EU's Ashton condemns Jerusalem construction plans
Published: 20.12.12, 12:34
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1. Interesting to see when Ashton threatens military action?
Jouko ,   Finland   (12.20.12)
2. The best thing Israel can do is build
DT ,   TA Israel   (12.20.12)
and bulid though I suspect this govt is all bluff and bluster and will not dig "dirt" but succumb to pressure. Anyone noticed the the genocide continues in Syria without more than a few useless words of condemnation from the international community not to mention the patheitc EU.
3. I sometimes laugh at the absurdity of her situation.
Ypip ,   Canada   (12.20.12)
not to mention her wardrobe. But please, let us proceed to know truthful things and be as constructive as possible.
4. I condemn the EU for not ditching Ashton yet
zionist forever   (12.20.12)
The woman has never had a single good thing about Its Israel its either condemnation, support for terrorists or if we make a goodwill gesture of some kind she says we need to give more. For the arabs she is always full of praise. If there is a terror attack and Israelis are killed its a terrible shame about the victims but reason is the occupation. Disgusting woman, just shows how the House of Lords has gone downhill if this is the kind of trash it produces these days.
5. I said I was against abortion
Devorah   (12.20.12)
but I would make an exception in the case of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission POS, Catherine Assclown.
6. where were they when...
eddie ,   London UK   (12.20.12)
Where was the EU when Rome destroyed our Temple and exiled the Jews from our own land? The EU was then under Roman occupation, including Britain. Where were the EU when arab hordes occupied Israel and built illegal mosques and settlements?
7. The Definition of Bigotry
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.20.12)
For Ashton and her ilk in the EU, UN and White House to complain (so frequently and bitterly!) about housing for JEWS is a public display of bigotry. TENS OF THOUSANDS of houses have been built for Arabs in the very same Disputed Territories and have drawn no condemnation from anyone. Why is it OK for Arabs to build somewhere but it's not OK for Jews? Why does wild and grandiose construction of Arab housing in Disputed Territory not threaten the outcome of any final agreement but extremely limited construction by Jews cause such grief? Is Europe preparing to limit Jews to living within the Pale of Settlement again? Bigots! Plain and simple!
8. Jouko no 1
LION OF JUDAH ,   Jews fight like LION   (12.20.12)
Ashton or Eu will not dare to threaten Israel with military action. Israel will not be Iraq,Afghanistan, Libya, or other easy target. Israel is different ball game.
9. Ignore them and keep building on your GOD given homeland...
Jarred Stone ,   London UK   (12.20.12)
10. If "Lady" Ashton is so extremely troubled,
A ,   Belgium   (12.20.12)
she would do well to take something to ease her constipation and with that, a long nap. At least she will be doing everyone a favor by keeping her mouth closed...unless she snores, of course.
11. building
colin   (12.20.12)
Who does this ashon woman think she is?? To tell Israel to stop building Let her stop building in england They have no space
12. ashton
tony ,   nigeria   (12.20.12)
Is she married or she suffering the effect of loneliness?
13. Zero tolerance for E.U. interference.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.20.12)
The time is long overdue for Israel to tell the E.U. to butt out. It has no business interfering in Israel's affairs. We are not ghetto Jews. We don't take orders from the E.U. The E.U. had better tend to it's own fast disintegrating society. All of Israel belongs to Jews and we will build EVERYWHERE in our land.
14. The mono-duty of Ashton
Nora Tel Aviv   (12.20.12)
It seems that Israel is her only head ache.
15. Ashton & the prayermill
mindRider ,   The Free World   (12.20.12)
Ashton appears to act like a Tibetan monk turning the prayer mill, time upon time again issuing her mantra of condemning Israel building houses on it's land, in it's capital for 3000 years, yet never approaching issues of real importance , like calls for killing Jews by Hamas or condemning Syrian's from both sides committing war crimes.
16. EU & E1 Building.
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (12.20.12)
E1 is not in EU and they have no say over it, period! Please build as many housing unit as you can and as quickly as you can and do not listen to such noise.
17. simple question baroness ashton
What are or have the palestinians done to promote peace in the last 4 years, 24 years, 44 years or 64 years. Stop telling Israel it is making a 2 state solution more difficult!
18. Syria and it's people are burning and Ashton is worried
Jarred Stone ,   London UK   (12.20.12)
About Israel building in it's GOD given homeland.This woman has a very negative obsession with Israel,she ignores all the worlds other problems and concentrates on Israel instead.Ignore her and keep building and building non stop.
19. # 5 Devorah . . . . very well expressed. I'm with ya !
Moshe ,   Usa   (12.20.12)
20. Jerusalem to Betlehem
sam sweiry ,   England   (12.20.12)
Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel why one should travel from Jerusalem to Betlehem direct If any one want to visit the Palestian New so called Nation why not go via there Capital Ramallah I give my both thumbs up Build Israel Build in our Greatest City Jerusalem Capital of Israel
21. she still doesn't 'get it!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.20.12)
Doesn't the woman feel she's blowing hot air and making a complete spectacle of herself? The more she 'slams, Israel 'builds and rightly so! Israel doesn't need the 'approval of unelected people like Mrs. Ashton & those who elected her in the most undemocratic way, to tell the elected PM of Israel if/where/what to build!
22. If Ashton condemns it, then it is a good move for Israel..
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.20.12)
She is a good yardstick to determine what is good and not good for Israel. She is so completely and shamelessly biased against Israel, you can read her like a book. Build! Build! And build quickly!
23. EU trying to infantilize the Jews
GZLives   (12.20.12)
And its consistent given how they do the same with the Arabs. We - Jews and Arabs - are all (in their own minds) like children and need their guidance and at times discipline. It seems we are being treated like the older child who should know better while the Arabs have convinced them that they are as helpless as toddlers and often being "picked on" by the older child. An effort should be made to always remind the Europeans we are not their children
24. #19 - Thank you, Moshe.
Devorah   (12.20.12)
25. #5 Very Good!
Esteban ,   Argentina Swiss   (12.20.12)
Very well said!
26. to Bibi: "shoot shoot don't talk"
Rachel ,   NYC   (12.20.12)
I heard Bennet apply this Clint Eastwood quote to building in Jerusalem. The Arabs build all the time but they don't announce what they are doing!
27. # 26..then why are you in NYC instead of Israel?
Edithann ,   USA   (12.20.12)
You're job is to steal anything and everything you can...So why not contribute your services and move there? TATA
28. give me a break
jan ,   Jerusalem   (12.20.12)
She just has to speak the speak she beleives her listeners want to hear. Her declarations re: Israels building it's own nation show she has no historical kowledge. I am still waiting to hear from Arab, Christian, Zoroastrian or Jew-where was the Palestinian nation? where was the language, culture religion,food that makes this group qualify any more than me saying all right handed females named Jan need their own nation- because three of us used to live here.....
29. Land
David Asleson ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.20.12)
This land was given to Israel by G-D Read your history.
30. #7 ou are simple.
It is Ok for Arabs to build, because they are the victims, and they have the world's sympathy. It is NOT OK for jews to build, because we do not like you, or want you. It has been like this for the last 4,000 years. Understand now??
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