E1 not Israeli territory
Miriam Leedor
Published: 22.12.12, 14:50
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1. Israel can build on E1 legally
Mickey ,   Sydney Australia   (12.22.12)
Which international law are you talking about? The League of Nations granted the Jews the right to settle anywhere in Palestine under the Mandate for Palestine. The mandates that the league created were expressly accepted by paragraph 80 of the United Nations charter. This was confirmed by the international court in the South West Africa case. Furthermore, the green line was never accepted by the Arabs themselves as a border but as a ceasefire line. Resolution 242 of the security council did not require Israel to return all the lands taken in 1967 to the Arabs and noted that Israel had the right to secure borders ie she can take sufficient land to ensure secure borders.
2. What a joke. Israel is calling the shots here
NudNik69   (12.22.12)
This is Israeli land and irrespective of what anybody says or thinks - it is sovereign territory that will be utilized as the government of the day sees fit. There's more coming too - watch this space.
3. International law is a two way street.
DrIheart ,   USA   (12.22.12)
1. Jews have the right to live wherever they want even outside ghetto Israel. 2.Jews who lived in Gush Etzion and other Jewish owned land in "West Bank" are "Palestinian" locals by International law. 3. It is against International law to suicide bomb civilians even if they are Israeli, fire rocketts from Gaza on civilians which is a recognized war crime. The argument of "international law" is a two way street, you cannot choose this argument when it is convinient to the Palestinian cause. 4. Eastern and Western civilizations always respected historical, archeological and religious rights. Judea and Samaria are such for the Jews. 5. Jerusalem needs more dwellings. In a final peace agreements E1 may be under Palestinian jurisdiction.
4. Humbug, the fiction of International Law
Sidney ,   USA   (12.22.12)
International Law is a fiction only cited as a tool against Israel. England tore off 80% of the Palestinian mandate and created Transjordan. The country of Jordan doesn't exist under the reasoning of the writer. In 1968, Arab countries ignored the UN partition, invaded Israel, and lost creating armistice lines. Jordan and Egypt grabbed land on the other side of the armistice line and nobody, not the Palestinians or anyone else, questioned the legality of these annexations under International Law. In 1967, Egypt and Jordan lost these annexations in an attempt to destroy Israel, and suddenly a Palestinian people were created who owned these lands under "International Law".
5. These lands are not Palestinian, they were
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.12)
won in a defensive war against Jordan not Palestine. The late King Hussein stated; "We attacked Israel and lost. There is a price for this.and we have to pay" That is why they are disputed lands. Jeruslem is the eternal capital of the Jewish People.
6. E1
David ,   Herzlia   (12.22.12)
Before one decides what is right or Wrong to build, one should look at The legal aspect of the territories. Are they really occupied? What the San Remo coference in1922 Say?
mylli   (12.22.12)
8. Miriam is 100% wrong and she does not
Justin ,   USA   (12.22.12)
know law. Several International treaties, Geneva Conv. 4 League of Nations, San Remo Convention of 1920 , League of Nations Article 8;Anglo-American Treaty of 1924, UN Charter Article 80 among others clearly give Jewsl the right to all the land. The jews are the palestinia=nians referred to in earlier pacts and the Arabs are called "Arabs". UN Res 242 does not require Israel relinquish any land at all.
FO ,   Belgium   (12.22.12)
Mrs. Leedor, it is not by repeating in a Geobbels style a lie, again and again, that it is becoming a sacred truth ! Jewish settlement in the total area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, are in total accordance with International Law. Start to learn your own history ! Go back to the intentions of US President Woodrow Wilson, the San Rémo Conference, the decision of the League of Nations called the Mandate for Palestine (1922), the Anglo-American Treaty as guarantee for this mandate, that gave the Jews the irrevocable rights of ownership on the land between the sea and the river, Article 80 of the Charter of the UN reaffirming those rights, and last but not least UNSC Resolution 242 based upon above mentioned facts. So Mr. Leedor, before waving again with international law, first educate yourself about this subject !
