Italian betrayal
Menachem Gantz
Published: 17.12.12, 11:44
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1. Abbas is NOT a "President".
Jules   (12.17.12)
His term had expired years ago. He is just a usurper, and has no legitimacy.
2. Get ready for coming sactions Mr. Gantz
Ali ,   Ramallah   (12.17.12)
You will not be free anymore to wolf down more land.
3. What can you expect from these macaronis
Barnohe   (12.17.12)
who gave the world Mussolini...
4. Grazie Italia :)
Salma ,   State of Palestine   (12.17.12)
even "Israel's" friends are tired of her actions. WAKE UP PEOPLE
5. Let's not forget Italy used to be home or PLO terrorists
David ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
Back in the 70s
6. Proud Italian and proud of Italy
Italian in Israel   (12.17.12)
Grazie italia
7. Of course it is
steve from raleigh   (12.17.12)
Everyone knows that NATOs intervention in Libya was because Italy was terrified of getting thousands of Libyan 'refugees'. By next year Jews in Italy will probably be forbidden from living and working in some areas of Italy, for their 'protection' of course.
8. Italy is a retired Fascist Country
Israel should retire as well! It is the only occupation power in the WORLD. Shame on you..
9. Mussolini
horst ,   ge   (12.17.12)
Not so quick. By all accounts the next Israeli Government will make Mussolini look like a left wing paeacenik
10. Good intentions by 'friends
tiki ,   belgium   (12.17.12)
The need to 'detach itself from the 'stigma of being a 'friend of Israel is what's wrong with the world! The 'friends should do themselves a favor and re-attach as 'friends of Israel & morality, instead of phishing for the love of a bunch of murderous beggars who have nothing to offer but hate or with dictatorial/Islamist regimes where the word 'democracy sinks further away with each passing day. Oil is a powerful bait, but it ends one day and than there rests nothing more than a bankrupt continent, totally influenced by the morals of fanatical dictatorial Islamists. Good politics and insights from the 'friends of Israel'!
11. Why don't you just call them anti-Semitic?
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (12.17.12)
It's about time we look into the mirror and understand why the world is turning against us. I have a hint for you: the occupation. Soon even the US government (in spite of our AIPAC threats and intimadation) will no longer be able to stand against the will of its people.
12. It is time for Israel to cancel..
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.17.12)
..the air-craft-contract with Italy. Its behaviour is as false as any statement made by islamic followers, cannot be trusted, speaking with snake-tounge, like Arafat, Abu Masen and many more. From their mouths the messages varied depending of whom they wanted/ wants to satisfy. And let us not forget the Salma and Ali would not be able to criticise hamassss and fatah.. in risk of beeing put to dust...
13. trade matters not how Italy voted at the UN
zionist forever   (12.17.12)
It doesn't matter if Italy voted for or against it was always going to be a foregone conclusion from the moment Abbas announced he was going to the UN that he would win and win big. I am amazed anybody bothered voting against knowing they would be the odd one out and Abbas would win anyway. All that matters right now is trade with Italy, they promised to buy Israeli satellites and AWAC systems as part of a deal whereby we bought jet trainers from them. With Italy's economy in trouble we want to keep them sweet until contracts are signed.
14. Coming soon: Jordan is Palestine
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (12.17.12)
The violation of the Oslo Accords by Europe and the Pals will usher in a new diplomatic concept from the Israelis that will/should be the bedrock of future negotiations; Jordan is Palestine. All that needs to be negotiated is the logistics of moving the Pals from the West Bank and how much to compensate them.
15. Decency
marta ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
I liked your article but "they are obligated to decency".??? Who may be obligated to something one doesn't know? In this era, decency has already become an obsolete or unknown word. And of course, each one defines "decency" according to the context in which he/she performs his/her role or according to his/her beliefs.
16. @ 9 Horst
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (12.17.12)
I'm so happy my mothers extended ancestors left Germany in the 1850's for America this way I'm sure i have no Nazi ancestors.I'm even happier that my Mother converted to Judaism when she was 18 and when she was 20 married my Jewish Father.Having said that you should be an expert on Fascism if you really are German which i doubt since you don't even know the abbreviation for Germany which is DE.
17. @16 who told you #9 is from Germany?
ge stands for Georgia
18. The writer attitude is the problem Israel faces and poses/
Avi   (12.17.12)
Threats, arrogance, irrationality and complete disconnect from reality. Sad to hear and see, hope this coming elections bring some sanity to this country which is dominated and run by insanity.
19. You are in for a surprise
Johnny ,   Ramat Gan   (12.17.12)
20. Italians are very Antisemitic
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.17.12)
Italians are very Antisemitic. I lived there for 4 years.
21. Of course, Monti plays the pope's game.
Eliyahu ,   Rome   (12.17.12)
And surely, the vatican is not known for its friendship towards the AM ISRAEL.
22. Palestine -Italy
Giorgio ,   Rome Italy   (12.17.12)
The Italian......The European Arabian,What you were expecting from a flag to all wind?
23. Italian Betrayal
Angelo Pezzana ,   Torino,Italy   (12.17.12)
To know the Italian attitude we have to read Menachem Gantz articles, kol hakavod to your corresondent !
24. decency: no such word in hebrew.
25. Betrayal by the Left, not Italy
nadav ,   tlv   (12.17.12)
the article is largely correct in its assessment, i.e. that in order to appease the radical progressife left in Italy, the Italian government surprisingly voted for the Arabs at the UN (again). Time and time again we see the far left seek to undermine Israel and the Jews, and yet the Jews in the West cling on to the Leftist parties as if their lives depended on it!
26. #4, What's "State of Palestine"? A game for Nintendo Wii?
Jake   (12.17.12)
Your "State of Palestine" is a virtual reality, an illusion, a fiction. It did not, does not, and will not exist in actual fact. The ship that you torpedoed 65 years cannot be brought back from the bottom of the ocean, in any scenario other than the world of make-believe.
27. #9 horst, ge
Jake   (12.17.12)
Don't think your country (Germany) will EVER escape the stigma of history for its crimes. Once a barbarian, always a barbarian.
28. Domestic considerations
Mewho ,   Jerusalem   (12.17.12)
The very reason Israel can disregard all norms of modern societes and still be called democratic, is the blind support of USA for all Israeli policies. That too is fueled by domestic considerations. You don' seem to complain about that.
29. And who voted for Mario Monti?
Jake   (12.17.12)
How apt that a leader of a fictional entity whose term in office has long ago expired, should run to greet the leader of an unelected caretaker government which is now on its way out.
30. #28, sounds like a half-baked conspiracy theory
Jake   (12.17.12)
What domestic considerations could you possibly be referring to? Israel is the only country in the region that has remained genuinely committed to alliance with the US. In the words of Senator Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul), all foreign should theoretically be cancelled, but of all the foreign aid recipients, only Israel has remained a true ally and proven itself worthy of America's support. Obama went to the 'crap table' and bet all his chips on the Arab Spring. He lost.
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