Is John Kerry good for Israel?
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.12.12, 11:20
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1. He is half jew,
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.17.12)
as his maternal lineage is jewish. From Hungary, of course. Be cautious with these mixed peoples, because surprises can be expected.
2. Onething can be said in his favor.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.17.12)
He resembles Herman Munster.
3. #1 So?
Sol ,   America   (12.17.12)
Jews in america are generally not big fans of the Netanyahu administration. 70 percent of us voted against his best buddy Romney you know.
4. John Kerry
John Kerry has Jewish roots on his father's side. The family's original name was Kohen. While John is Catholic, his brother converted to Judaism but I do not know if it was a Halachic conversion or not.
5. Kerry is a ***MORON***...!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.17.12)
6. Teresa Heinz is a communist
Farnouham   (12.17.12)
Heinz is the power behind idiot Kerry. She is the brains and directress behind this extremely dumb and mentally labile person.
7. Let's make this simple.
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.17.12)
The Democratic party has evolved into an anti-constitutional society, based on destroying any remnant of the word super-power in its identification. It is now on the road to be a pro-Arab, Global government, anti-Christian, pro-communist, and anti-capitalist totalitarian state, the hallmarks of an anti-Israel entity, all thanks to the government-dependent minorities, and a very Ideological-deranged Democratic party. So to keep it simple, any Democratic, is the anti-thesis of an Israeli friend.
8. he is good for "Israel" , bad for "peace process"".
Salma ,   State of Palestine   (12.17.12)
just change liberman and Netanyahu everything will be all right .
9. Never Forget!
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.17.12)
Kerry, if he becomes SoS, would do well to remember that Israel and its villages (which he might prefer to call "settlements") are plainly on the side or historical morality. The "Palestinian" and Islamo-Fascist claims are decidedly not. The problem with Loony Liberal Lefties is that they do NOT remember, they do NOT learn from History. Neville Chamberlain's "Peace in Our Time" with Hitler became "Peace Now" with Arafat & Abbas. Both resulted in vast human suffering and bloodshed on all sides. It's as if these people never learn anything from their earlier mistakes. If Kerry becomes the hatchet-man of Hussein-Obama, history may repeat itself - and America will suffer most. Scary!
10. To nr 4.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.17.12)
You are correct, I was wrong. Kerry is jewish from his paternal side.
11. # 7 Paul Yes, I saw that for my own eyes
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.17.12)
watching the "democrat convention.' Signs, reading, "Arabs for Obama" others of those screaming "NO" at the mention of G-d being mentioned in their platform being voted on 3 times, against their foul 'demands' and, those were 'The palestinian committee'. Other issues they manages to push through and, it was quite a startling revelation. This aint you daddy's democratic Party any longer..This is as you say, simply put, the new party of the Islamic enemies of Israel and the representatives of an old evil that has taken over a party that once meant something quite opposite to this anti semitic, pro muslim minority emboldened by their 'Hero" obama.
12. Salam 'just change palestine to Israel
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.17.12)
and everything will be alright " THERE IS NO palestine. BUILD BABY BUILD !!!!
13. Has anyone noticed?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.12)
The hallmark of both Obama administrations has been the flight of intelligent people. Perhaps they know more about Obama than we do. Well -- more than you do. I know a great deal about Obama. None of it is particularly impressive.
14. Never Forget #9 Jake ...
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (12.17.12)
Americans need & will in time do what is in our best interests. If Israel thinks & behaves differently, so will our USA. What you reap is what you will sow as time will inevitable reveal. Suggest you reconsider your associated realities of your thoughts, disparaging speak and actions. What is ... is!
15. Kerry is NOT good for Israel.....
Esther ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
Anti-Jewish and anti-Israel. CFR and very very dangerous.
16. Susan Rice
Roo   (12.17.12)
I thought this woman was so pro Israel, that she would change her name and convert. So this statement came as a surprise- "Rice's patience for Israel has worn thin in the past few years." Judging by her behaviour in the UN, she is staunchly pro-semitic. I know Sarah B does not like her.....
