Video shows officer shooting Palestinian assailant
Yoav Zitun
Published: 17.12.12, 23:51
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1. I applaud the officer...well done !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.17.12)
2. That's the right way, to treat Arab zombies !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.18.12)
3. Thank you officer. May there be many more like you.
Chaim   (12.18.12)
4. He or she deserve's a medall..well done.
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (12.18.12)
5. How much does take to fabricate video like this ? ,...
split ,   US   (12.18.12)
6. I am with you, Chris.
Israeli 2   (12.18.12)
7. As a young boy I killed arab terrorists and saved lives
Pierre Dupre ,   Algiers   (12.18.12)
it feels VERY good. Exterminate the monsters.
8. Wow!
She shot the teenager at close range, after he already let go of the Border Guard. From this video it is obvious that she never intended to handle the situation in any other way, e.g. to disarm the attacker. Shoot to kill, nothing else. How many Palestinian "terrorists" are killed in this manner (without getting filmed by a security camera)?
The use of TASERS, would immediately descalate any serious confrontation.. leaving the victim,thrashing on the ground, in an gigantic orgy of PAIN& DISCOMFORT... NEVER TO BE REPEATED...
10. #5 - is that because you doubt a camera was present?
William ,   Israel   (12.18.12)
Thanks to every Leftist moron with a camera, and the thirst by the media for "damning evidence" (even post-production), it's become necessary for Israelis to carry cameras with them and capture everything on film. It made the Gaza defense action seem like reality TV with so much going out over the social networks, which really did hurt the anti-Israel agenda and lawfare supporters, and we're so sorry for that. But if you really are curious about how much it costs to fabricate a video, go ask Pallywood. You have your choice of an elderly model crying infront of a damaged house all the way up to organized funerals complete with a "dead" man in the coffin. They're made-to-order so you can be sure you'll get exactly what you want, but be sure to use an official Pallywood Consultant for the best quality. Don't rely on Leftist imitators like Reuters who accepted an obvious photoshopped image of the Beirut skyline in 2006.
11. Any attack against an officer must be dealt with force
Al   (12.18.12)
if Israel continues to be PC and stupid, she will end up being DOA.
12. Oh my! Most definitely he looked for it!!!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.18.12)
He is rather stupid though or maybe suicidal Hm, maybe both.
13. Killing of teenager
Robert Elman ,   Montreal Canada   (12.18.12)
As a Jew I am Not pleased to here any cheering or bravo, when a life is taken , especially a young one and one that did not even have a real gun I personally feel that some other approach is necessary to try to gain peace, but killing begets more killing and ,in spite of all the deaths on both sides , we are no closer to peace than we were 64 years ago. Perhaps , the Prime Minister might be wise to unilaterally ,back away from the construction and implore the big 4 to immediately arrange for face to face talks, because that is what we all want Thank youj
14. This should be the model that other officers should follow
Dan S.   (12.18.12)
Insurrection and sedition will not be tolerated. Perpetrators will be shot. Simple.
15. Border Guard kills Palestinian Youth
DW ,   Canada   (12.18.12)
If you look closely (I watched the video about 5 times stopping frequently). You can see a metal object flashing in the light near the outstretched hand of the person who is chasing the Israeli soldier. Can an expect review this video and provide an opinion?
16. nice acting
Joy ,   NJ   (12.18.12)
17. #9 WM ZEV - Tasers don't always work
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.18.12)
Sometimes it takes three or four shots, if you're in danger they can't be relied upon Bullets are much more effective
18. There is not time
Big Delaney ,   United States   (12.18.12)
I am a Police Officer in a Chicago Suburb. There is no time. A taser can cause a gun to fire . There is no time. Its a spit second reaction and thought process . Not time to reason it out . A gun changes the entire equation .
19. #9 - both distance and timing is an issue
William ,   Israel   (12.18.12)
You must be near the attacker to use a taser, as opposed to a gun. And in a case where the attacker pulls a gun, the only response is another gun to disable or eliminate the attacker. Tasers will not work in this situation which is why law enforcement agencies around the world do NOT use them for taking down an armed suspect.
20. To the Officer: A job well done!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (12.18.12)
21. tp #8, you'll take chances with your life and will handle it
leo ,   usa   (12.18.12)
22. to #9, tasers to not prevent recidive.
leoq ,   usa   (12.18.12)
23. Well that's what you get...
Dan ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.18.12)
When you attack an outpost.
24. to #9 Zev
David ,   Israel   (12.18.12)
Zev if someone held a gun to you in an attempt to kidnap you, would you want your colleague to taser them or shoot them before both of you become corpses? The use of tasers are justified and are used by Israeli police inside Israel. A taser is only used to subdue an immediate non-life threatening suspect for arrest i.e in the case of attempted assault not attempted homicide as what it initially looked like for the officer in this position. To merely suggest that it would deescalate the situation coincides with a belief that the kidnapping of Gilad Schalit could have also been prevented if the soldiers were more alert and armed with tasers. Maybe the Canadian army should have used tasers in Iraq and Afghanistan Wakeup this isn't Toronto!
25. Why is there a skip at 00:23?
Very fishy, indeed. There is no reason to cut parts out of the video, unless there is something to hide.
26. #10
Rodney King
27. where is the gun?????????
cali cal ,   los angeles, ca   (12.18.12)
Was there ever a gun??????
28. Shooting Palestinian Assailant
Frozen ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.18.12)
This Ziad should be at home baking baklaba with his mother, not attacking soldiers. When you go out looking for trouble you sometimes find it. Let this be a lesson to all the other instigating Palestinian vermin.
29. it takes one week
PS ,   Palestine   (12.18.12)
30. I respect you Robert, wise stuff you say
PS ,   Palestine   (12.18.12)
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