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Orly Azoulay
Published: 19.12.12, 10:22
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1. "Presidential Interim Order"
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (12.19.12)
sorry Orly, you don't get to throw the Constitution away just because you imagine that God gave you superior intelligence. Careful of those Presidential Orders, girl - they might bite YOU in the butt one of these years. PS: you've got the Jewish Intellectuals of Boston on your side. The other side has real guns. They can show you how "extra Constuttional activities" end up....
2. Guns is what keeps a nation free.The Nazis invoked gun
Al   (12.19.12)
control and ended up murdering 10's of millions. Guns is what frees a nation and a people. Without guns and the will to use them, Israel would be a dead entity America doesnt have a gun control problem, it has a people control problem. The people there are nuts...they are lonely, scared, isolated and delusional. They are fed constant violence thru the internet, TV, music videos and video games. They are so PC they have no concept of right and wrong. They have thrown god to the wayside, yet when things like this happen, they cry out "WHERE IS GOD?'. Gun control will not solve their problem. They have a people control problem.
President Obama is an empty suit. His words are empty words ,meaningless platitudes. A $ has value ,his words have none. Just more bla bla bla bal ad nauseum.
4. no.2
admirer ,   jerusalem   (12.19.12)
Every word is %100 correct, couldn't have phrased things better. You need to spread your ideas to the Israeli society too.
5. Can't dismiss the Constitution Orly
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (12.19.12)
There is no such thing as a "Presidential Interim Order" as pertains to the Constitution. Sure Obama issued a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf after the Deep Horizon incident, but that was done through suspension of regulations, not the Constitution. Believe me, there are too many armed people in the US who would simply revolt against the government if they put any halt to buying or selling guns. In America, gun rights advocates view the 2nd Amendment as a safeguard against a tyrannical government. It was instituted because if the nascent British Colonies in America hadn't have had guns, we wouldn't have been able to throw off the tyrannical rule of Great Britain and establish our own country. Today, the 2nd Amendment is what protects our basic rights. You will never see a day when American citizens are disarmed, and I hope you never see a day when it's attempted. That will be the day of the 2nd civil war in America.
6. TO NR. 2.
7. TO NR. 3.
8. To Al (#2)
Sebastian ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.12)
In Israel a lot of people have weapons, but those people have a long military training. In the US any nutcase can have a permit and a gun. It is a completely false comparison. Saying that guns make a nation free by comparing it to only one situation (the Nazis) is also completely flawed. Most of the countries have very strict laws on weapons, so murdering tools are not freely available. And guess what, most countries are free.
9. Wrong
Adam ,   HomegrownSandyHooker   (12.19.12)
I grew up in Newtown. I went to Sandy Hook Elementary. I have nothing but the most fond memories of my school. I have been known to be quick to criticize Mr. Obama, especially on his foreign policy, but in this instance he is in the right. That speech was not the time nor place for such politically motivated speeches. It was a healing event for the families and community, and it was spot on. Now, let's hope that Mr. Obama is able to follow through and bring some change in this area.
10. it was the man of the people act that won him the election
zionist forever   (12.19.12)
First time round it was the something new man with a vision campaign YES WE CAN YES WE CAN. Second time it was look people we have started on this road to recovery but we are not there yet serious but also compassionate. Then when Hurricane Sandy hit it was Gods gift to Obama he got a chance to go out into the streets be the man of the people routine and all Romney could do was watch it on tv. Obama's skill is not running the country its he is a great speaker rather than having the skills to be a great president which is why he has made plenty of mistakes. He didn't support the revolutionaries in Iran wanting democracy, he ditched Mubarak without thinking twice, he has borrowed huge sums and whilst he blames it all on Bush the debt now is about twice what it was when Bush left office.
11. Every good citizen should have a gun.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.19.12)
That is an excellent prescription for low crime rates and freedom from tyranny.
12. control
DavidR ,   USA   (12.19.12)
The United States of America was brought into existence by a people who were sick and tired of being controlled by a tyrannical government who denied them freedom. They defeated that government with guns. Afterward they put into place a Constitution which gave its citizens the right to keep and bear arms with the understanding that if the government tried to take away that right and all rights that they could form a militia and take their guns and through out that government. Sorry folks, Obama nor anyone else has the authority to take away those rights. Don't like it? Tough! If this nation and the nation of Israel, would return to G-d, tshuvah, then His Favor would return and along with it, His protection.
13. Americans can learn from Israeli gun policy
Avramele   (12.19.12)
Following news in the US it is clear that the President and the Democrats are ready to take on the gun lobby and ban weapons of war. It's the Republicans beholden to the extreme far right gun lobby that are immovable. Fox News and right wing radio slanders Israel daily by claiming that gun ownership is permitted in the Jewish state, confusing security arrangements and what is allowed in the territories for some universal right to guns when actually as Israelis know gun laws are among the strictest in the democratic world. Americans would be wise to adopt Israeli practices - strict gun laws, increased security by professionals and attention to mental health issues when in comes to who can carry a gun and when.
14. Freemen have guns, Serfs don't
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.19.12)
15. more of of this left wing bull.
NYC Jew   (12.19.12)
Guns don't kill people. People do. The terrorists that blow themselves up don't use guns. You don't ban cars when a druk driver cause a deadly accident. Puting a police officer in school makes much more sence then take people's rights away. No society can stop someone who is willing to hurt people and does not mind dying in the process.
