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British PM appoints Israel tech envoy
Published: 20.12.12, 14:46
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1. Brit. Tech Envoy to Israel
Rick S. ,   USA   (12.21.12)
Why the sudden Brit interest in Israel? Could it be that the anti Israel Brits would want to profit from Israeli research by copying it and selling it to Israel's Arab enemies? When was the last time that England did or say anything positive about Israel? I don't trust them and hope that Israel won't either.
3. #2 The UK needs successful tech partners
Zvi   (12.22.12)
and Israel is a VERY successful technology hub. Israel does 3-4 billion dollars volume of trade with the UK every year, and that figure is rising annually. Every billion dollars of trade between Israel and the UK is a finger in the eye of the BDS morons. The UK doesn't need to copy Israeli tech and sell it to the Arabs; Israel sells to other European and Asian countries (and some Arab and Muslim countries) that relabel Israeli products, or use Israeli products in their own products, and sell them to the Arabs. ;-)
4. To Rick S, there has ALWAYS been interest and vice versa
Effie   (12.22.12)
that interest alone amounts to 5 billion dollars coming from the UK to Israel in trade agreements alone. I guess you wouldnt know any of that because in the USA your version of international news is events from outside your state ;-)
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