Christians in Israel: Strong in education
Yaron Druckman
Published: 23.12.12, 18:11
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1. There used to be a lot more Christians. In 1948 the jews
SDB   (12.23.12)
forced hundreds of thousands of Christians out of Palestine. After 1967 it has been a government policy to force Christians out by persecution, displacement, denial of employment.
2. #1 cool story bro
3. #1 ,...
split ,   US   (12.23.12)
Not true - Not according to Christians and their clergy comments in April 22 2012 edition of CBS’s 60 Minutes titled "Christians of the Holy Land" the Israelis are responsible for Christian exodus from Palestine. By the way Israeli Ambassador and his goons did everything to prevent this edition to be aired.
4. #1 Actually the Christian population has increased since '48
Jimbob ,   London   (12.23.12)
about 5 fold. As a percentage their population is down because the Christian population has had a slower growth than Jewish and Muslim populations. Nice try though :)
5. #1 - My apology ,...
split ,   US   (12.23.12)
I misread your comments, of course you're right, not to mention that my post supports yours.
6. Merry Christmas to you, my Christian countrymen and women!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.23.12)
7. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.23.12)
Jews forced Christians out of Israel? Care to document your absurd and inflammatory accusation?
8. Hey, Split!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.23.12)
What did the European countries do to the Jews, huh? You're a Polack, and as such have more to account for than most. So, tell us. What did the Poles do the Jews? Apart from the fact that the Jews of Israel did nothing to the Christian people of Israel .... we sure did have a right to, didn't we? Even though we didn't. Again -- what happened to the Jews of Poland, Split? What happened to three million of them? And millions of Jews before the Holocaust. What happened to them in Poland, you diseased anti-Semite? What happened to the Jews of Poland? What? What?
9. #3 coincidence that ALL Arab countries losing Christians?
GZLives   (12.23.12)
Come on ... open your eyes
10. #s1,2,3,5 Revisionist history
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.23.12)
The Christians who left in 1948 were culturally Islamic Arab Christians who did what the illegally invading Arab League commanders told them to do;they got out of the way along with their culturally akin Muslim neighbours. Along with the Muslim displaced persons and their descendants,these Christians DPs and their descendants have paid the price of 64 years of apartheid in Lebanon,Syria,Jordan,etc.,also by order of the Arab League. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
11. Sarah B
I have seen you comment left and right on topics you hardly know anything about. Are you purposely fomenting hatred towards Jews? Are you an agent provocateur?
12. #1 explain
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.23.12)
The problem with your opinion is that it has nothing to do with reality. Under Jewish rule, the Christian population grows and prospers. Under Arab rule, it dissappears. We won't mention Saudi Arabia (where it is illegal to be a Christian) but what happened to the Christians in Lebanon and Iraq? Why is it the Christians are fleeing Egypt and Syria? I do agree that Israel is responsible for depopulating Bethlehem by turning it over to to the Fatah.
13. 8 ,...
split ,   US   (12.23.12)
There were no European Jews no Polish, no Russian or Hungarian to name few. Except for few families that were granted permission by Polish king Henry the Pious to stay in Poland (after they got kicked out of England) the rest of them were unwelcome invaders squatting on someone's land, imposing their customs on native people and greeted every enemy that showed up at their gate, so save your breath ,...
14. #13 Split
Vlad   (12.23.12)
So even outside Israel, Jews are unwelcome invaders wherever they go? So in other words, the only solution is to kill them all. Is that right, Split? Is that what you're implying. Also, Jews were among the most patriotic Polish citizens. They played a massive role in the independence struggle of the early 20th century, and believed in independence more than some Poles did. Jews contributed heavily to Poland. In the 1930s, they were 56% of doctors, 43% of teachers, 33% of lawyers, and 22% of journalists. All this despite being a small minority. And far from welcoming any invaders, not only did they play a key role in Polish independence from the Russians, some 200,000 fought in the Polish Army against the Nazis.
Esther ,   Selkirk Canada   (12.23.12)
16. Wake up # 9 ,...
split ,   U8S   (12.23.12)
This is about Christians in holly land not Arab countries - By the way google "Christians of the Holy Land" and watch what the Christians and their clergy got to say, who and whom ,...
17. #11 Sarah B...
Frank ,   NJ   (12.23.12)
Dude, she is a classic Internettroll. Full of hate speech, provocations and half truths. She isn't the sharpest tool in the shed if you know what I mean. Personally, I think you are partially correct. She is used to drum (or dumb depending how one looks at it) up interest in topics. A typical keyboard warrior. Not really different then a pimply 13 year old that talks trash on Xbox.
18.  8.
