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Syria: Palestinians must not shelter 'terrorists'
Published: 17.12.12, 21:51
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1. isn't it funny that the places the pals
the mad zionist ,   sf-ny-is   (12.17.12)
Live in Syria are called refugee camps? the pals living in Lebanon and Egypt live in refugee camps. the pals living in gaza and west bank are called refugee camps. aren't the Palestinians trying to have a state in gaza and west bank? didn't the UN just give them a state? why are they called refugee camps? why do other Arab countries that allow Palestinians to live in their countries make them live in "refugee camps"? come on people, the sham is up. one thing the Palestinians will never give up, is the title refugees. it helps them get money, attention, and sympathy. I just don't understand why anyone would fight for a state to live in a refugee camp, because that's what they say gaza and the west bank are. and why has nobody in the West asked the questions I just asked
2. let them continue
Real vision ,   usa   (12.18.12)
let them continue to destroy their country...Only muslims and arabs have the mentality to not care how much of their country is destroyed nor how many people are killed. If they can do this to their country... Imaging what devastation they would do to Israel without a bit of conscience
3. palis and refugee camps
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (12.17.12)
Since all palis love to live in refugee camps why not send ALL OF THEM to the noth pole and let them kill each other without killing anybody else on earth.By the way don't forget Salma.
4. #1 It's because that's their name.
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (12.17.12)
They can not even spell the letter "P". Re-foo-gees is their real name. Most of them came from cairo, damascus and few other places around, It's common knowledge there weren't any of them in the 1800's, only Jews, christians and some Bedouins travelling by were in Promised Land back then.
5. Aaron # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.18.12)
Do you really want to give the polar bears indigestion?
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.18.12)
They are basically a group made for hire for any reason. Now, the rebels promise them Israel, so they start fighting. They will soon will find out again that they are being used all over again. Why they don't have the courage to return to Jordan where they really belong is just funny
7. This is cruel
Frank ,   Canada   (12.18.12)
Basically this guy is asking Palestinians not to shelter themselves
8. what is the surprise?
daniela   (12.18.12)
its common place to have terrorist among civilian population. Thats what they do in Gaza. Why shouldn´t they do it elsewhere? what i did not see are the pictures.. when it happens in Gaza you see kids, blood, mothers screaming and men vowing revenge... do this happens in Syria too. Do any human right organization in Syria is as outraged as the organizations that protest and accuses Israel? Do Abbas plans to accuse the syrians to the ICC?
9. Coming from the chief shelterer of terrorists
Zvi   (12.18.12)
this pronouncement would be funny - if the Assad regime were less likely to massacre 1000s of people at the drop of a hat.
10. O Bashar you supported Hamas and Pals,helping them to
Alan ,   SA   (12.18.12)
do terrible terror against Israel.. Today Israel's Golan is your quietest border ander the Pals are against you-when you are under attack
11. Reuters, move this "second hand food" to our US sites.
Miron ,   USA   (12.18.12)
Stop harrassing Israeli press organs with our US propaganda.
12. Such blabbering while they consider which way they will die.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.18.12)
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