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State Dept. slammed over Libya attack
Published: 19.12.12, 07:53
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1. Strange - didn't US learn anything from Irag + security?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.19.12)
Seems like US making same security mistakes over and over - they just don't get the strategic maniac methods of the extremists.
2. US foreign policy
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Zion, Zion   (12.19.12)
it is the entire obama foreign policy failure that is put in the spotlight in this report. obama's foreign policy has been pro-muslim since he became president. obama has convinced himself that he could sweet talk the muslims into loving america. neither he, nor clinton, could imagine that the people of benghazi who were liberated by america from qaddafi, would not be grateful. the entire foreign policy is based on faulty assumptions.
3. Faulty Assumptions
joseph ,   Australia   (12.19.12)
Need to remove all the 'Arabist' at the State Department and start again. It will make a huge difference to America as a nation.
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (12.19.12)
The latest trend in US security is to use contractors for nearly everything. Half the US forces in Iraq were contractors, not soldiers. The US cannot feed or re-arm our troops without contractors. This is the trend since the 1990s. Question for Congress - Why not return to tradition, US Marines and Diplomatic Security Services to guard diplomats- a centuries old tradition?
5. questions
Who was behind the attack? Gadaffi loyalists? Iran? Putin? The local Libyan guards ran away because they were no match for the experienced and well-armed attackers. The former-SEALs (working for the now militarized CIA) fought for hours. Why was no backup or air support sent? What was going on at CIA annex? Was it torture? Was it illegal "fast and furious" gun-running to Syria? In either case, did Clinton or Obama know about these illegal acts? Have Obama and Clinton militarized the CIA so that they can take military action without congressional supervision?
6. muslim hatred
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (12.19.12)
Unfortunately the DUMB american government refuses to believe that whatever they do to help the dumb arabs(muslims) they will still hate them.Solution,get your soldiers out of all the muslim countries,cut off all aid to them,let them kill each other and stand by israel.
7. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.19.12)
Can't "militarize" the CIA. They're an intelligence-gathering organization, haven't you heard? They don't do military action.
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