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Egyptians want peace, says blogger visiting Israel
Roi Kais
Published: 23.12.12, 19:45
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1. It is a good begining .......
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (12.23.12)
of a better relationship among Egypt and Israel. Camp David's Treaty, subscribed by Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, can never be abrogated. Nor all Arab people deny Israel's existence. With them, yes, the dialogue is possible.
2. guy talks peace, pro palestinians protest against him.
what else needs to be said?
3. stupid liberal
Fad Egypt   (12.23.12)
Maikel , you are deadly wrong, there is no peace lovers comunity in Egypt , most of the egyptians are anti Israel and wants its destruction , this is because the generations are raised up with hatred of Israel , yes Mubarak didnt stop the anti Israel hatred in the media and in the state institution but this is not a political problem , it is the egyptian people who hate Israel more than anything else , so Mubarak couldnt force them to love it , yes he was able to do something to stop this hatred but it wouldnt be enough , Maikel as you one of the youth who brought down the Mubarak regime , you are criminal along with the liberal and leftist youth , who brought down the best president ever and destroyed the country after the fascist islamic stream took over, shame on you and on all the protesters , yes Israel was right to support Mubarak , you dont know the importance of Mubarak regime to Israel , if Israel has supported his ouster , can u tell me who can lead the country instead and be good for Israel ???!!!! the MB ??!!! , or Iran ally el Baradae or may be the leftist and Nasserist parties !!!!! democracy cant work in our country , we need a dictator, Mickel, it seems that you dont understand the nature of the middle east and Israel, go educate yourself first before speaking, i am supporting Israel and supporting the peace with her but i must tell the truth shalom
4. Hopeful.......
Froike ,   NY NY   (12.23.12)
As someone who works with many Americans of Egyptian descent (Muslim and Copts): they all said that Morsi won the election by fraud! The majority of educated Egyptians did not vote for him and are actively trying to force him out of office, or at least limit his powers. These people are in favor of continuing the peace treaty with Israel. Egypt is in no financial position to war with Israel; especially over the Fakestinians. They will settle for no less than a Democratic government!
5. Two Arabs in the same room will produce three opinions.
Gabe ,   Canada   (12.23.12)
6. Peace
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.23.12)
Peace between Israel and Egypt would be the best thing that happened to Egypt. Sadly, Mubarak spent most of his career trying to destroy Israel, and when he realized that he was more damaging Israel, it was too late. Now, what do they have? No food, no energy, no education, no hope.
7. -> 3 HOW TRUE !
ryddi ,   J-M   (12.23.12)
i see same
8. Sanad
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.23.12)
For this visit to Zionist-occupied Jerusalem, this man Sanad deserves prosecution on charges of sedition against his country and against the just struggle to liberate all of Palestine.
9. #8 graczek
Israella   (12.23.12)
You're an idiot graczek, your hatred blinds you so completely you will never understand the likes of Sanad and others who are fighting and risking their lives to bring about change.
10. # 4 Froike
Fad Egypt   (12.23.12)
although i believe that Morsi didnt win the elections and that Obama supported the terrorism of the MB and their threats to terrorize the country if Morsi lost or declared as the loser so the Military Scaf was forced to change the results and declare Morsi as the winner but many many educated people voted for Morsi just because they dont want Shafik !!! and many many more educated people bycotted the vote because they dont want either of them, all these people are criminals because what they did helped Morsi and the MB to win if the elections was democratic and Morsi is the real winner , still i am not 100 percent sure who won that elections !!! shalom
11. #3 Fad
Israella   (12.23.12)
Calm down Fad, we know you support Israel and because of that I, personally, am very grateful to you. But, there are many different ways support can be expressed and, while there may not be a vocal 'peace lovers community' in Egypt, there are people (maybe not many) who are beginning to see through the lies. Sanad is a good guy, read his blog, join him in his mission, if you can, and if you do,the peace lovers community will grow in strength.
12. graczek Maryland USA no 8
Our capital city which is called Jerusalem is not occupied, but rather liberated. This city belong to ZION, and was the City of our two KINGS, King David & King Solomon. If you are Christian then read your BIBLE called the NEW TESTAMENT, and if you are are Islamic, then read the Quran. No such country or place called Palestine. To punish the Jews the Roman have renamed Israel as Palestine to punish the Jews. Judah for Judea and Arabia for Arab, and Poland for Polish. ZION IS ALIVE & KICKING
