2 Palestinians breach IDF base; assault soldier
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 21.12.12, 14:04
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1. If you shoot first you don't get sparayed! A disgrace!
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.21.12)
IDF: get your shit together.
2. No 1 You are 100% correct
A Shvitzer ,   Israel   (12.21.12)
What has happened to the IDF in recent years ? Pathetic what happened here.
3. #1
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (12.21.12)
Of course, then the world yacks at that brutal IDF. Their hands really are tied. I say that the soldiers really need to do whatever they have to in order to protect themselves and the people. I wonder why he was by himself, I always thought they were in at least teams. I can see how a pair of people walking casually, not acting suspiciously, could get close and then spring into action to assault a soldier.
4. #1 Tom
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.21.12)
You are absoutely right, of course, and in any other country that is exactly what would happen. However, the IDF is so concerned with looking good and looking 'right' in the eyes of those same other countries, that they have all but tied the hands of soldiers in such a position as this one was. About time that defending our own is more important than what the EU or US might have to say about it.
5. #1
If he shot first, Barak jail him for attacking peace activists who carried a tear gas cylinder for self-defense.
6. Israel's lucky he wasn't abducted!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (12.21.12)
Why aren't these posts manned by atleast three people and guard dogs?This should NEVER happen; Israel better fix-it...and quick!
7. The IDF are just young men, given a huge
Ben ,   fantasic Israel   (12.21.12)
responsibilty...protecting us Israelis and its about time they didnt have to worry about so called "world opinion". Anything like this is the US or UK...or anywhere would not happen, as soldiers are trained to shoot at anyone that does not "halt" on demand. Shoot first, ask questions after...but in my book they wouldnt be able to answer!!
8. First I wish the soldier a speedy recovery
Arlene ,   Israel   (12.21.12)
on all points. Also wonder why he was alone at this checkpoint. Whatever, off with the kid gloves, anyone approaching a checkpoint at that time should be treated with awareness of danger. Shoot, ok not to kill but the warn. Soldiers maybe should have tasers. The IDF cannot look soft and these knocks to moral have to stop. No trials for self defense and remember these guys are protecting us!
9. Amateur Hour!
Steve   (12.21.12)
I cannot imagine a scenario by which a US soldier could be assaulted or kidnapped while standing guard duty. These are not children and they should behave in a militarily appropriate mannor to these provocations. Embarrassing and almost deadly mistake.
10. IDF has their shit together
Sol Robinson ,   America   (12.21.12)
I take pride that my people put the lives of those who seek to do them harm high enough to know when it is appropriate to attack and when it isn't. Restraint was one of the key ideas behind Zionism, in case you forgot.
11. The moral of the story is ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.21.12)
.... Shoot first; ask questions later. These terrorists need to be taught a lesson. They are drunk on non-existent power. Besides -- terrorists are cowardly criminals. Killing one or two or ten or one hundred of them only improves civilization. And it will keep the terrorists at bay. They are far more interested in killing for their cause than dying for it. They need to be taught a lesson they will not soon forget. And then -- annex Judea and Samaria and ship the whole lot of that scum to Jordan. Should be interesting to see how Jordan deals with protest. I'm betting I know the answer to that one.
12. Maybe they watched Israeli TV show 'kidnapped'
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.21.12)
13. An IDF soldier is no longer what he used to be!
Johannes ,   NORWAY   (12.21.12)
14. Time to wake up the Pepsi Generals.
Gabe ,   Canada   (12.21.12)
15. Base leadership is a joke!
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.21.12)
Jet engines are stolen. Ammunition is stolen. Artillery shells are stolen. Rifles are stolen. FROM ARMY BASES! How is this even remotely possible? Are IDF soldiers lame? Blind? Deaf? Every base commander needs to be demoted or FIRED. Lives are on the line and these morons couldn't protect a piece of cheese from mice! What kind of 'electronic' fences are used that obviously don't work? What kind of surveillance cameras are used that either don't work or nobody is eyeballing? Who's been fired for allowing the theft of the jet engines? The artillery shells? It looks like the Arabs could get a bunch of bridge players together and take over any base in the country! Doesn't anyone in the Army or Air Force take their jobs seriously? You guys are a disgrace! How did the Arabs 'sneak up' on a guard post? Were they invisible? Did the guard have his ipod on too loud to hear them? With these recent 'performances,' it's only a matter of time before an entire brigade is kidnapped! The IDF: Israel's Defenseless Fools.
16. amateur critics
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (12.21.12)
the many crticial e mails could be right...BUT the article does not specify enough details to justify such crticism. This is especially true if the critics are AMATEURS and have never done guard duty themselves: at night in the noise of a storm. moshe
17. security guard
boruch ,   Israel   (12.21.12)
I serve up north as a guard on a millitary base. My Job is to sit there and check cars, make sure people have the right documentation to enter my base. I always do my shift with another person who guards in the tower lookout post we switch every 2 hours. It is a non combatant position and I can tell you first hand it is an extremely bearing job. especially in bases that are in the middle of nowhere.
18. To # 16, Moshe
Gabe ,   Canada   (12.21.12)
Don't knock the amateurs, Moshe. The State of Israel was created by them, remember ?
19. common unarmed thieves? shame on haganah guards
observer ,   Egypt   (12.21.12)
20. Jobnikim
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (12.21.12)
The soldier at the gate is usually a non combat JOBNIC, these are kids given uniforms with near zero training on the weapon they have, almost like Purim dress up, they are lucky to fire 5 rounds in three years of service, and even that on their home leaves, that are too often for that matter. SHAMEFUL !!!
21. Court Martial...
Scott ,   Florida   (12.21.12)
...the lazy jobnik
22. #16 amateur critics
Rudolph ,   Collombey CH   (12.21.12)
At last a talk perfectly correct.
23. Palestinian resistance growing everday.
State Of Palestine   (12.21.12)
24. #19 NON-OBSERVER There you go again
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.21.12)
They weren't Haganah, which ceased operating in 1949 They are ZVA HAGANAH You conitnuedto prattle, as per usual, not having the folggiest idea of what your yammering about
25. #21 Scott- FL
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.21.12)
Jobnik is someone pulling desk duty, not Shmira You should have been there, you could have told him how to do his job
26. #20 HERTZEL
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.21.12)
Are you tallking from personal experience, or just talking You must have seen his personnel file to make such a determination
27. #18 Observer - Who said they were
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.21.12)
UNARMED, As per usual, you saw nothing and know even less Shame on your for blowing hot air on something you never saw
28. #15 DAvid
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.21.12)
Your criticism would be of more value if your were in Israel instead of the USA We could use your expertise Of course, you're tallking after having served in the IDF
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRA EL   (12.21.12)
If any of you critics know what they are
30. Soldier
Jake ,   Maalot   (12.21.12)
The soldier is not blameless but it is those in the chain of command that slept through it all that should be dealt with! And these were not "front line" soldiers
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