Hate crime? Arab teen attacked in J'lem
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 24.12.12, 23:00
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1. What are they doing in Jerusalem?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.12)
What's wrong with Ramallah?
2. #1 Sarah I hear Amman is even better than Ramallah
Vlad   (12.24.12)
3. Sarah B
Dave ,   USA   (12.24.12)
Is there a more vile creature on this site. I feel sorry for this woman's family. They aren't in ramallah becuase they are from Jerusalem. Long before your Brooklyn behind moved in.
4. #1 Sarah the B. Al Quds is p\in Palestine.
Luke   (12.25.12)
5. Sarah
Jay ,   NY, USA   (12.24.12)
You do realize there is a flaw in your character. Regardless of your political view, how can you read a piece about a person who is a victim if a head wound and come up with such a stupd answer. As I know your script, please don't bring up the violence on the other side. This appears time be a gratuitous attack.
6. Attacking Innocent People Cannot Be Justified
elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas!   (12.25.12)
My heart goes out to the young Arab man who was attacked. This cannot be the Jewish way, and those who are responsible must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. I hate it when Jews are attacked, and I hate it equally when innocent Arabs who are just going about their business are attacked. It's wrong, morally wrong, and cannot be tolerated. It may be that this incident was the result of a fight, a verbal dispute that became violent---I don't know. But no matter what, we should none of us condone physical violence against others.
7. Once perpetrators are arrested watch tap
Joy ,   NJ   (12.25.12)
"get lost" or "accidentally erased" by the police like the previous lynching incident.
8. #1 "What are they doing in Jerusalem?"
Marc ,   Belgium   (12.25.12)
What are jews doing in Antwerp or other places in the world? ( I hope that it is to life together in the same space.)
9. Disgusting...
Yoni ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.25.12)
What a blatantly racist comment. Open your mind a bit.
10. Oh, I thought the article and photo was about the
Dov   (12.25.12)
person injured as Arabs threw stones at passing vehicles between Gush Etzion and Hevron yesterday.
11. This is not the Jewish way
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (12.25.12)
I have to condemn this attack, it was not heroic to beat him up. I would not be surprised if Arabs would do it to us, but this is really not our way. Our way is to defend ourselves gloriously with our head and with weapon too, and even if our enemies number of millions we win. Just like the 6 days war. Instead of beating the guy, those haredim should have served in the IDF. And now the world will use it as propaganda...sadly they forget the Itamar massacre, but this will be on the internet everywhere...don't give a chance for our enemies to attack us!! :\
12. #1
joe ,   vienna   (12.25.12)
I am always glad to forward Your precious comments to other newspapers!
13. Haredi? Surely you jest.
Cameron ,   USA   (12.25.12)
14. Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.
Palestine Ispalestin ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (12.25.12)
15. A Light Unto Nations
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (12.25.12)
As a staunch pro Israel advocate and a Jew, it is my opinion that when people can not be on the streets of Israel regardless of their religious beliefs for fear of being attacked because of their religion, then that is the day that Israel ceases to be a democracy because the rule of law has been lost. Who ever did this must be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent. If not, then criminals are in charge of the streets. We ourselves know what it is like to be a minority and viciously attacked on the streets of other countries. We are suppose to be a light unto nations, therefore we should not tolerate nor take satisfaction in the sorrow of others.
16. If I caught these haredi youths,
I would give them a haircut, and teach them how to dress properly.
17. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.12)
Yeah, and the Arabs cheerfully ignored Al Quds all the while it was a horribly neglected Ottoman backwater. It only became attractive when Israel lovingly restored it. The Jordanians ignored it, too. Did you know that the Jordanians never permitted Jews to worship at the Kotel? Did you know that the Jordanians blew up forty-eight synagogues, including the beautiful Hurva Synagogue? Did you know that the Jordanians used ancient tombstones from the Mount of Olives to pave latrines? Get an education, Luke. Yours is woefully inadequate.
18. #1 What are they doing in Jerusalem?
Robert ,   Australia   (12.25.12)
What are you doing in the USA? I know what you are doing, you are spreading your hate across the world.
19. Hate crimes and #1
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.25.12)
Sarah - you are a typical type that incites hatred and violence. Shame on you! Hate crimes and racial discrimination is wrong no matter who performs the actions!
