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Likud touts Feiglin to lure in religious voters
Akiva Novick
Published: 20.12.12, 11:23
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1. Remember this on election day.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.20.12)
Feiglin believes in: 1. "return the country to the people and lead the State of Israel through authentic Jewish values". e.g. developing a legal system more consistent with Halakha. Welcome Jewish Iran. 2. Restricting Israeli citizenship to Jews - which is against the Declaration of Independence. 3. Suggested that all Jews who wished to be citizens of Israel, regardless of where they lived, should be given full citizenship and voting rights. Do we really want American and Russian, French and other Jews deciding our fate for us? 4. Wants rule by "those who have a deep commitment to Torah values." And the majority of us can just lump it! Remember this on election day!
2. #1 If you are a goy or feel like a goy who is
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.20.12)
anti Torah laws or Torah values, you should get out of Israel because you don't belong here. The HOLY JEWISH country is not meant for you or those who want a Torahless G-dless country. REMEMBER, ISRAEL IS A JEWISH COUNTRY to be run by TORAH whether you like it or not. That's what HASHEM wants from us Jews.
3. Scarey stuff! Wake up Israel!!!
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (12.20.12)
4. to#1
peter ,   tel aviv   (12.20.12)
does this come as a surprise to you? we have the Feiglins;Bennets ,Bibis and Sarahs running this country. Along their paths they take the Deris and Ovadias. And all this because the people they hate most and discriminate against are the ones voting for them and singing "Haide Bibi".
5. Mr. Feiglin "The real Israeli " .Thanks giving me the chance
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (12.20.12)
to vote for you .
6. @#1 An Arab Jerusalemite who is against the Jewish state?
Hahaha ,   World   (12.20.12)
Guess what? We are proud of our one Jewish state which has been our homeland for 3800 years. Your comments make people want to vote for him even more. He votes to legalize medical marijuana, he is supremely eco-friendly, he calls on shared national responsibility by Hareidi Jews and Arabs. He supports a free market. etc etc etc These are the opposite of Iran. Chicken little, the sky isnt falling, but maybe you are?
7. Normalcy
Avramele   (12.20.12)
Part of the Zionist dream was to be normal like the rest of the world. Given our pariah status in the 20's and the 30's we missed the thrill of the extreme nationalist thuggish fascist experience ( except as victim). Guess we are making up for it now.
8. No2 Chaim since when Israel is Jewish state?
The Declaration of Independence of 47 by Ben Gurion is very clear on this fact. Israel might be a home for the Jews but in any case is NOT a Jewish state under Torah laws.
9. Chaim #2
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.20.12)
The non-Orthodox are the majority here. It is clear that this fact doesn't disturb you. A democracy is not what you want, but a theocracy - you welcome the idea of a Jewish Iran... Ju8st how long do you think the the State would last under those conditions?
10. #4 Disappointed?
Alex   (12.20.12)
That Israel-hating Meretz doesn't get to run the country? Don't worry, Reform/seculars in Likud and Beitenu will stay away from the more than ordinary religious aspects and run a true Zionist line which other parties don't have the guts to being afraid of insulting Israel hating Islamists and leftist extremists. Most Israeli politicians are cowards, except the right. Bibi 2013!
11. #4 Even some Labor politicians
Alex   (12.20.12)
Acknowledge Netanyahu as the best option for Israel, Amir Peretz's replacement Marchiano just quite Labor and endorsed Netanyahu for PM. Any true Zionists know that Netanyahu is the only one with guts to lead Israel forward as the Jewish state without giving in to international pressure.
12. It's Complicated...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.20.12)
... During these primaries Netanyahu was not against Feiglin. Meanwhile, Feiglin is an avid supporter and apologist for Netanyahu. The thing is though, that Feiglin wants Netanyahu's seat - chairmanship. Not beause he doesn't like Netanyahu, but becuase of different leadership perspectives. So, while Netanyahu knows that Feiglin is gunning for his possition, he also knows that he is one of his most avid supporters as long as he doesn't have that position yet. And there you have it ... it's complicated.
13. #8 If Israel is not a JEWISH TORAH STATE
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.20.12)
what right does Ben Gurion have to grab it away from the Arabs or from whoever lived here because "he" wanted it. In other words, you're saying Ben Gurion and his followers are thieves. Jews ONLY have the right to Eretz Yisrael BECAUSE it says so in the TORAH. The same Torah includes 612 commandements that ALL Jews MUST keep whether you like it or not. You cannot pick and choose which mitzvot you like and which you don't. In the meantime Israel is not a democracy anyhow. Perhaps it's meant to be one but accept for voting, there's nothing else democratic about it. Even if it were, it cannot go against the Torah. Again, if you don't like it, there are many other countries you can go live in because ISRAEL IS A JEWISH STATE FOR JEWS or for Goyim who are not anti-Torah.
14. Chaim so if Israel is a Torah Jewish state
Then why can I eat pork on Saturdays after driving on the bus to go to the restaurant?
tony ,   nigeria   (12.20.12)
And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:) To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.” Luke 2:1, 4-5 KJV
David ,   NY   (12.20.12)
17. An Israeli State, where all people are equal.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.20.12)
It started as an idea for a Jewish state, but it was obvious by 1948 already that it cannot be one. Albert Einstein foresaw that in the 1920's and refused the offer to be some day the first President. Israel can only be an Israeli state with religion separate and kept private, where all citizens are equal under the law. Not a Torah state, never.
18. Israel is surrounded by Koran states
Ben ,   Galus   (12.23.12)
You may have a problem with who can administer a Torah state, but that is the final status solution for Israel. We may get there the hard way or the easy way; the long way or the short way, but your 'never' is meaningless.
19. Welcome to World War III
Bob ,   New York   (12.24.12)
Feiglin said that "if I become prime minister I will take away control over the Temple Mount from the Wakf [the Islamic trust] and reinstate Jewish sovereignty over the entire mount and, hopefully, rebuild the Temple.",7340,L-4322457,00.html Feiglin will not be content to merely become a member of the Knesset. He won't be happy until he takes over Bibi's job. If he even TRIES to implement his plans then all I can say is "Welcome to World War III, boys and girls". If you think Israel is considered an international pariah and is isolated now, you ain't seen nothing yet. It is hard to envision such a move NOT provoking a war with the entire Islamic world, and Israel should not count on the U.S. to stick up for her in the face of this provocation.
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