13. How do Egyptians see Israel?
Adam ,   Canada   (12.23.12)
I think we need first to understand how the people in Egypt see Israel. Egypt has always had a vibrant Jewish community for thousands of years. In the 1930s, some of them were stars in the Egyptian media, politics and business. The problem occured when the people in Egypt started to hear the news that the Jewish people of Eastern Europe who were tortured by Germany in WWII decided to go to Palestine and start a country. This was shocking to most people. They did not buy the idea of being attached to the Holy land, especially that the World Zionist Organization has previously sent a delegation to Uganda to check the prospect of establishing a Jewish stats over there, under the British Uganda Program. These new comers from Poland, Romania and other parts of Europe looked different, and spoke a different language. They were so different from the Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews who were citizens of Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Even after establishing Israel, its leaders have always been the European Jews; not the Mizrahi or Sephardic Jews. The Egyptians would have sympathized with the Ashkenazi Jews who came from Europe because of their struggle, especially that at this time Egypt had large European communities (Italian, Greek, French, etc.). However, Israel was started with the idea that "WE HAVE TO RULE the place we live in, otherwise if we were a minority and we are not ruling, then we may get another tyrant who tortures us again". The government of Egypt in the 50s and 60s was not very wise that they allowed the media to portray that most Jewish Egyptians sympathize with Israel and take its side (This is very similar to what the US did with Muslim Americans after Sep 11). At the same time, Israel was happy with this because it allowed it to encourage and convince more of the Jewish communities in Egypt and the Middle East to leave their countries and come to Israel. At this time, if lived in Egypt and you had a great Jewish friend then watching the media would make you feel as if you have never known him... that he has a conspiracy against his and your own country. They would make you think that Jewish Egyptians were more loyal to Israel than Egypt. You will wake up in the morning and feel that you have never really known anything about Judasim, and you will think it is evil. Muslim Americans suffered a similar situation in 2001 too. Now do we wanna have peace? If so, then Israel needs to be in charge and take over the whole land, make all the Palestineans Israeli citizens, and empower rights group who can ensure that all citizens are equal. Every citizen of Israel whether Arab or Jewish should have the right to dream that his grandson can one day be the Prime Minister. However, if the current situation continues then it will be hard for Israel to remain forever. A history of 65 years is a very short period in the age of a nation, let alone to tell will continue to exist. Historically, no nation continued to exist when all its neighbors are against it, even it had the support of a super power. Sooner or later a leader of one of these neighboring nations will want to start a war. However if the Egyptians and neighboring countries wake up in the morning and find that the Palestineans given the citizenship, are happy and treated on equal basis as the Jewish people in Israel, then they will be happy to have real peace with Israel. At the same time, if any person breaks the law then he should be punished by the power of law regardless of his ethnicity.
14. Graczek # 8
Arnold ,   Canada   (12.23.12)
My wife is of Jewish Polish background. I presume from your name you are also of Polish background but not a Jew. Your hatred of Israel and the Jewish people oozes from your words as well as your sickly sweat.
15. #13 Adam
Israella   (12.24.12)
Adam, your heart is in the right place but your understanding of the historical background, Muslim antisemitism, and current political dynamics involved in Egypt, and between Egypt and Israel, is not so great.
16. #13 Adam
Emily ,   Canada   (12.24.12)
If Israel treats Palestinians as citizens they will give it more trouble. They will also refuse the citizenship. You are living in a Utopia!!!!
17. In other words, when we have war with Egypt
Miron ,   USA   (12.24.12)
we will have war because we are impreialist Jewish guys, Egyptian sharia mob cutting head of anyone in its path is... peace loving pirotestors. Reminds me frantically repeated line from Israeli press of late in rocket barrages from Gaza: "it's not Hamas"
18. #13 adam - your beginning "facts" are incorrect
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.24.12)
and then get more and more so as you are on the wrong path. The first major return of Jews had Jews dressing like arabs and trying to learn arabic. They wanted to fit in, and be at peace with their neighbors. The arabs would have none of this, and began pogroms years before a Jewish state was even mentioned. You join the arabs in blaming everything on the Jews and nothing on the arabs. You are wrong.
19. #5 Gabe - The same is true of us Jews!
Zvi   (12.24.12)
On the other hand... . lol
20. Egyptian median age is 24.6 years, which means that
Zvi   (12.24.12)
the majority of Egyptians have never actually lived through a war against Israel. They know only the nonsensical version of history that is taught in Egyptian schools. Egyptian schools - and, to an even greater extent, the Egyptian media - teach that Egypt "won" the "October War" (the Yom Kippur War). They teach that Israel is evil and that the Palestinians are poor suffering victims. They teach a mixture of Arab supremacist and Islamic supremacist ideology. Jews are constantly dehumanized. Some percentage of Egyptians see through the brainwashing and propaganda and develop more enlightened opinions. But as with all things, the distribution looks like a bell curve. Inone "long tail" are the psychopaths who blame Israel for everything and hate it without moderation. The other long tail consists of people lie Maikel. The vast majority of Egyptians are in between. Unfortunately, due to the constant brainwashing, "in between" Egyptians are generally anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and somewhat wedded to conspiracy theories.
21. Adam
i   (12.24.12)
Israel has already given citizenship to Israel's Arabs. The Palestinians who made themselves enemies in 1948 - not.
22. The egyptian bomb.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.24.12)
I believe egyptians want peace, but first of all they want to live as normal humans. And some problems are to do so in Egypt. In Cairo even the graves of cemetries are full with illegal ( living ) peoples who sleep in the criptas. 83 millions are they ! The only solution to emmigrate to Europe. But I think they will not be welcomed by locals. A tickling atomic bomb threatens the world. The only alternative is planned demography !!!!
23. "This is Palestine!"
Sephardic Jew ,   Sefarad (Spain)   (12.24.12)
Why the hell are they studying in the Hebrew University? Why don't they go to Ramallah's university or to the Islamic University of Gaza? They hate Israel but they want all that Israel has to offer. This is Islamic hypocrisy!
24. BTW ...."Riots during Sanad speech"??! 'Heckling' maybe?
er der   (12.24.12)
25. Sanad, this is Israel - Jeans & T-shirt will do
Avi ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
Leave the suits for hippocratic Europe.
26. So does he advocate Egypt giving back the Sinai to Israel?
shlomo   (12.25.12)
So does he advocate Egypt giving back the Sinai to Israel?
27. Peace with Israel
Ahmed m Ibrahim ,   Bangalore/India   (12.27.12)
I was one seemingly fortunate person who spoke at the Truman Institute on this subject on 21 Nov.1985 as my doctoral thesis was related to Egypt. I shared my opinion with many distinguished experts on Egypt in Israel who were present there, as were many Palestinian academicians. It was a wonderful gathering where academic flavour reigned supreme.
28. #27 ahmed
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.28.12)
Wonderful to hear an atmosphere like that once existed. Thank you. Hopefully it can return in our time.
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