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4 State Department officials step down over Benghazi report
Published: 20.12.12, 09:51
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1. Not good enough
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.20.12)
True, the embassy was unprepared but that is a side issue. You can't be prepared for everything. The incident took place over 7 hours. On the ground, US Navy SEALS gave a precise report of what was happening. Why was no air support sent? Why was neither Clinton or Obama notified? If they were notified, why did they not give instructions to save the Americans? What purpose did the CIA annex serve, and was it legal? Was the CIA annex Obama's Guantanamo Bay for torture? Was the CIA annex Obama's base for illegal gun running, Fast and Furious Syrian style?
2. Hey People Guess Where The Buck Stops?
The Politcally Correct Thing To Is To Step Down And Let Someone Quilified Lead The Once Great Nation Of The United States America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. #2 So immature
Robert ,   Australia   (12.21.12)
By your reckoning Obama was responsible for the Newtown massacre. Everyone knows that was a Zionist plot.
4. Awful case of political & bureacratic stumbling about
Cameron ,   USA   (12.21.12)
Good folk were left on their own and overrun by jihadi trash. Lives to account for.
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