16. What right do tears give?
Thomas the Doubter ,   USA   (12.19.12)
Because Barack Obama cried that gives him the right to initiate a 'presidential interim order' to ban semiautomatic rifles (the automatic ones are already banned Orly)? Why isn't Orly more concerned about the disaster that Israel has created in the West Bank, Gaza, and the Sinai than what is happening 155 miles from Connecticut?
17. #2 WELL SAID AL.
18. Guns are not the only method for killing
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.19.12)
Knives, poison, strangling, bombs, etc. Take away guns, people with problems will kill anyway. Of course, I can see no reason for households (private citizens) collecting guns (one is more than enough). In Israel, you need registration for every gun you hold AND you pay annual tax for holding each gun. But I do suppose there is a black market where it is possible not to register with govt.
19. ## 2 & 4
Takan ,   Eilat   (12.19.12)
Guns are needed, yes. It's a harsh jungle out here on earth and ever since the prehistoric ages, weapons have been a necessity for humans. Al is right in pointing that guns need no more control than they have already. What we all need to control is the people that have access to guns. Weapons have to be used by responsible, healthy and trained men and women. People that want to buy a gun have to be controlled, tested and certified to hold a gun. Moreover, the reason for buying a weapon should be valid. This is how it is in Israel. If you believe you need a gun, you have to apply and justify.
20. Seen it ALL before
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.19.12)
We had 10 bitter years of Tony Blair's premiership. Obama is Blair #2 but with so much more real power that makes him so much more dangerous and so much more of a threat. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
21. 15
zionist forever   (12.19.12)
Just like they teach kids safe sex in school maybe they should teach them safe gun control. Educate them on the good and bad things about gun ownership. I am sick of it when a terrible thing happens and the government passes knee jerk laws which are badly thought out. I remember because I thought it so stupid but the British shooting olympic team have to go abroad to train because they are not allowed to own their guns or practise in England. The reason for is there was some kind of shooting so the government rushed through a new law which unintentionally even affected sports shooters. Gun control wouldn't have stopped this guy. Even if Obama bans assault whats to stop the next wacko coking along with 2-3 handguns & plenty of ammo? The only way you can stop it is by banning all guns which punishes the 99% of responsible gun owners although the criminals who buy theirs on the black market are not affected. If they want to change gun ownership laws think it out over a long time, come up with lots of possible proposals and then without pressure because of a recent shooting decide the best way forward.
22. # 7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.19.12)
The Republicans and the NRA are not the problem. Unless you like tyrants like Hitler and want to risk having another one you don't want to embrace gun control.
23. Sebastian # 8
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.19.12)
They don't just hand out gun permits here in the United States. The comparison of #2 is perfect. No country is truely free. Everyone is under sombodies thumb. It's all relative. We are free compared to North Korea but there are different levels of freedom. Guns are not murdering tools as you say. They are just tools that can be used to save and protect lives or misused to take lives. They are not unlike a car in that respect. If a government can not trust law abiding citizens to own firearms or they unduly restrict what citizens can posess then the citizens can not trust their own government either and they are not a free people.
24. Takan # 19
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.19.12)
As long as there are tyrants and criminals in the world honest trustworthy people will have need of guns. Read any newspaper and see all the crimes there and you have your justification and valid reason. You shouldn't have to beg your government for the right to protect yourself, your neighbors, or your country.
25. The author is missing the point
American Sabrah ,   Israel   (12.20.12)
Guns are not the issue here. Leftists will often use guns as a scapegoat to blame on wanton massacres whilst ignoring the real issue that is more critical: Mental Health. Unfortunately, mental health is not an issue that most people address in America. It is often kicked under the rug and not taken seriously. Most people, especially advocates for gun control don't want to acknowledge that mental health care is lacking. A lot of these shooting sprees are carried out by those who were never properly diagnosed and treated for their mental and behavioral disorders. Mandating gun restrictions is not the solution. People will still use other lethal devices to kill such as knives,chemicals, and explosives. Only a dramatic improvement on mental healthcare will prevent another bloody massacre like the Connectivity shootings from happening again.
26. Weapons are only for war...
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.20.12)
when a war is going on. Our weapons...are used for target practice and then cleaned afterwords. Kind of like a garden rake, or axe. Until a war is started...most of us just use them as tools...and for target shooting. Some of us even hunt game with them. Not many of us shoot up schools or go into schools with knifes....like in China....and commit mass murder. I won't go into specifics....but if a person is intent on killing a lot of people....guns are a really bad choice to do the job. Their are far better methods besides guns, that are readily available to any citizen.
27. How about a ban on firearms in homes
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.20.12)
with mentally ill people? How about making it illegal to keep a mentally ill person at home and hoping he/she will get better. If Nancy Lanza and her ex husband Peter had their son committed, then this never would have happened. Why teach a mentally ill person how to shoot? If the mother wanted to go to a firing range herself, then lock the guns up away from the sick son. Why didn't the staff at the schools see that he needed professional help or be put in an institution? Finally after hitlery clinton signed a document to confiscate private guns at the u.n., these massacres are happening almost weekly by these "geniuses".
28. Israel has had the answer for years
Joe Harkins ,   Miami Florida   (12.20.12)
I visited Israel many times. At the Azrieli Mall and everywhere – empty your pockets , search your bag, metal detector. When you get inside there are plain clothes police everywhere as well as uniformed police and plenty of soldiers with rifles everywhere. That’s the answer = SECURITY and PROTECTION of your people... Lanza was able to get into the school with a Bushmaster AR15 (33 inches long ) and handguns = = That is the PROBLEM. Even a metal detector alone would have stopped him . Gun laws will not protect people. Proper Security and more than one layer of security will protect people.
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