Dozens petition to relinquish 'Jewish' status
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 20.12.12, 21:18
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1. 6 million Jews in Israel now
Vlad   (12.20.12)
And the Israeli-Jewish public is becoming more religious and observant. So what if 42 or 100 or even 1,000 want to be irreligious?
2. the new STALINISTS ! so ridiculious !
3. Useful idiots!
Reuven   (12.20.12)
4.  "irreligious"
moises salama ,   n.y. usa   (12.20.12)
i think being a jew, you are a jew, even if you are denying it. i am an atheist, but i am a very proud jew.
5. And when they'll do tshuva will they want it changed to BT?
Irreligious are sick   (12.20.12)
6. Change it to Jewish Goyim because that's what you are.
C.M.   (12.20.12)
Irreligious Jews have a real galut mentality.
These people are freee to be as religious or otherwise as they wish .What are they seeking ? a pat on their backs ?
These folks mentioned above seem to be embarrassed and ashamed by theirm jewish identity . That's their problem .As if calling themselves " Israeli " or "Sabra " is any great shakes. Personally ,I am rather proud to call myself a JEW.
9. 'irreligious'
caleb ,   israel   (12.20.12)
To be 'Jewish' is not indicative of race or religion. Judaism is a 'peoplehood' not a religion nor a race. So IMO this is all puerile exhibitionism.
11. More wasted energy because of religious coercion
brian cohen ,   judean peoples front   (12.20.12)
Face it - if the rabbanut didn't have its mean streak and actually helped secular Jews get married, if the religious courts and rabbis actually changed halachik interpretation so that men couldn't torture women they refuse to give a divorce, then there would be no need for this. I happen to like Rav Amsalem's party that proposes just that - tear down the rabbanut and replace with with one that serves the Jewish people, not its self-interest.
12. This is utterly ridiculous that this is even an issue
Northern   (12.20.12)
In any normal country, your religion is defined by "what you choose to believe"! Not because of some bureaucratic nonsense. Actually, they shouldn't even be making a request. There shouldn't be a public registry of people's religions. Why is it not enough to simply believe whatever you want without having the government validate it??? This is so painfully obvious and yet we still have this ridiculous religious registry!
13. To be or not to be
tiki ,   belgium   (12.20.12)
Feeling the need to officially 'change their status is not irreligious but irrational. The funny thing is that for the Jew haters they will always stay bloody JEWS, irreligious status or not. If they don't want to be Jewish that's their choice but than there is no reason for them to live in Israel, for Israel is the land of and for Jews.
14. Non Jewish father
David ,   Israel   (12.20.12)
My father of blessed memory was not Jewish. Yet all his life he told me to be proud of what I was that is Jewish. He surely believed in the Almighty and had even the merit of being buried in the land of Israel after making Aliya with my mother who raised me to be a Jew so you guys who deny what you are think about it
15.  If they could convert now into ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.20.12)
irreligious goy,that would give them much greater joy.
David ,   NY   (12.20.12)
17. They don't know what they are renouncing
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (12.20.12)
Although they cannot renounce their Jewish soul(if they have one!), they should be ashamed for being ungrateful for being born with a Jewish soul, if they knew what gift they were given they would be running happy in the streets shouting from joy
18. #7 You're wrong!
Chaim   (12.20.12)
A Jew has NO right to be irreligious.
19. Ireligion
Steve Gure ,   coconut creek fl USA   (12.20.12)
That is because You look at is as nationalism and not strictly as a religion and I believe you are right.
20. Dozens? (24) That's 0.0003 of the population - Yawn!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.20.12)
21. Next, change gender...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.20.12)
to erase last trace of Judaism.[men]
22. I am
Sagi   (12.20.12)
ethnically Jewish by birth and descent. I am Israeli by nationality. I am not a member, nor am I adherent to any religion, Judaism or otherwise, for the simple reason that religion is the utmost folly of Man.In Israel in particular it is the bane of society and it will undoubtedly cause civil strife, if not war, and it will be our downfall rather than the "pillar of strength" as claimed by the zealots.
23. Chaim, who are you to claim such a thing?
24. Some laws relevant
Zechariah   (12.21.12)
The Golden rule do not do unto others what you wouldn't do to yourself has general acceptance as has not to murder steal. kidnap and restrain envy Human sacrifice to idols is also generally regarded as an abomination.Adultery is rocky but most religious marriages are a farce of hippocrisy in the ultra orthodox I suspect adultery is rare tho not domestic violence and worse.So there is religion in irreligious and to nazis you are in the same mass grave or crematorium.
25. so there's a couple of dozen...
european   (12.21.12)
... smart, modern, free, self-respecting people in israel thinking with their own heads? hardly encouraging but good luck to them.
26. Being Jewish is more than belonging to a religion
Alex   (12.21.12)
It's belonging to the Jewish people (religious or not), which most people + genetics acknowledge. These people are the height of ridiculous.
27. Jewish = Jewish mother
YoC ,   NYC   (12.21.12)
Halacha. Jewish means, one who is born to a Jewish Mother. Thats it period.... They are claiming to be not religious is ok. But doesn't matter what you claim or worship after birth. Your mother will always be ur mom. Is there any registry in Israel of your religious worship activity?
28. As Irreligious they are welcome to leave Israel
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.21.12)
Israel was formed as a Jewish state and for the Jewish people. If these people no longer identify themselves as Jews they are free to leave and live elsewhere.
29. Some people just need attention.
Zoe ,   LA/Rishon   (12.21.12)
30. Poor Terminology
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (12.21.12)
'irreligious' is poor terminology as it brings up the unsavory context of that word. Perhaps "unaffiliated" would be a better term. It would probably be best to leave that part if the registration blank. In fact it should be the option of the individual as to what should be entered on his ID for religion.
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