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Jewish writer skewers Germans
Published: 02.01.13, 08:15
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1. An alte meishe..scratch any goy and out falls the
Al   (01.02.13)
anti-semite in him. Its as old as the hills.
2. Lame - Its time to forgive - and who cares anyhow
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (01.02.13)
This person is a moron - its time to forgive - who said they have to like jews anyhow - has it ever occured to the writer that SHE may not like everyone either
3. It'san entertaining book.
sonia ,   paris france   (01.02.13)
I enjoyed this book...the guy's funny and sharp. Now it's time to write a similar book on Jewish racism, supremacism and chauvinism, the root causes of antisemitism. A nice little trip around Israel using the same techniques as Tennenbom should do the trick.
4. Poll in a neo-Nazi cafe...
Berliner ,   Germany   (01.02.13)
is like asking customers of a vegetarian restaurant about their meat consumption. Great study case by a brilliant scholar!
ALBERTO   (01.03.13)
6. 2- forgive
k ,   US   (01.03.13)
like the coward you are, why dont you read about what happened in that war, and read really deep, read about what the Germans did, read about individual cases where people were tortured to death Yes but I guess we should forgive
7. Tuvia Tenenbom is a racist against germans!
8. To SONIA at no.3
Michelle ,   Australia   (01.03.13)
Coming from a country like France that deported over 75,000 Jews to Their deaths you shouldn't be talking about Israel. Your country, yes France, is guilty as charged. If Israel acted like France of the early 1940's the Palestinian problem would be solved. And if Israel acted like Germany it would be done efficiently. So, save your breath Sonia. Nobody is listening to your diatribe.
9. This book is on Germany's top Best Seller list!
Brigitte ,   Hamburg   (01.03.13)
This is a wonderful book about my country and my people. Tenenbom, in a very humorous way, shows us the mirror to what is - sadly! - hidden inside the heart of many of us. For the third week now, this book is on Der Spiegel's Bestseller list. This shows how most people, at least most book buyers in Germany, think of the book: They vote YES with their pockets. This proves that you can tell people very painful truths if you speak with love, like Tenenbom does, and have this genius sense of humor that Tenenbom has. Bravo!
10. #9 Brigitte Nice to know thank you.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.03.13)
Maybe somewhere in the hearts of all Germans is the phrase, NEVER AGAIN
11. about time we hear the truth for a change
ruth ,   jerusalem   (01.04.13)
well done. truth time. good for you.
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