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Haredi parties: Women have different role
Telem Yahav
Published: 18.12.12, 14:56
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1. Hareidi women are too busy earning a living
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (12.18.12)
And raising their many kids. Someone has to while the men are in yeshiva.
2. Stupid law in that it's enforcement is political
Ilan   (12.18.12)
Laws that are routinely applied to only certain sectors for political reasons should be scrapped. There will never be a chance of disqualifying Balad no matter what they do, so what is the purpose of a law that forbids a party from running? Just remove the law and do away with the elections committee. It is only political theatre.
3. Finally....
GD   (12.18.12)
Real issues being discussed. Amsalem's party is looking more and more favorable!
4. How do they know that women "will refuse to vote"
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.18.12)
I have 2 questions about these claims: 1. How do they know that "Most of the women voting for the respondents will refuse to vote if there will be women on the party list, and that is against halachic law" - where is the polling data to support this claim? 2. Don't most of the normal voters for Shas and United Torah Judaism vote as their Rabbi "suggests" - would these Rabbis start recommending that people not vote rather than vote for Shas or United Torah Judaism if there was a woman on their list? Their claims lack proof and sound more like excuses than reality.
5. Neither do many Arab parties include women
Chaim   (12.18.12)
but of course self-hating Jewish ynet wouldn't have the courage to ridicule them like they do for haredi parties. How many women are included in Taleb's or in Barakeh's party or some other Arab partie?
6. Arab parties include women; ultra-orthodox parties don't
Ari   (12.18.12)
7. Halacha (Jewish Law)
Saenz   (12.18.12)
With all due respect to the many accomplishments reflected in the ultra-Orthodox community, it would be beneficial to express in Biblical passages the assertion exempting women from voting or running for political office. Modesty and decensy take on many aspects from dress, demeanor and responsibilities. Women holding positions in the Knesset are there never-the-less. Other women serving positions would create the same environment for ultra-Orthodox men serving in the Knesset just as well. The respect given in the Knesset forum between party members should be eloquent with no rude name calling. Stands have to be explained, even with appropriate biblical passages, to see disagreements resolved for the health, welfare and well-being of all the people on all the land. The righteous name of Zion is still very appropriate to use for the blessings of Jacob and Esau. Today, Jacob and Esau are Israel and Palestine, Zion being the greater. The "arm of the Lord is still extended". The best needs to be shown for the rest, even in the land. This has to be put together to show for that "light unto the nations", that it can be done.
8. ban these parties...
nadav ,   tlv   (12.18.12)
I don't know why we don't separate religion from State and ban all parties based on religion, language, ethnicity and place of origin!
9. Aparthied
Zebra ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.18.12)
The white rulers of South Africa used the same approach, blacks and whites are equal but different .
10. its a cultural thing
zionist forever   (12.18.12)
Heredi are a closed group with their own culture, traditions and dress codes. This is also a culture shared by the women and its different from the westernised secular culture. When it comes to cultural issues I don't really think either side has the right to judge the other by our own cultural values. Doesn't matter if its haredi, secular, Jew or arab cultural issues are not the same and at the end of the day who is to say which culture should be considered the superior one?
11. you Iranians and Israelis...
european   (12.18.12)
Leave the civilized part of the world stunned with your caveman antics. Enough for crying outloud. You're embarrassing yourselves.
12. #10 Christian culture too?
American-Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (12.18.12)
Don't think too deeply before typing do you?
13. # 10
Democrat ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.18.12)
Yes, religion should be separated from the state.
14. women
john ,   toronto   (12.18.12)
Women have a stronger role than the men. They should be made equal partners in deciding about everything .
15. Really don't care; just want the men to work
Rachel ,   US   (12.18.12)
16. Its their manifesto
yonathan haokip ,   kiryat arba   (12.18.12)
every party has their own political ideology and manifesto. why take this issue seriously? its part of israel politics, live with it. its just like leftist wants to give up the land to arabs, zionist refuse an inches to be given up.....
17. Disgusting, illegal party
Avi   (12.18.12)
They discriminate based on sex. That is illegal. Their argument is that "if you don't like us, don't vote for us, but don't ban us". The same argument could have been made for Khana and Ka'h, but they were banned for being an extremist group. A political party cannot run for the knesset if they don't abide by the state laws. The thought is mind boggling.
18. #11 your argument is invalid
Avi   (12.18.12)
Haredim do not see themselves as Israelis and hold an extreme view that is alien to Israeli law. Lower your nose immediately because you live in a very fragile glass house.
19. cave man mentality
Haim ,   TA   (12.18.12)
Just goes to show what they really think of women. They belong in the medevil ages and have no place in the modern world. And as for Deri, thanks but somehow as an ex con he is the last person to be dishing out the morals, guese he never heard of ? thout shalt not steal"
20. Halacha does not ban women!
eli ,   Monsey, USA   (12.18.12)
These rabbis did not study basic Bible. Women were a part of the ruling class in many generations. Indeed some served as sole rulers. These so called chareim have no relation to Orthodoxy or the Jewish religion described in the Shulchan Arukh - they invent self-serving and mean rules for their personal monetary benefit and self-aggrandizement..
21. George Orwell 1984
Jacob ,   Munich   (12.18.12)
This is NewSpeak
22. Nuhad want be part of Shas
Zaina Shehab ,   Kuwait   (11.05.13)
Tell us how
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