Bethlehem mayor seeks to boost economy
Published: 25.12.12, 12:59
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1. Oh yeah.. I saw her interview yesterday
John   (12.25.12)
She complained of Israeli occupation, bad treatment, check posts, and that Israel " stole" their tax money. Behind her was a huge illuminated Christmas tree. Electricity supplied courtesy of IEC. She must be wanting it for free. From Israeli occupiers.
2. Mayor ... you missed some income
J Galt ,   Hidden Valley, USA   (12.25.12)
to expand your economy earlier this year. The group I was traveling with had entered the West Bank and was prepared to visit Bethlehem. I imagine we would have spent money on food and other items along with paying our guide who was an Arab Christian and resident of the West Bank. Unfortunately, the Palestinians were protesting that day. Something about not enough money to buy food and fuel. So, we were advised to turn around and go back to the capitol of Israel, Jerusalem, for the day. Perhaps if you could train your people to live in peace instead of constant hate you might improve the economy of Bethlehem.
3. She is a" Puppet" Christian of Hamas
HypocrysyInAdress ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.27.12)
Hamas left the city council because European Union and others threateaned to withold funds , she was chosen bby Moslem fantatics of Bethlehm to be "the face of Bethlehem" for financial and PR purposes only, when they dont need her they will get rid of her, She Boubon is a willing puppet for the haters of Israel as she well expressed on every interview she gave. Don't be fooled. Sadly most Arab Christians have become totaly Arabized and are now Moslems in Western clothing who like their ham sandwich and to wear short skirts otherwise they have a Moslem mindset ,
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