17. kerry is very bad for Israel and is against the war on terro
zionist forever   (12.17.12)
In the past he has been 100% behind Assad in his peace process demands and despite the fact Assad has always supported terrorism Kerry wanted the US to improve relations with Syria at a time when Assad supported terror, allowed terror groups to have offices in Syria and allowed arms to travel from Iran through Syria to Hamas. The US official policy is not to talk to Hamas because they are a terror group but Kerry wants us to talk to them. Like Obama he tried to embarrass Bibi publicly. diplomatic protocol is you speak openly behind closed doors but in front of the cameras your best buddies. Obama as president for a whole four years and not having to worry about reflection and Kerry as Secretary of State things are going to be a nightmare for Israel. Just watch Kerry start telling us to give the Golan to the new Syrian regime to SUPPORT THE MODERATES.
18. # 9 Jake in Jerusalem..
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.17.12)
Looks like Israel has learned as well after al these years when it comes to 'negotiations' and, frankly, I can't think of a better 'negotiator' than Bibi. Israel is willing to 'talk' but not with pre preconditions parroted over and over by making those ridiculous terms impossible to meet. No nation would. Israel won the land, owned it forever and no nation USA or not has the right to dictate where, when and how to build on ones own land, period, it is unheard of. Personally, I'm thrilled that Israel has decided to build and not wait for the pals or those that represent them, to come to any meaningful conclusion. There can be no Israeli cities without BUILDING BABY BUILDING !!!
19. Constructing our enemies
Avramele   (12.17.12)
We build enemies with the disregard for consequences as we build settlements. We are happiest when we are hated, preferably by those politically closest to us. We seek friends among outcasts and historical losers, fundamentalist Xtians, south African whites and xenophobic Europeans who hate Muslims only sightly more than they hate us. There are people out there waiting to do us great harm but Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Rice, Hollande, Merkel and other proponents of liberal democracy are not among them.
20. half Jew
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (12.17.12)
Rahm Emanuel is also Jewish however has caused immesaurable amount of damage to Israel and Israel-US relations. He is a leftist totaly hostile to Bibi and in result to Israel.
21. Kerry
Henry Weil ,   Jerusalem   (12.17.12)
Ev en before being nominated officaly there is already concern if he is good for Israel, its about time we ask ourselves are Bibi and Bennet good for all Israel or only for the religious right wing settlement mouvement
22. #3 US Jews voted in the US elections, not the Israeli
Alex   (12.17.12)
US and Euro Jews tend to vote Libertarian/Liberal, although more and more Jews in Europe are becoming Conservative due to the situation there. However few Jews actually oppose Netanyahu even if they vote Liberal, I guess it's because they know the situation is so much different in Israel.
23. YES
DAN ,   Panama   (12.17.12)
he marrry a Heinz, those dad was a nazi supporter
24. Obama, Carter, Kerry - all these illiterate Christians rule.
Jouko ,   Finland   (12.17.12)
25. Increased pressure on Israel won't speed peace process
Sam ,   Canada   (12.17.12)
It's a wonder that supposedly intelligent people can be this dumb. What peace process can there be when Palestinians reject living next to a Jewish majority Israel? Increasing pressure on Israel doesn't change this. The Palestinians want the West to make Israel hand over the country to them as was with South Africa. That and getting free concessions and money is why the Palestinians are in the "peace process". Are Western diplomats that dumb or just anti-Jewish Israel?
26. Jewish tribes of America
Bob h ,   NYC   (12.17.12)
We American Jews have our tribes but they are in different proportions to yours. Our orthodox and Haredi are fairly right wing, our Russians love Lieberman and pork and the rest of us are various shades of center left strongly pro-Israel but wary of Bibi, settlements and Israeli policies toward Arab citizens. We, the majority, look like Tel Aviv and not Beit Shemesh or Maaleh Adumim. Our definition of an anti Semite is a bit more nuanced than yours and the racism of many talkbackers on y net, make most of us sick.
27. He Won't Be Easy With Us....
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.17.12)
and he won't be easy for us. We should do better, but Mr. Obama is not the warmest friend we have ever had and Mr. Kerry is similarly tepid.
28. #7
shmooly ,   au   (12.17.12)
seek medical and psychiatric help immediately, you may do harm to yourself and others
29. Rottenloser a question
Fritz ,   DE   (12.17.12)
and what piece of intellectual insight led you to this conclusion. you may of course have meant Mormon. In that case no Kerry is a Catholic
30. kerry
melchizedek ,   sion   (12.17.12)
skull and bones
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