Philip ,   TA,   (12.23.12)
Even assuming that the Christian Palestinians had anything to do with the Shoah, we never had any right to harm them and why should we?. You will appreciate the fact that these Christians where literally between the hammer and the anvil in and after '48. The Christian Arabs are the bulk of the Arabs serving in our IDF. I served alongside some of them. I wouldn't put my trust in anyone less than those of them who stood, died or survived when I saw Jews retreating when it mattered in 2006, and by G-D. it happened.....I still visit the parents and sister of my friend who protected our unit, dying.... Bless him.
19. #8
Jack ,   Poland   (12.23.12)
>Again -- what happened to the Jews of Poland, Split? Jewish people from the lists prepared by Jewish Judenrats were hunted down by Jewish Police and transported to the camps, where the Jewish Sondercommando gased and cremated them.
20. Merry Christmas to Sarah B.
Nina ,   NYC   (12.23.12)
I asked Santa for news that you choked on your chinese food on Christmas Day.
21. #1 SDB
Israella   (12.23.12)
your talking crap, SDB, Israel never forced 'hundreds of thousands of Christians out of Palestine'. I think you mean the Muslims are doing that (do you know how many Christians left/emigrated during Jordan's occupation of Jerusalem 1948-1967?). Soon there won't be any Christians left in Bethlehem, same as in other Muslim countries, while in Israel the Christian communities are growing.
22. #20 Nina
Israella   (12.23.12)
Now, now, Nina, sounds like you wish Sarah B to choke - you know that chocking can lead to death and, if this is what you really meant then shame on you. As a New Year resolution, why don't you try to comment on topic instead of asking someone should choke because you don't like, or disagree with what they say
23. #16 You're laughable
Alex   (12.23.12)
Bringing up fabricated stories about Christians in Israel, you can't take facts about what's really going on to Christians because it happens to actually be outside of Israel.
24. no 20 Merry X'mas Nina
Whoever wishes bad things to others, it falls on them.
25. What a life, good education.To the army they go?? YES?orNO?
JJJ   (12.24.12)
26. spilling GARBAGE in GARBAGE out
JJJ   (12.24.12)
#1 you get top education in Israel and then you spill GARBAGE in GARBAGE out, What you give in return to the country that educated you better then any enemy country could? probably nothing, which is typical to some of your fellow students
27. Those statistics are not bad at all! From CBS Report:
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.24.12)
"Christianity may have been born in the Middle East, but Arab Christians have never had it easy there, especially not today. In Iraq and Egypt, scores of churches have been attacked, hundreds murdered. In Syria, revolution seriously threatens Christian communities. The one place where Christians are not suffering from violence is the Holy Land: but PALESTINIAN Christians have been leaving in large numbers for years." Hey! They are lucky they can leave still because so many Christian Arabs have ended up very DEAD!!! The Pal Christians have largely identified with the muslims in the Holy Land, having a shared ethnicity, language and culture. Indeed, they thought they were "safe" among their muslim brethren, so much so, that a CATHOLIC BISHOP was caught procuring and supplying guns to his Balestinian muslim brethren. Then things changed. Their beloved muslim brethren started to turn against them. Businessmen found themselves the victims of extortion. Now who would have thought they would have to pay jizya???? Then they found themselves the objects of intimidation and their daughters raped. Then on top of that, the security fence cut them off from their livelihood - that same fence which saves Jewish lives and reduced terrorist attacks against Israel by 90%. Cont'd.
28. Religious cleansing is sweeping the muslim ME.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.24.12)
Which side of the fence would they have liked to live? The muslim side of course (since they have been well indoctrinated to hate Jews with a passion equal to that of their muslim brethren) – EXCEPT that they now realize that they are not safe anymore, no matter how much Arab blood is flowing in their veins. All over the ME they are seeing Arab Christians like themselves persecuted - killed just for being Christian. The tide of fanaticism against Christians is growing daily in the area. So what is their solution? Migration of course. I know for sure, if I were a Balestinian Christian living on the muslim side of the fence, I would leave real fast because I would know for sure I would be living on borrowed time. I would know for sure too, that religious cleansing is SWEEPING the muslim ME as it seeks to get rid of non-muslims. Would I have the testicular fortitude like the Israelis to stand at the gates to face the hordes? Hm…I think not.
29. did you hear the joke about the...
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (12.24.12)
...ostensibly Jewish country where a self-declaration of being a Notzri in front of a bureaucrat clerk sufficed to be recorded as being Notzri, but getting paper'd as a Jew can become a battle of a lifetime?
30. 23 ,...
split ,   US   (12.24.12)
It'e not me it's a CBS 60 minutes, idiot ,...
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