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Obama 'actively supportive' of assault weapons ban
Associated Press
Published: 18.12.12, 21:06
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1. Of course....he supplies Syria...Libya...Egypt
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.18.12)
and everyone else with them including drug lords in the country of Mexico. But we the citizens of the United States aren't supposed to have any weapons. By the way....they are semi automatic weapons.....not assault rifles. They are not fully automatic. Any weapon can be rigged with an extended magazine to give it more rounds before reloading it. It's not that difficult to do.
2. Bans never stops Evil -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.18.12)
- only Contra - Action does. I admit though that, if civil War is not at Hand, Assault - Guns are not needed in the Society. Arn.
3. Presidents Red Line
Zecharia   (12.19.12)
The appointment of Herr Hagel as the jihadi deutsland agent as defense minister is despicable and the Us J street ought be renamed The Rabbi Wise courageous foundation .
4. he will disarm the people before the upcoming crisis
name witheld   (12.19.12)
at the same time he has personally overseen the transfer of weapons to the muslim brotherhood and the terrorist groups that are slaughtering thousands in syria. The evil intentions behind this clown are hidden from the blinded masses somehow - I have no idea how they can be so easily led down the path of no return
5. More Obama B.S. "Assault weapons" don't exist.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.19.12)
Go into a gun shop and ask for an "assault weapon". They'll look at your like you're crazy. There is no such thing as an "assault weapon". This is yet more Obama B.S. A ridiculous attempt to destroy the right of Americans to bear arms.
6. psychology testing ... web reader ,   Niles.IL.USA   (12.19.12)
if not being done already as part of the background psychological tests renewable every 10 years
7. land of the free, right?
ilan   (12.19.12)
i guess in america gun owners have more of a right to bear automatic arms, then parents have to keep their children safe! you can't stop evil, there is no practical way of doing it. but if evil had to reload after everyshot. it would be a different story, or rather less tragic one(but still tragic, none the less!)
8. Nr 5.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.19.12)
What state of Mind do You have - Protective or Intention to Kill ? If it is Protective, You only resort to deadly Force, when in Imediate Threath of Death or Great Bodily Harm, which can not be avoiden in any other way than to shot the attacker but, the aim must always be to stop the Attacker and not to Kill Him, as according to the Laws of the Society. If the attacker dies so be it. You dont need Automatic Guns for that. In Short. Arn.Sweden.
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