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Iran's supreme leader 'likes' Facebook
Published: 18.12.12, 16:17
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1. LMAO Does This AK Know Who Founded
His New Past Time? Does Mark Zukerberg Know that the supremeless lead no where aka ayatollah Cockamamie is a fan????????????? Jews Create The Best Things In Life!!!
2. The real surprise
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.18.12)
would be, if this rabbi looking elder convert to judaism, and enter the Shas party.
3. Hahaha the Iranian equivalent of Hugh Hefner hah!
David ,   Israel   (12.18.12)
An old man trying to be popular with mainstream youth. Difference is Heffner doesn't oppress women
4. Why the accompanying photo of a Chief Rabbi?
American-Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (12.19.12)
Oops, my misteak.
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