10. International Law is a Joke
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte   (12.22.12)
Whether or not Israel's building in E1 is against 'international law' is not the point. 'International law' is itself poorly constructed, selectively 'enforced', and often completely at odds with moral law. Making arguments that Israeli settlements are not against 'international law' due to the San Remo conference, etc. are pointless because the self-righteous fools such as Leedor and her cohorts in Europe do not care. Rather, when 'international law' so badly conflicts with moral law, 'international law' should be flagrantly ignored. The point is that Israel is buidling in land that it has no intention of relinquishing in any peace deal. The Palestinians are for the most not really interested in peace anyhow. If they did not accept the deal that Rabin offered them, what is the point of hoping for peace anytime soon? Rather Israel should announce that it will continue to do what is in its interest, whether or not it violates some people's conceptions of 'international law'. If 'international law' were real, the 'international community' would be boycotting China for its continued occupation of Tibet, because that occupation is truly immoral. Instead, the 'international community' uses the guise of 'international law' to single out Israel.
11. Entire OpEd cites non-existent "international law"
Lee Kaplan ,   Berkeley, USA   (12.22.12)
The author is part of Bt'selem that fabricates fales flags to condemn Israel in the Media. The author continually cites "international law" yet offers us no rubrics, no laws on the books. Eugene Rostow who penned UN Resolution 242 in 1967 says the settlements are in fact legal per international law. By the way, the UN declared suicide bombings against Israelis as"legitimate resistance" per "international law", but where were objections from Bt'selem? Ynet allowed a polemical article from a group against the existence of Israel as a Jewish state to pass as serious commentary. Shame on you.
12. E1 part of Israel!
Bear Klein ,   USA   (12.22.12)
These self proclaimed people sprouting what international law is. They say something is illegal because they do not agree with it and this pure BS. Israel has rights to this areas more than anyone else. Fact is Israel controls it and owns. It reclaimed it by taking control what the Jordanians stole before.
13. Betselem = Al Quaida money
Gavriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (12.22.12)
The only LAW, that counts is the word of G_d and the Torah. Israel has the right to build everywhere in the Land of Israel, of which the so called West Bank, i.e. Judeah and Samaria are part of. Betselem's "internatonal law" is not binding for Israel. The State of Israel should investigate where Betselem and Shalom Akhshav (Peace Now) are being funded. According to international and Israeli law, domestic parties and political organizations are not allowed to accept foreign money. So, dear Betselem, you can move your seat to Tehran, from where you receive you money. Treators!
14. The article is called "op-ed" for a reason
Baruch Shimpshon   (12.22.12)
The author makes many false assumptions to draw her conclusions
15. International law does not exist.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.22.12)
What an international law is, that allows occupation of kurdish, uygur, chechen, tibetian, basque, tamil etc territories, with ten millions of peoples keeping in opression ? Not to speak about the Great Dakota Nation.
16. Ms Leedor, substantiate your claims with REFERENCES!!!!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.22.12)
If you can't, then STFU, because you will be making statements that you CANNOT back up. Idiots and propagandists do that very well. I hope you are not one or both of those. When you talk like that and publish an article in the news media you run the risk of MISLEADING your readers. Kindly quote the chapters and verses of international law for reference. We EAGERLY await your response!!!!
17. Israeli against Israel, a Finn for Israel
Jouni Suonsivu ,   Finland   (12.22.12)
Miriam Leedor having read your text and ten first comments, above mine, I have to admit that you don't have a clue of reality or your perception of reality is odd. Instead, comments from one to ten, each of them, are full of realism, moral understanding and knoledge of history. Miriam Leedor, you are an Israeli, I'm a Finn. Anyhow it looks to me that I stand for Israel and you stand against Israel.
18. Your opinion
Roman ,   Cracow, Poland   (12.22.12)
Thank you, Miriam Leedor, for expressing your opinion ! Although I´m not a Jew, my opinion is that your opinion is just your opinion and nothing else !
19. must you publish this dreck?
steve ,   sf   (12.22.12)
no more "op-eds" from our enemies, B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
20. B'Tselem
Bill Stein ,   USA   (12.22.12)
B'Tselem bought and paid for by the UK and US goverment. My opinion.
21. For use of the local population
Abbushuki ,   USA   (12.22.12)
Since every Arab will tell you that all the land is Palestine and Israel does not exist, then all residents of the land are by thyeir definition, accordingly Palestinians. Therefore, Jewish Palestinians of Israeli citizenship are the qualified indigenous. Nice try Miriam, but Palestinians who pre-dated the name Palestine with the name Judeans, have a prior right to the land than do the itenerat workers Jews employed at the turn of the 20th Century.
