Opinion  Ariana Melamed
Campaigns ignore migrant issue
Ariana Melamed
Published: 25.12.12, 17:56
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1. Sorry they need to be housed near Gaza or the Negev
Daveed ,   NY / Ono   (12.25.12)
I feel sympathy for most of these refugees but how can you treat them well and at the same time stop the flow from becoming a tidal wave? I guess they need to be housed near Gaza or the Negev until they can be repatriated. I listen to the BBC and hear that refugees and economic opportunists are flooding refugee centers in big cities in Europe as well.
Dovid ,   Haifa   (12.25.12)
Ozmah LÝisrael talks about that blight on our country
3. African Muslims
Mikkey ,   LOD, Israel   (12.25.12)
I don't understand how did African Muslims became Israeli problem. They need to be deported back to where they came from. Or to any Muslim country. I don't want to pay for Muslims to be here
4. Deport them immediately
Chris ,   Austria   (12.25.12)
I don't understand why this topic again and again is discussed here? Government must deport all this illegals as all normal countries do. They are not refugees. Let UN take care of them in any Muslim country in region.
5. African refugees in Israel
Best place for you is Europe and specially Scandinavian Countries like Sweden & Denmark. As soon as you arrive there, the Danish/Swedish Government will give you 3 bedroom flat, clean toilet, dininig room, kitchen,lovely. Unemployed dont worry you will get decent weekly wages, and then you can creat problems.
6. No3 you already pay for Muslims to be here
Northerner   (12.25.12)
Like it or not, but part of your taxes goes to Muslims citizens in many ways from the gov
7. It's not an issue because: It's Not An Issue !
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.27.12)
There are tens of more important issues that the Israeli voter is confronted with. The issue of African migrants flooding the border has been more or less ended by the completion of the Sinai fence. Thus, the status of the existing migrants in Israel is indeed an issue, but not important enough that the parties have to deal with it to convince voters that their position is better than another party. It's not an issue. Get over it. The issues of national security, peace, economy etc are much higher on the agenda.
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