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Rights group: Gaza terrorists committed war crimes
Published: 24.12.12, 10:41
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1. wow!
Jo B ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
clearly, anyone who follows the middle east and israel in particular is shocked by such an article as it is something extremely rare, or may even be described as "once in a lifetime". the fact that what i just stated is unfortunately so true though, shows just how biased these so called human rights groups are, being that these groups are the true definition of criminals of war and epitomize the word terrorist. Good morning HRW and welcome finally to reality!
2. Am I dreaming?
R ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
Are we living in an alternate universe? HRW actually calling out Hamas on war crimes? Maybe the Mayans were right and I'm living in an alternate universe.
3. Like a boom a rang...
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (12.24.12)
war crimes if left Israel? My, my, how the worm has turned. Abbas threatens to quit and the pals only rep. is Hamas who is now being charged with "Crimes against humanity.' FInally, 'officials' with some facts backed up with common sense.
4. HRW for once says it the way it is
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Zion, Zion   (12.24.12)
the arab palestinian terror groups committed two separate but linked war crimes during their missile attacks against israel: 1 first, they fired thousands of missiles into israeli population centers; 2 they fired thousands of missiles from among their own population centers, which is also a war crime. indeed, the gaza terrorists intentionally turned most of gaza into a militar theatre, thus endangering the civilian population of gaza.
5. lets hear from our friends
joemoer ,   israel   (12.24.12)
where are you grazek and split
6. Am I dreaming?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.24.12)
Is it possible? Did we read it? HRW saying something against Hamas????????? Israel will pay the price for that in the future, don't you worry.
7. Validty
benfivel ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.24.12)
If they thuoght this would give them credibility, its too little too late
8. hahahahhha
hahahahahha ,   hahahahahah   (12.24.12)
what about your crimes more than 190 deaths in gaza is an innoncent act remember good will jugde us all
9. Why now?
Israella   (12.24.12)
What's going on with HRW? and where were they this past decade when more 17,000 rockets were fired from Gaza? This may be a first for HRW but let's not get too excited - just in December alone they have condemned Israel - see their website: 20 Dec: Unlawful Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Media 12 Dec: Stop Raids on West Bank Rights Groups 7 Dec: Israeli Airstrike on Home Unlawful
10. They are trying to c
David ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
11. Hamas War Crimes
Son Of Cyrus   (12.24.12)
This has been going on for years, how come all of sudden they call it war crime? Beware Israel! This is just to claim that they are unbiased, however, their intention is to get at Israel on other things later.
12. HRW report doesn't preclude the complete uprooting of Hamas
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.24.12)
13. TRUTH! How Out of Character from the HRW!
Diva ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
Congratulations to the HRW for telling it like it is, for real, this time! Either the Arabs forgot to bribe the HRW (or employ extortion) , someone was on drugs, the Messiah is coming very soon or all of the above. REFRESHING to see an outside group that tells it like it is...may they stay on track for HUMANITY's sake!
14. Hamas War Crimes
Get Real ,   UK   (12.24.12)
Israel should apply that International arrest warrants for war crimes be issued on the Hamas leadership to stand trial at the Hague.
15. Could not find this report on BBC
Get Real ,   UK   (12.24.12)
middle east news site. It seems there has to be a war for the HRW to condemn. Is that why they remained silent for so long when Hamas missles rained down upon Israel?
16. HRW - You lost your Halo - Go Home
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (12.24.12)
Now we can see the effect on orgs like HRW of being biased all the time - they loose their credibility. Like Roger Waters and BDS.
17. Gaza, Hamas, war crimes
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
Curious if the world, the European countries, the EU (Mrs. Ashton), Russia,… will show their disagreement about these facts as quickly as they always did with the allegations against Israel. Bet: forget it. Is it possible that the foreign presidents, ministers,… visiting Gaza to support Hamas will be ask by the UN, EU,… about the why of their approval of Hamas and the way that organization terrorized Israeli citizens by sending missiles toward population centers? Again, forget it. But for once the other side is accused of committing war crimes against us. Let's hope, there is hope... for improvement regarding the attitude towards Israel. In G'd we trust.
18. Hamas rockets
Maurice ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
Although this report is broaching on the truth, it fails to report the essence of the conflict. In particular Pillar of Defense was launched in order to stop the hundreds of rockets targeted on Israeli citizens PRIOR to the Pillar of Defense action. It appears from the report that Hamas and friends launched their rockets as there only means of countering an Israeli misinformation!!
19. Pathetic attempt to show they are not biased
Daniel ,   Beer Sheva   (12.24.12)
we do not buy in this too little too late and without any meaning statement. They show 1 million times there are biased and once that they are not. Seem strategy was used by the popes in WO II. Aid the holocaust and safe 2 out of 6 million jews. Disgusting
20. Israël was attacked by Hamas ?
basri ,   paris france   (12.24.12)
Truth for the first time ! Christmas day ? This is really the new world which begins after December 21. May be UN will also receive lights...
21. For the Europeans it is still not clear enough
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (12.24.12)
that there is a difference between a war crime and a collateral damage!
22. HRW is only halfway there.
Naftush ,   Israel   (12.24.12)
To fill in the other half, it should acknowledge Israel's right under intl. law (and its duty to its citizens) to respond in a manner commensurate with what's needed to eliminate the threat, even if noncombantants get hurt in the process. Nu, HRW?
23. #5 They're still upset that they weren't accepted
A ,   Belgium   (12.24.12)
to the "Blood and Honor" website. They failed to meet the minimum entrance requirement of 50 I.Q.
24. This whole report, like most everything that the
A ,   Belgium   (12.24.12)
United Nothings declares, is just hot air. Have they done anything to stop Hizballah from amassing weapons in S. Lebanon, besides posting frightened, blue helmeted "soldiers" there? No. Assad has begun gassing his own people, but who is going to stop him, the UN? Doubtful, just as nothing is going to be done to punish Hamas and the other terror organizations. Now maybe if they attack their Fatah "bretheren" as they are threatening...nah, the United Nothings will request Israel to show restraint or some other garbage, but the problem wont be solved.
25. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 13...super-optimists!
ehoop ,   UK   (12.24.12)
Don't forget that little HRW twist, excusing terrorism but keeping its anti-Israel credentials and principles intact as much as it can... "The laws of war prohibit reprisal attacks against civilians, regardless of unlawful attacks by the other side," HRW said. For HRW it's a "reprisal" whenever Hamas shoots first and "unlawful attacks" whenever Israel defends itself. Give HRW credit - they'll always do their best to maintain "business as usual" even with the facts staring them in the face.
26. HRW?
mo ,   blumestan   (12.24.12)
doesn't it stand for hamas race war?
27. But suicide bombers are not?
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (12.24.12)
Where have they been for the last 30 years?!
28. Wow
Moh Yemen   (12.24.12)
It's just unbelievable we finally hearing the truth 1500 hundred rockets that have killed nobody ? A war crime ? Meanwhile annocent children on the other side get killed its not a war crime ? I don't see how intelligent person can accept this report ?
29. boker tov
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.24.12)
Imagine that, a human rights organization has the chutzpah to say that Hamas violated some sort of human rights by trying to kill us Israelis. This is obvious a mistake; it is known by the international community that Jew-blood is free for the taking. Like, where have you guys been for the past couple of hundred years??
30. @25 speaking exact truth, thanks for accurate perspective..
er der   (12.24.12)
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