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Elections Committee bans Zoabi
Telem Yahav
Published: 19.12.12, 18:14
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1. The AG will not defend, the courts will put her back
miki ,   tampa   (12.19.12)
Free election coverage for those trying to shut mouths and ethnically cleanse the Knesset. The Supreme Court will throw you all down the steps of the courthouse - how much will this cost us? You have not banished her intoexile; you politicians are living in the Ghetto.
2. Reality
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (12.19.12)
Sorry, its not politics, its treason!
3.  when she took part in the Marmara terror attack,
Roo   (12.19.12)
Terrorist attack?? The IDF/jews attacked the ship, not the other way around. Are you seriously calling Zoabi an armed terrorist? You people thrive on BS!
4. Haha Loser!
Avi   (12.19.12)
It might be undemocratic, I don't know, but completely deserved.
5. Right-wing weaklings Israeli democracy is stronger than them
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.19.12)
What an embarrassment for Israel that these sniveling weaklings got their decision today, that the Supreme Court will rightly overturn. Israeli democracy is very strong, and easily strong enough to have Zoabi re-elected to the Knesset. She represents her constituency and if these right-wing bozos don't like it then I invite them to go take some remedial lessons in democracy. Yes, me, the "settler in the West Bank" says DO NOT ban Zoabi or any of her colleagues. She has the right to speak out, the right to stand for election, and the right to oppose the country she lives in - that's all part of democracy. Israel is strong enough to deal with Zoabi. What really pi**es me off are weakling politicians Akunis and Horowitz should be ashamed of their childish example.
6. Weinstein yes and no
alexi   (12.19.12)
israeli arabs should be encouraged to express their ideas and yes differences in their goals and policies as free speech within israeli society even to the point of offending and insulting i sraeli honor. But they cross the line when they aid the enemy whether nasrollah or the turkish IHH and hamas which zoabi clearly did. There is a limit. And the courts should understand this and keep politics out of their considerations.
7. Roo # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.19.12)
The Marmara was trying to run through a legal blockade. The IDF would have been within their rights to sink it. Those people on the Marmara were looking for trouble and the only BS here is coming from those such as you that seem to think they were victims.
8. Hanin Zoabi is on the right side of history
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.19.12)
9. So who is a liar?
DavidR ,   USA   (12.19.12)
Has zahalka quit yet as he said he would if she is disqualified, or is he showing he is another arab liar full of hot air?
10. She broke the law = JAIL
Connie ,   USA   (12.19.12)
11. The "Marmara terror attack" never
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (12.19.12)
occurred, of course. It was the IDF that attacked the Marmara. The Marmara never attacked anyone until attacked. I don't think Zoabi was a participant in the IDF terror attack on the Marmara.
12. Deport her Jew/Israel hating behind
Shira ,   NY BeH YERUSHALAYIM   (12.19.12)
This is a good step in the right direction.. Next they should proceed to kick her antijewis/israel @ss out of the land of Israel. next in line for this would be Ahmed Tibi.
13. #3 Roo, It might now have been a terror attack
Me   (12.19.12)
But it WAS an armed attack. The navy intercepted the Marmara, so yeah, it attacked the damned flotilla. But if it wouldn't have done so, all those peaceful arms would have reached some arsenal in Gaza.
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.19.12)
She participate in incitment and violate the law forbiden contact which terorist organization which promote distruction of Israel, Presumably, some American official from government was speaking with Asam Ben-Ladden showing support for 9/11??? It's not just realise from his function, he/she will be imprison from treachery as any lawfully country would do.
15. Zoabi is guilty of high treason.
Jules   (12.19.12)
16. #3 Roo, All I saw on the video was an Islamic lynch bomb
Jake   (12.19.12)
attempting to murder the IDF soldiers who had borderd the ship ONLY in order to inspect its contents, to enforce a LEGAL blockade.
17. #11, The IDF did not attack the Marmara
Jake   (12.19.12)
It boarded the ship in order to inspect its contents, in complance with a legal blocakde. The terrorists on board then attempted to lynch the Israeli soldiers. Zoabi was with the terrorists, excuse me, "peace activists".
18. #8 Keep dreaming, Benassi
Jake   (12.19.12)
Y'all are in the septic tank of history. There can be no reward for treasonous behavior. Remember the "Alien and Sedition Acts" from American History 101? What's good for the goose...
19. Okay, so she's bumped from the Knesset...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.20.12)
... but will she be tried for her crimes? Because if she's just gonna get a free pass on treason then it seems disproportionate to ban her from the Knesset. Well, I know this: If I had done what she did I'd be in prison right now. One law for one people? We are both Israelis, she and I, and if she's not going to be charged for the same treason I would be charged for, that that is the most slippery slope of all.
20. It is shocking
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.19.12)
that forever the lunatics in the Government were discussing what action to take for this Racist Jihadist, and anti-Israel hater, yet they had no problem throwing Kahane, a true Jewish Hero, out like a dog,
21. this will backfire and Zouabi will become a martyr
zionist forever   (12.19.12)
Right now she is a nobody politician who annoys people but thats it. Outside Israel nobody has every even heard her name,I doubt even Al Jazeera because she is such an irrelevant person. Ban her from standing and she will become the champion of the Israel bashers. Just watch the stories about Israel the apartheid state who doesn't allow arabs to stand in its parliament, she is going to be a martyr. The Supreme Court will probably reverse the decision anyway which will making her star of the Knesset and next leader of Balad. If the court doesn't overthrow the decision she will be a martyr and she will probably enjoy that even more that being an MK.
22. # 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.19.12)
Try running a blockade by any other country in the world and see what happens. Perhaps then you will learn to think.
23. # 8 If you would have lived long enough
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.19.12)
ago you would have said the same thing about Neanderthal Man.
24. Good Riddens! Israel is on the right side
Israeli 2   (12.20.12)
of history. Always was and always will be.
25. Those against the ban should remember the verdict on Kach
Avi   (12.19.12)
Nothing more to say. Our democracy wasn't weakened when Kach was banned and certainly not Zoabi. Just because you're in a democracy doesn't mean terrorists and traitors deserve free reign.
26. You may be right, "undemocratic".
marc ,   belgium   (12.19.12)
It sounds as "The Birth of Israeli Jewish National Socialism".
27. democracy
john ,   toronto   (12.20.12)
She is not armed . Free speech is allowed in democracy.It is an easy way to win elections by blacklisting candidates.
28. Awesome News!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (12.20.12)
It's about stinkin' time this witch is thrown-out! Political correctness finally lost one--thank, God! Now, let's get to working on throwing ALL Muslim occupiers' out of Israel; then things will finally be right in this crazy, mixed-up Middle East...and, world! God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!!! Christian Zionist
29. The knesset and "justice" system had no
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.20.12)
"slippery slope" when it came to banning Rabbi Kahane and his Kach party. The likud and labor were afraid that Kach would have grown into a bigger political party of Jewish patriots.
30. The woman is a traitor.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (12.20.12)
She has no place serving in the parliament of the country that is her home. Israeli Arabs who take up arms against this country should be in prison if not hanged.
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