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Syrian rebels fight Palestinian pro-Assad group
Associated Press
Published: 18.12.12, 13:05
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1. How can you be loyal to Assad if...
Chopper4 ,   CPT, South Africa   (12.18.12)
he does not grant you equal rights as other Syrians...where you are not considered a Syrian. That your children born in a country that does not recognise its birth. Such a weird situation indeed. BTW where are all the Palestinian activists who protest when Israel does something? Hypocrisy at all levels...
2. #1 loyalty
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.18.12)
Assad was one of Israel's strongest foes and armed PLO over the years. He armed Hezbolla that defeated the Olmert junta. On the other hand, they are Sunni and he is an Alawi they consider a subhuman, only a little better than a Jew. indeed a problem
3. discussed & resolved in typical Arab fashion...
Rafi ,   US   (12.18.12)
yes... the "Arab Spring" has indeed brought great progress & change to the region...
4. who stand with assad are not PALESTINIANS
Muhannad ,   Jerusalem/Palestine   (12.18.12)
this ahmad jebril the leader of pflp-gc (different than pflp) that are fighting with assad forces will be caught and face syrian justice by us palestinians, we deny any relation to him or to his group, we are still out of the syrian revolution and not having any part in it. but trust me if we decide to get into it one week assad will be caught and facing justice. we stood for our rights against israel for 64 years, so we can handle assad easily,
JOE ,   ISRAEL KFAR SABA   (12.18.12)
6. #4 two years ago
Two years ago the "palestinians" called Assad a great leader and heroic visionary.
7. terrorists against terrorists
kem k. ,   fort smith, USA   (12.18.12)
To all the free and civilize world, this is what makes me smile. Terrorists are killing each other. Israel, many of your enemies are eliminating without you fire of a singel shot. Long live Israel and God of Abraham is great!
8. Assads stupidity is Israel's victory
zionist forever   (12.18.12)
Palestinians hate Israel Syrians hate Israel Both Israel's enemies are killing each other and doing it with weapons that could have once been used against Israel. The Syrian spring has been great for Israel so we should thank Assad for being such a bungling fool by turning peaceful protests into a civil war.
9. Does anyone know the body count?
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.19.12)
"The Lord works in mysterious ways... or, "How the war was won and not one Jewish bullet was fired..." Musical? Who woulda thunk it? If you think about the slaughter of Muslims by Muslims, it is biblical in proportions., (excuse me those of you non believers )
10. Invest in undertakers....
big bad Jew ,   United States   (12.19.12)
they're the only ones making money so far.. whether it be in Syria Africa, any place Muslims dwell.....
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