20. Violence
Markos Kidane ,   Prague   (12.25.12)
I believe that Jerusalem is the only capital of the Jewish people, and all of Israel, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan river, even beyond, rightfully belongs to the Jews. I stand against any entity that seeks to alter that fact...however, at the same token, I condemn unprovoked attacks against any human being weather they be Jews or Arabs...this attack was wrong, no way to justify evil...same goes the other way around.
21. # 1, Sarah B.
Ochun ,   U.S.A.   (12.25.12)
Your talkback comments regarding this incident are extremely reprehensible and cruel. Attacking someone for no reason is not the way of our people, rather, it is the exact opposite of the ways of T I do feel very angry at the behavior of the "Palestinians" towards us as a whole, however, I do not hate and wish harm to them as individuals, barring terrorists or combatants. I feel very sorry for this young man and wish him a speedy and full recovery! Ochun
22. No. 15: where you posting the same
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (12.25.12)
Comments when Jews were blown up by dozens by the murderous Arabs? If no ( and I suspect not...) - spare us your mumbling about being a light unto the nations. Iron fist is the only language the enemy within understands.
23. The True Nature of Sarah B?
Alex   (12.25.12)
Working for Hamas, in order to incite more violence and hatred? Because that is the result of your postings. The guy was a an Israeli Arab living a normal life in Israel, but that doesn´t suit Hamas AKA Sarah B very well...
24. # 1 & 17
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.25.12)
Yes, we know all that. thepoint is that there are many Israeli arabs living inJerusalem who have every right to be there.
25. Sarah, no. 1--shameful post
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (12.25.12)
Catch the vicious criminals and give them long jail sentences, whoever they are.
26. Those arabs are now citizens of Israel. We must protect them
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (12.25.12)
Yes, this is very wrong to turn to voilence because of hatrate. Even if many arabs have chosen voilent way, we should not do the same. If we do, then there is no difference between them and us. Secondly, our government should stop feeding these haredi goons. Let them study the core subjects and get a job. Let them serve in army and keep them busy. Free time and mind is devil's house.
27. hate crime
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (12.25.12)
I don't know exactly what happened there. Was one group saying something to or insulting the other? Were there physical threats? Hopefully, the police will find it out. Only if there were physical threats the haredim or others can "defend" themselves. Otherwise it's a not tolerable aggression. But, everywhere, especially in Europe, the youth are hanging around in parks, public places, train, tram and bus stops,...They are playing loudly their music, talking (shouting is a better word), making the neighborhood dirty with their garbage, taking drugs or sell it,… The residents see their neighborhood deteriorate and feel no longer safe. Also, if another group of young people are coming to play there or hang around fights are starting. It's a fact, but in Europe, mostly the Moroccan youth are to be blamed about aggression, religious (Islamic) fanaticism, drug related facts,… I read somewhere that in Amsterdam, in the central train station, the government uses ultrasound to disturb these loiterers and with results. Something to try here, in Israel?
28. #17 Sarah B - seek some help
Alex   (12.25.12)
What is wrong with you? A Jerusalemite KID was attacked by two Hooligans. The KID has nothing to do with Ottoman blahablaha or what the Jordanians did or what Amalek did or what happened in Babylon or wherever or whenever. A KID was brutally attacked. Ever heard about Incitement ? Ask Abe Foxman and he can teach you. Find a shrink for G-d´s sake!
29. Hey U jewess Shiksah
Jesusthepalestinian ,   Al Quds   (12.25.12)
What R U goyim Jews doing In Al Quds (my Palestinian home town)?
30. #22
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (12.25.12)
You dont know anything about me or how I react, what actions I take when Israelis/Jews are attacked. I am Jewish, I have been to Israel more than once and I write ALL the time in both the Internet and print media in response to any attack- physical or verbal against my people. As far as my "mumbled" reference to our Light Unto Nations role, you are entitled to think whatever you wish about that. I do believe that Judaism has unique and valuable messages to offer the world and yes, I do try to explain what is meant by that to people who view it as our trying to say we are better than everyone else. The later being a harmful misunderstanding to the Jewish people when misunderstood. For some reason you ASSUMED that I cry less when missiles hit Sderot, Ashdod, Beersheva, Jerusalem, and every place in between. That I wasn't worried sick and sleepless knowing that my friends in Israel who were called up from the Reserves or running for the stairwells a few weeks ago didn't occupy my every hour- waking and restless sleep- and had me sitting at my computer following every minute and staring at the huge map of Israel I have hung on the wall in my home. But you wouldn't know any of this...
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