22. Oh BOO HOO for you Miriam & your pal friends !
Moshe ,   Usa   (12.22.12)
Isarael fought a war against a invading armies, non of which were ever recognized as nation owners of the west bunk, including the now "wanna be" paleshtinian state of pallyshtein. So the land now belongs to Israel, its holder. So take your rubbish & find an agreeable garbage can. But, I'm still crying for you Miriam . . . . .BOO HOO ! And my heart aches for you & your pals ! BOO HOO !
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.22.12)
The very same laws Arabs ignored each and every time they attacked Israel The bare basics: There is no Palestinian culture, language, nor cuisine. There has never been a land called "Palestine" ruled by "Palestinians." (FYI, Philistines were Greek and they ate pork. Delilah and Goliath were Philistines. Philistines died out.) There has never been a Palestinian president or Prime Minister or government or military. This whole notion of there being a Palestine is a recent and false invention, based on lies and violence, with NO intention for peaceful co-existence with Israel, or any other nation who won't kowtow to them. Since the 1880's, it was the Jewish pioneers who began to redeem the land, Israel, from wilderness. Only thereafter, did the Arabs come from other lands to benefit from what the Jews built and try to take it away from them. If anyone really wants peace with Israel, they MUST recognize Israel's existence, and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which it is.
24. When Jordan unilaterally annexed the land it was illegal
Zev ,   Israel   (12.22.12)
So even according to Ms. Leedor the Jews have as much right to it as anyone else.
25. Journalistic fairness
Prof. I. Barr ,   Michigan, USA   (12.22.12)
YNET should create an Op-ed where opinions of rebuttle that oppose a one sided unsubstantieted false, misleading, misrepresenting is published. Many of the comment are worth republishing. I particularly amazed that YNET allowed such a piece of garbage to be published. Where are the editors?
26. #1-#25 Truth against Paranoia
Mary   (12.22.12)
The arguments of Miriam are in accordance to the position of all countries and legal authorities outside Israel, even in the US. The blablabla of most talkbackers is given by people who profit by the illegal robbery and use of land as Jewish Israeli citizens or Jews who profit by the right of return. They are only interested in their own personal benefit and not in just and legal decisions in accordance to moral and humanity.
27. #25 Mary - You're all blah blah
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.22.12)
NO PALESTINIAN PEOPLE DECEMBER 14, 2011,by Syrian Ba’ath party member, and PLO member Zuheir Mohsen in the Dutch newspaper “Trouw” on 31 March 1977.: “The Palestinian people does not exist”. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan Both you and Miriam are all wet, disregarding what the Arabs have said about themselves
28. Remember: B'Tselem is foreign-funded lobby group, not rights
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.22.12)
When reading paid submissions by B'Tselem, remember that this organization is funded almost entirely by foreign sources including many virulently anti-Israel organizations. Like other groups that claim to be "human rights" organizations, B'Tselem does not care about the rights of Israelis nor the fact that for the past 9 decades Palestinians regularly committed and still do commit war crimes and human rights atrocities. B'Tselem does NOT protect the rights of Israelis. It strictly supports only Palestinians and goes almost totally silent when Palestinians commit attrocities. Because it is a lobby group for Palestinians, it is not a human rights group. B'tselem does not support the concept of universal rights, and pro-actively ignores factual evidence of Palestinian war crimes. Look at the people who support it, and you'll realize that the vast majority of its money comes from non-Jewish anti-Israel organizations and governments who are trying to impose their agenda on democratic Israel, while at the same time supporting the status of Arab dictatorships by Fatah and Hamas.
29. Miriam Leedor is afflicted with the Lupus of the Jews: an
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.22.12)
intellectual virus attacking the very core of one's Yiddishkeit and sense of pride in one's heritage, causing said individuals to develop often acute brain-rash ending in membership in B'Tselem, Peace Now, Meretz or in milder cases joining Kadima/Lapid....
30. Build
Fred ,   Maasbracht Netherlan   (12.22.12)
Keep on building!!! It's all Israeli territory!!
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