Top official: PM leading Israel to disaster
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.12.12, 12:40
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1. News or editorial?
Carl   (12.25.12)
Another editorial presented as a news story courtesy of ynet.
2. Do not agree with this
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.25.12)
ThePalestinians have walked away from every opportunity they've been offered, and stillhave the gall to blame Israel. When Abbas demanded a 10-month building freeze, we gave it to him then in the ninth month he added fresh demands then turned round and blamed us. We are thoroughly sick of europe trying to dictate to us. They aim is - as ever - to appease the Moslems living amongst them and gradually, or not so gradually, imposing their own so-called "culture" on their h ost countries. And Britain has ever been an Arab appeaser - nothing new there. As for America, whose shores have never been under threat from an enemy (and please don't quote me 1777 or the Civil War), what can they understand about the threat we here live under? Netanyahu has it right - we won't bow to European pressure but stand on our dignity and our right to protect our people.
3. IT suits Ynet to publish garbage
Tambout ,   eilat   (12.25.12)
The world is already against us. Let it go jump
4. One has to follow Truth.There has no other way.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (12.25.12)
And Israel´s historical Truth is that Israel belongs to Israel(Jews).We all know that.Period. Performing gymnastics otherwise only postpones the inevitable and there has not sense in such an attitude. The sooner we face that,the best for all. It may hurt such a facing,but, as said before,there is no other way and it is better to face hurting than to face death.
5. EU is overrun by M E Imigrants.Dont expect any sympathy
Alan ,   SA   (12.25.12)
from any EU state! (except Czechs) Only a situation where 5 Million "refugees" can "return to democratically outvote the Jews of Israel will satisfy and quench the EU+Vatican demands. Its hopeless to expect anything less Gaza has Hamas and the Jihadis Lebanon has Hezballah Syria now has Al Nusra (the Iraqi Al Quedas) Abbas will give way to ANY organisation (minimum will be Hamas) It is not what Bibi is doing or not doing ... Its a movement to get rid of Israel.Why should Pals make "Peace" when such currents are running in their favour.
6. Jerusalem official
Is it Mahmoud Abbas?
7. New Professor Lielenbloom pool
Professor Lielenbloo   (12.25.12)
Likud +Liberman = 45 seats (lost 5 seats to Bennet and get 8 seats from Kadima. Labor = gets almost all Barak seats+ 2 Kadima, lost 2 seats to Amir Perez/Livni == 13-14 seats. Bennet = 12 seats Livni =8 seats (from Kadima and Labor)\. Lapid = 8 seats from Kadima. All Soviets/Russians vote for Liberman because of weinstein. Shas = 12 seats. Kadima =1 or 2 seats
8. Strength brings support
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (12.25.12)
People ( and the world, since the world is made up on people) admire strength, They detest weaknesses and try to avoid it, They look up to and admire those who stand up for themselves and respect themselves. Israel has only had worldwide negativity since she began to grovel at the feet of the Palestinians ,Americans, UN and EU. Why should these entities respect a country that shows so little respect for itself, its' traditions, and its' homeland.? No matter how many times people repeat to the contrary, Abbas is NOT a partner for peace. He draws maps of Palestine that have no Israel, he talks in Arabic to his population and there is no Israel. He laughs in the face of those like the writer of this "news" ---err editorial story. Only when Israel shows the world we are strong and respectful of who and what we are will the world verbalize that Israel has a right and responsibility to continue as a free democratic state.
9. "official" leftist claims
eddie ,   London UK   (12.25.12)
this is coming from Meretz/Kadima type sources. Surrendering to Palestinian blackmail, as the Left have done, have only led to war and terror.
10. top ofical
livni ,   israel   (12.25.12)
Wow this is really shocking...............................................................................................................................................................
11. EDITORIAL:PM liding Israel to disaster
david maman ,   Florida   (12.25.12)
I did not know that we have living prophete!
12. according to an 'anonymous official from Jerusalem
tiki ,   belgium   (12.25.12)
According to his 'warnings & comments, it's not hard to guess where Mr. Anonymous is coming from. """Israel's economy is depended on revenues from exports & good will". Mr. Anonymous, so is the other 99% of the world. """If Netanyahu is refusing to return to the negotiating table, Israel will 'lose the world". Mr. Anonymous, Israel never left the negotiating table and was waiting (in vain) for other people to join and as long as Israel provides revenue to others, it won't 'lose the world, which itself is 'plunged in a deep financial crisis without any idea how to 'jump out of it, so it need's all the help it can get....even from Israel. """You can't go wild and announce construction in E-Jerusalem when peace talks are stalled and Arabs concider this an attempt to 'Judaize Jerusalem". Mr. Anonymous, Jerusalem (not east Jerusalem) doesn't need to be 'Judaized because it IS Judaized and has been for more than 4000 years, so nobody get's wild, except Arabs. Mr. Anonymous, maybe you haven't noticed, but the "Peacetalks are not stalled, they are dead! """"IF elections would be held today in the territories, 'courageous Abbas would lose to Hamas". "Mr. Anonymous, elections are not held in the Territories (not now, tomorrow or the day after) and it's always better to recognize a terrorist as a terrorist than one that's hiding in a Valentino suit and speaks with a forked tongue. I would advice Mr. Anonymous that, instead of telling Israel what to do, to give his good advice to his Arab friends & colleagues. They really could use it!
