Clashes near Yitzhar; Hamas cell nabbed
Elior Levy
Published: 17.12.12, 14:43
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1. "stones"
Matt Frish   (12.17.12)
Elior Levy's sickening anti-Israeli bias is clearly evidenced by the innocent cute -sounding "stones" instead of the big 10 and 20 kgs boulders by his little friends. So much about this...
2. sababa :)
Salma ,   Ramallah   (12.17.12)
3. Distortion and bias.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.17.12)
Another case of distortion. "lightly hurt by stones".
4. #1
shmooly ,   au   (12.17.12)
kids were throwing 20kg boulders is that right? loon
5. Palestinians protesting the invasion and occupation of their
Jim   (12.17.12)
country by european carpet-baggers
6. #1
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (12.17.12)
Have you ever tried to throw 20 kg stone?
7. We must shoot back with bullets
Reuven   (12.17.12)
dipped in pig blood. Make that known to the Arabs. We need not shoot to kill. But this should work in stopping these rock attacks. It worked for the British in Malaysia. It worked for U.S. General John J. Pershing, when his troops fought Muslim terrorists.
8. Emboldened by being in fictitious UN "non-state"
Bunnie Meyer ,   USA   (12.17.12)
Yonaton ,   Shomron   (12.17.12)
This is terrible 'chilul Hashem' (desecration of God's name)! If this is not stopped NOW and IMMEDIATELY, it will snowball into another 'intifada'. Better to have to kill 100 rioting Arab terrorists NOW, than thousands in the future. BIBI! Replace Ehud Bardak with Boogie Yahalom NOW, and let him handle the situation "without Bagatz, and without B'Tzelem"!
10. Video of stone-throwing thugs
JAS ,   UK   (12.17.12)
Every soldier in that convoy should be reprimanded for NOT dispersing those thugs. If a civillian car had been caught up in that there would have been deaths. Shows what little is left of Zahal's deterrence.
11. Israel needs to nip this wave of Islamic terror in the bud
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.17.12)
Israel needs a deliberate strategy to stop the current wave of terror. It starts with stones and ends with our cafe's and buses being blown up by Fatah/Hamas suicide bombers.
12. "Nabi Saleh", Arabic name for Shelah, son of Judah
Jake   (12.17.12)
It is a named for the traditional Jewish site for his grave. A Byzantine church was later built on the site, and ultimately turned into an Isamic waqf by the Ottoman authorities. A similar scenario has been replicated throughout the 'West Bank', and yet the world has swallowed the palestinian myth hook, line, and sinker, and allowed itself to be convinced that the Jews are occupiers in their own land.
13. #4, What 'kids'?
Jake   (12.17.12)
14. Re: # 4
Matt Frish   (12.17.12)
Where do you see "kids" on those reels, you moron?
15. So much for the Hebron story of Pally strength
William ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
They've told the story to themselves so much they actually believe they are invincible against the IDF and can drive them away with stones. Chalk this up as another "teachable moment".
16. Palestinians protesting occupation
Exile1968 ,   East Bay, Ca, USA   (12.17.12)
Then the protest is misplaced. Israeli Jews are rightful heirs of the land. They have truly come home. Peace cannot come as long as the world, including the Palestinians and Arabs, and does not recognize it and inisit on it in principle and in actions. The fact is that the Arabs never accepted to share it. The very symbol of the new virtual Palestine is with Israel erased off the map. Now, buoyed by false sense of victory, they are going for broke. The tragedy is that after a brief period of being awake, Europeans once again succumbed to their centuries old anti-Jewish prejudice. Only now they tell themselves even a bigger lie to assuage their moral concers: that it's only anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish. So if you are willing to accept the destruction nearly of half of the world's population of Jews, that's not anti-Jewish?
17. Hamas terrorists
Ray Comfort ,   Haiti   (12.17.12)
stones become bullets
18. #5 - using Western terms to describe ME issue
William ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
This only underscores your ignorance. Jews have been in the region for hundreds of years and were granted the land - 95% State land - by the ruling party - of which the "Palestinians" were not a part of. They didn't even own it in the past. But we still decided to work with these 1930s illegal economic migrants cooperatively. Some were peaceful, some violent.
19. who was filming? very stabe images.pallywood
borisb ,   brazil   (12.17.12)
It was really a scene! pallywood. IDF must study this case. One it was a trap, and for me was very easy to take some to custody, the last ones were an easy task. Second, Who was filming? it seems it was took from an apartament.
20. #5 Why are you discriminating against European Jews?
Yaniv ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
Half of Israel are Jews from Iran and Arab lands and the other Jews from Europe have as much history to the land. The only ones who don't have history to the land are the Arabian invaders who call themselves Palestinians. The Palestinians (PLO) became a people in 1967, which is 19 years younger than the state of Israel.
21. Why they throw stones, we take stones to build
Yaniv ,   Israel   (12.17.12)
22. The Israeli military is either TOO afraid
Israeli 2   (12.18.12)
of what the world might say or too kind to not hurt children - or both.
23. salma at 2
18.12.2012   (12.18.12)
and here's to your baba also..... prosit!
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