who are ready to die for their soldiers.
11. *7 exactly
Andre ,   Israel   (12.16.12)
12. Being an officer
Neal ,   Minneapolis, USA   (12.17.12)
I doubt that Gantz would consider this act anything special or heroic. This is what a good officer does -- at any rank. In my 20-plus USAF active-duty and miluim years, I worked for generals who I think would do the same thing -- and one I know would. The number of stars -- or felafels -- on your shoulders don't put even the lowliest private beneath your concern.
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