Navy unit honored for excellence
Yoav Zitun
Published: 18.12.12, 10:56
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1. the navy is treated dishonourably by the politicians
zionist forever   (12.18.12)
Every single year the navy gets the scraps after the airforce and ground forces have got the lions share. The three SAAR 5 missie ships are the most advanced in the fleet and they are over 20 years old and the rest of them are even older. They are decommissioning some boats but not being replaced because the navy doesn't have the money. Its disgusting the way the navy are treated, they are asked to carry out more and more operations but they are not give the money to buy the equipment and of course if there is a screw up its the officers who get punished and forced into early retirement not the men with the money in their air conditioned offices.
2. #1 Navy
Get Real ,   UK   (12.19.12)
All credit to this unit and to the Navy. But there is a limit to the resources available for each branch of the military and the air force and missle systems,both defensive and offensive, must always take precedence.With the threats that it faces Israel's ability to survive must inevitably rely on being able to deliver that offensive.
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