13. this is election Scare Mongering
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne   (12.25.12)
I think Benjamin Netanyahu is doing an excellent job Would any of the Israel Politicians put Israel in harm way Just Talk for the sake of talking
14. The world cares.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.25.12)
The world. I guess the world did not care when 6,000,000 jewish children, women and men were enslaved, and murdered in Europe. Certainly the world does not care if Jews exercise their human right to live, dwell and prosper in Judea and Samaria.
15. Benjamin Netanyahu
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.25.12)
is the best leader of Israel, all times. Better than Ben Gurion, who allowed to remain 100000 arabs after 1948, and much better than Begin who sacrificied Israel's future with giving back the Sinai to Egyipt. And also better than Sharon, as he is not obesed !!
16. to no name: you have to be kidding
the mad zionist ,   sf-ny-is   (12.25.12)
I love it when they anonymously make statements like this they are willing to say anything. But I really don't feel like going off about this whole article, Ill just say one thing about Turkey. The falling out with Turkey didn't start with the marmara. It started at davos when erdogam verbally attacked peres with an enormous amount of lies. And even after that Israel handled it too well for erdogan to find a good enough reason to cut ties with Israel, so he backed the pkk terrorists and allowed them to sail to Gaza. And even after the video showed Israeli commandos being beaten with pipes, part of the video was released and made it look like Israel viciously slaughtered those terrorists. But my question is, even after it was proven that Israeli commandos were attacked first and with intent to kill them, why hasn't anyone apologized to Israel for editing the video and lying about the terrorists using pipes, knives, axes, and that Israeli commandos only had bean bag guns. I mean come the f-on. If anything, if Netanyahu keeps going like this, the international community is going to realize that you can't tell Israel what to do internally.I'm not sure why that goes for every country occupied or not, but with Israel, everyone chimes in. Back the f-off of Israel.
17. to no. 2 Madeleine
Tomi Budapest ,   Hungary   (12.25.12)
Dear Madeleine, You are witing from my heart.I agree with every words of you. Thank you Tomi
18. BIBI, A Jewish Pied Piper
Tartoufe ,   Marseille   (12.25.12)
Shame! Shame on Ynet creating garbage out of fiction. Dishonest journalism; Get some honest editors else your content will be branded Choice Trash as it should be
19. UN Trash!
David ,   Geremany   (12.25.12)
Hay! You can’t even write a comment to this article unless you let the editor know your information but one can get something like this published as “MR Anonymous!” Abbas the Peaceful! Negotiating with Hamas! Please stop.
20. #2
Peace   (12.25.12)
Madeleine, You don't have to bow to European pressure. It's impact will come knocking on your door very soon.
21. Opinions
ME ,   USA   (12.25.12)
Honestly, those who have an opinion and something to declair should stand behind what they say/believe with an identity. If they can't muster enough courage or fortitude to own what they say, they should stay as silent as their identity. This is crappy journalism, where anything can be written as truth, yet no one is responsible. Keep this crap in the opinions section, and require a valid name for these "soapbox" pieces please.
22. dear israeli media....
les ,   canada   (12.25.12)
STOP WHINNING ALREADY! and realise the "world" never ever going to be on israel's side. any prime minister and government must ignore their oppinion, and DO WHAT IS BEST FOR ISRAEL. PERIOD!
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (12.25.12)
The right of existance why should Israel ALWAYS keep his head down and bow to pressure. Why should we always be the giver. To the bad mouth, Bibi knows well of the price to pay, but sometime you just have no choice and pay for the future. We can't please them all the time. G.. bless Bibi and Leiberman. (not anonymous)
24. Sane voices finally
Ed ,   USA   (12.25.12)
A very plain and clear observation of the truth. America is no longer willing to cover for bad government in Jerusalem. Wish we could know who the official was and how senior he is. Did this get printed in the Hebrew edition? Will Israel finally wake up and see the disaster coming from this horrible leadership?
25. Bow Down...Never Again
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (12.25.12)
Jews are afraid of offending those that have harmed them for centuries? The world has stood by while Syrian and Iranian citizens were killed by their governments. Stand fast and begin to expel all arabs back to their true homelands or they can go to europe. Never bow down AGAIN to those that have brutalized and stolen from the Jews for centuries. Israel is YOUR land and now that you have it back don't let the cowards try to give it back.
26. oslo suiside
Zvi ,   YERUSHALAIM,ISRAEL   (12.25.12)
oslo suicide accord has to be cancelled
27. Israel Will Reap The Whirlwind Bibi Has Sown
World Citizen ,   the world   (12.25.12)
It is sad and dangerous that the Israeli sheeple will elect this man for another term. Can you imagine the misadventures this knuckle-dragging Neanderthal will lead Israel and the rest of the world through? I shudder at the thought of it.
28. Sounds like Ehud Barak
Bill Stein ,   USA   (12.25.12)
And we all know where Ehud Baraks loyalty lies.
29. So called top official is a leftist
Rachel ,   US   (12.25.12)
30. Top official: PM leading Israel to disaster
mat ,   uk   (12.25.12)
people like this top official are the enemy within and their thought maybe should not be printed
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