Barak grants Ariel college university status
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 24.12.12, 19:47
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1. Allow West Bank Arabs to live in Ariel, work, go to school
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.24.12)
2. Last moment attempt at leaving good taste in our mouth?
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.24.12)
3. Benassi, there are many muslims learning, teaching and
Lior ,   Ariel, Israel   (12.24.12)
working in the city and Ariel University. And more arabs doing the same thing, because arabs can be jews, muslims or christians. If you have any doubt, see the webpage of Ariel University.
4. Congratulations Ariel!!
Rachel ,   US   (12.24.12)
5. Now is the time to shut down Ben Gurion "University"!!
Yankel ,   Haifa   (12.24.12)
6. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.12)
1. Allow Jews to live in Ramallah. 2. Arabs do work in Ariel. 3. Arabs do attend university in Ariel. 4. You are an idiot. Why don't you, just once, check the facts before you post your nonsensical blather?
7. Poor, poor barak
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (12.24.12)
I can almost see him screaming and kicking around. Hope he didn't bite anybody this time.
8. A positive development.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.24.12)
All Israeli citizens deserve equal opportunity to acquire higher education. Academic education is objective and valuable to the country. Graduates of universities contribute to the country, they pay taxes, create, develop. It's much better than what graduates of religious schools do who contribute nothing worthwhile to the State.
9. To: Michael at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.12)
It isn't just Israelis who study at Ariel. No shortage of West Bank Arabs pursue a degree at Ariel. They do not contribute to the country, nor do they pay taxes, create or develop anything positive for Israel. Nearly all of them are on full scholarship, too. Unlike Israelis, nearly all of whom pay full freight in terms of tuition. I'm guessing you didn't know that, Michael. No surprise there.
10. The tougher we get, the tougher they will have to get.
markjw ,   Cleveland USA   (12.25.12)
Get tougher Israel. Why don't you show some real courage and tear down the mosque on the Temple mount? Then you can all climb into you bomb shelters and let the entire Middle East attack you at once. Why do it in pieces? Save us all the time and aggravation.
11. There are many Arab students at Ariel University
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (12.24.12)
Ariel University has many Arab students, including women, who in many Muslim societies are discouraged from pursuing higher education. There are also many Arab workers in Ariel. Jews are forbidden from living in many Arab towns & Abbas wants a PA state to be Judenreich (free of Jews). Yet thousands of Arabs live in Israel & have full citizenship. Ariel University is great for Israel & education. It has already been internationally accepted as a respected university.
12. Scott, Ramat Gam
Michael ,   Miami, FL   (12.25.12)
Who recognizes Ariel University as a great school? News to me
13. 12 Michael from Miami
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.25.12)
Scott did not say Ariel University is a great school or not. He said that Ariel University is great for Israel, and he is right. Think of it, it is a place that lets people who don't have connections (especially Russian Jews) become professors, or lets minorities like Arabs, Ethiopians Jews and "mitnahalim" (especially married women) get a university education. Imagine what Ariel University will achieve when they get funding equal to Hebrew U or Tel Aviv U.
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