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Obama in Connecticut: We will have to change
Published: 17.12.12, 07:38
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1. Connecticut Gun Laws toughest in the US
Akiva ,   Maaleh Adumim   (12.17.12)
Conn has some of the most powerful guns laws in the US. If we need more laws, why can't those on the books be enforced? Blaming these school shootings on guns is like blaming spoons for obesity.
2. A bit of advice for Obama
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.17.12)
From a country like Israel that requires constant vigilance and security, even in its schools - you would do a very good turn if you began hiring people to be school security guards. Good for the school's security and good for the unemployment records.
3. They should take a lesson from Israel
Sue ,   Jerusalem   (12.17.12)
Yes to gun control but that's not the whole answer. A crazy person will think of other ways to obtain his goals. It may be expensive but all public places should have security guards. This plague of mass shootings is not about to suddenly stop..........
4. No 2
Joseph ,   New Zealand   (12.17.12)
I agree completely with Barbara. We can all learn something about security from Israel where everyone is trained to identify and respond to danger. I will feel safe in Israel than in the USA.
5. Stop blaming the U.S.
Devorah   (12.17.12)
The falls squarely on Adam Lanza. Period. If he had not stolen his mother's guns, he would have gotten his hands on knives, drills, explosives, chainsaws, etc., etc. His intent was to kill, and he would have found the means. It's about personal responsibility, not gun laws.
6. Another false flag operation
Mohan ,   india   (12.17.12)
This is another false flag operation by those who wanted to take over America. Just to bring gun control this slaughter has been committed by the blood sacrificing zionists.
From an empty suit , blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Ad Infinitum/ Nauseum.
8. the hypocrisy of Obama!!
Salma ,   State of Palestine   (12.17.12)
all children of the world deserve to be saved , Mr. Obama
9. #5 "It's about personal responsibility"
Robert ,   Australia   (12.17.12)
Yes, every home should have a thermo-nuclear missile launcher in case of a neighbourhood dispute.
10. TO NR. 8.
11. #9 - The Robert of Oz
Devorah   (12.17.12)
Good idea!
12. Salma the Arab Troll
Dovid ,   Haifa   (12.17.12)
shush! you kid is not welcome here. A terrorist thug.. probably a hero of your killed children... go away and eat some candy like your kind is doing now as they celebrate this horrific event.
13. Looking for excuses to execute dictatorial powers
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.17.12)
and disarm the people for more nefarious purposes. Sadly, reprobate/dysfunctional America has set itself up for just such a scenario.
14. Propensity to Violence or Used as Shields
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (12.17.12)
Since 48 cries of "Jihad" have been heard throughout the Arab world, prior to and during every war launched by them against Israel. Terror attacks are preceded by the same, whether suicide bombings, or throwing rocks at Israelis, civilians or other innocents. .Its a daily occurrance.Obama and the Western world white wash the violence..calling for a 2 state solution, as if that will "end" this.conflict.. Its a pattern. Syria's rulers murder 40,000 of their own people Morsi takes Egypts refromists to yet another dictatorship. Iraq/Afhgnistan, loaded with oil, cocaine, spend their money on weapons galore. A few massacres are committed yearly in the UISA by soft schools.( How come no security at the entrabce worth its salt in a rich, surburban shcool district?). Why werent former Israeli soldiers and police hired? They know how to do the job after years of violent experiences? We are the light unto the nations..but still have along way to go. Thousands of M.E children, used as shields by militias, are killed yearly, some intentionally, yet the world sits and does nothing but yak yak, yak, yak. Lots of blame to go around folks. As in Sderot and Ashkalon, the innocent children are the most affected, specifically targeted. As one Syrian mother said, "why us, what did we do". . Get it.
15. How much dope must one ingest
Devorah   (12.17.12)
for how long to believe unarmed & helpless is a desirable condition?" Ted Nugent
16. Don't bash Obama on this. Guns don't kill!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
People do. As for gun ownership, well,the Founding Fathers were worried about the British in 1776 and justifiably so. However, I don't think that in 2012 there is a possibility of the British arriving to take back King George III's Colonies. This said, as a one time gun enthusiast myself, I cannot understand why a private individual should be allowed to posses a fully automatic assault rifle! The real problem is that a person who wants to get a gun will always be able to get one. Another very sad result of this terrible tragedy is that Adam Lanza's brother, Ryan, who lives with his father in New Jersey, was blamed for the shooting in a report by CNN and now Ryan, is being hounded on Facebook. Once again, the media have overstepped the mark by sensationalist reporting! So, what can be done to prevent this sort of thing happening anywhere in the world? The real answer is nothing! People who want to kill will kill!
17. The US will never adopt.....
Robert ,   Australia   (12.17.12)
......gun control as a large chunk of the population are unhinged, religious freaks or just plain dumb.
18. Agree, but not completely
Steven ,   St. Paul, Minnesota   (12.17.12)
I don't completely agree with this. I do think that Adam Lanza was clearly mentally ill and set on violence, however, guns have the ability to depersonalize the slaughter. Shooting is not the same as using a knife, or a drill, or a chainsaw for that matter. That is entirely different in two ways. First, you have the ability run from someone with a knife, or a drill, or a chainsaw. You aren't going to see the mass slaughters that we have had three of here in this country since July. Second, people who use the more hands on weaponry you listed tend to be more stalker types, not walk into a room full of people. Yes, I understand the basis of your point, but if Adam Lanza had walked in with a knife, or even a chainsaw, the numbers would have been much lower. I'm not sure my point is being very well articulated, but I think you probably understand my meaning.
19. #18 - Steven
Devorah   (12.17.12)
I understand what you are saying, but it can be a tough call. Last Friday, for example, a man in China stabbed 22 school children. None died which makes me question his motive, his objective and his skill with a knife. In the case of Lanza, we don't know if he consciously wanted to objectify the victims by maintaining a distance because what we do know is that (a) he had easy access to multiple guns, and (b) his objective was to kill as many as possible. Another thing is that the guns are directly connected to his mother, whom he also murdered, and that makes the matter more intimate and complex. If she had had a knife collection, would he have gone that route? Like I said, too tough to call, at least for now.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.17.12)
Who lost such young kids within a span of few minutes is tragic.I miss Sarah's comment this time around.How come,Sarah,you have not expressed your views on this barbaric incident upto now?Having always said that you want to put Iran into stone-age is your dream,of course,but more stone-age incidents are occuring around your area,aren't they?
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