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Russian FM says Assad 'not going anywhere'
Associated Press
Published: 22.12.12, 14:37
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1. He has already
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.22.12)
a reservation in the hell.
2. Chemical weapons under Russian control?
Alan ,   Canada   (12.22.12)
Debka most recent report claims that the relocation of the chemicals have taken place under common Syrian-Russian control. If true, & given the assertion by Lavrov that Bashir Assad is not going to flee & that no one will win the war, then Russian military presence in Syria may have two objectives. First to remove one reason for US intervention by claiming the chemicals are in "safe hands". Second, to keep the Assad regime alive, even if it will be over a small part of Syria. Should that scenario materialize, then one can expect to see Al Qaida like attacks on Russian interests inside & outside Syria.
3. Wrong! Hell is where he is going!
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.23.12)
Assad go away? Yes, he is a killer, but he will not dare to kill Israelis. The rebels maybe persuaded to do so. Let the war go on for as long as it takes. Muslims want to fight, so let them fight each other till the end. I say supply arms to both and just sit back. Jihadist want a playground. So let's give them one. We won't be able to contain them with peace talks anyway.
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