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Aussie mosque issues Fatwa against Christmas
Published: 24.12.12, 13:03
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1. so what?
european   (12.24.12)
you have the same laws damning jews who even appear to celebrate. wasn't that jewish woman attacked online for wearing a santa costume the other day? you're all the same, fanatics.
2. reply to #1-It's obvious
M ,   South Africa   (12.24.12)
Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet, whereas Jews do not. So it's obvious for Jews not to celebrate X-mas but not so much for Muslims. Instead of posting on sites that seem to have no interest to you, why don't you rather educate yourself a bit more?
3. European nonsense
Mozza ,   London, England   (12.24.12)
Every faith has its nut cases and having lived in Israel i know that at Christmas the government provides free christmas trees to every one that wants one (so that trees are not cut down in the forests). At new year celebrations the tradition is not to celebrate because it has traditionally been a time of blood libel, violence, persecution and pogrom. Most people ignore this as being past history therefore it is celebrated. Ignorance, my European friend is no excuse. btw - here in the UK 40% of Muslims interviewed after the 7/7 bombings in this countrs fully supported the act of terror and any further violence that was committed for Islam against Britain.
4. #2 M
DavidR ,   USA   (12.24.12)
You could use a little education yourself. There was never a Man named Jesus. His Name is Yahshua! Also He was not born on Dec. 25th. That was Tammuz. Yahshua was born on the first day of Sukkot and circumcised on the Shemini Atzaret, the 8th day. I believe the advise you gave european would be well taken by yourself.
5. The imam doesn't like Christmas? Neither does our Rabinicate
miki ,   tampa   (12.24.12)
6. #5miki,Not a fair comparison
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.24.12)
In Islamic tradition,the Christian 'Messiah' is believed to be a great prophet.That is not the case in Rabbinical Judaism.He attempted to undermine the Torah and is the cause of 2,000 years of misery and persecution for Jewish people. Muslims who celebrate Xmas are doing nothing except joining in with fellow citizens.Jews who celebrate Xmas are ignorant turn-coats and probably self-hating. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
7. #1 misinformed
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.25.12)
Jesus was a Jew who Jews think betrayed his religion. Therefore is not highly liked by our rabbinicals. In Islam betraying religion has death penalty. Jews at least tolarate X-mas. Muslims are ready to kill anyone who betrays them and would not accept a new prophet like Jesus. Education is good for you. Please get some!!
8. What's The Big Deal?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.25.12)
Some Christians don't believe in celebrating Christmas. The Puritans banned Christmas. Christmas is not a Biblical Holiday. It's no big deal for people to boycott it. I'm a Christian who enjoys Christmas. Doesn't bother me at all if some group doesn't want their members celebrating it. I don't see why people got upset at the fatwa. Wouldn't impact Christians who want to enjoy the day - and Muslims in Australia are free to follow their conscience (no religious police).
9. Number 4, Tammuz, Sukkot etc
Danny ,   London England   (12.25.12)
I think your 'facts' lack evidence. Why do you think Yeshua was born on Sukkot? There's no source for this. Tammuz: Are you referring to the Hebrew month Tammuz or the pagan god named Tammuz? How is either one relevant to Jesus's date of birth? December 25th was made official centuries after Jesus and may have been chosen to take over the Roman Saturnalia or the Jewish Chanukah on the 25th of Kislev which is the Hebrew month closest to December.
10. All religions bar none.....
Robert ,   Australia   (12.26.12)
.....are a figment of the imaginations of the easily led. It should be illegal to force religion down the throats of impressionable children. Religion will eventually spell the end of mankind as we know it. Maybe not such a bad thing.
11. #10 - Funny. I think the same about liberalism and atheism
William ,   Israel   (12.26.12)
and those who vehemently follow it have shown themselves to be willing lemmings, you included.
12. Replacement theology
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.26.12)
We Jews have the eternal covenant of Abraham, and the Gentiles have the eternal covenant of Noah. So far the Jewish view. The Christians then claimed to have replaced our covenant and said they were the New Israel. Islam came along and downgraded Jesus to a prophet and said Islam had replaced Christianity which had replaced Judaism. I hope you can see why Jews don't celebrate Christmas, while Muslims have to problem.
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