Biblical claim to the land?
David Ha'ivri
Published: 26.12.12, 11:15
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1. Going back to the Jewish roots!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.26.12)
If the 'Palestinians would do the same, the problem would be solved.
2. The Bible is the founding document of the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.26.12)
Jewish state...the rest is paganism !
3. Biblical claim to the land
sandro ,   rome italy   (12.26.12)
Those claims are better defined as historical rights on the land
4. Thanks to Lieberman...
Jules   (12.26.12)
... who arranged a possibility for citizens of Russia and other post-Soviet countries to visit Israel without a visa. As a result, the general population of those countries, formerly very anti-Semitic, gradually becoming pro-Israel. This is because the people see: Islamic terror is an enemy of all developed countries. Therefore, the "Palestinian" fairy tales are much less popular in the former Soviet republics than they were even 3-4 years ago.
5. One state for two people's
Zechariah   (12.26.12)
The justice hopes for one state for two people's but its nigh impossible to go around the current demographics which is six million Jews and three millions seven hundred thousand Arabs assuming Gaza is part of Egypt if not six million to five million two hundred thousand.And millions of refugees in Jordan Lebanon And Syria .So at maximum eight hundred refugees can return to achieve equality of numbers .Then there is future growth though actually the Arab Population is younger less than eighteen the Jews would have more votes .But the Jews can claim compensation for their losses in the Shoah especially in view of violent Arab reactions against Jewish escape to Eretz Yisroel a compensation of up to thirty million martyredom votes .
6. Jordan ilegally changed Samaria to WEST BANK in 1950.
BUTSeriusly ,   Sydney   (12.26.12)
7. #2 And your point?
Bob ,   NYC, USA   (12.26.12)
You missed the point. Some are pagans or other religions that do not have any roots in the Bible. Hence the "God's promised land" means nothing to them. It's the same as me saying, Israel belongs to me for my new religion "Rettenmoserism". And since God promised it to me, it must be mine. Flawed logic.
8. Yes historical rights and binding
vicente ,   Toronto Canad   (12.26.12)
9. If this is a good argument then bring it to the ICC.
Allan   (12.26.12)
10. The historical claim of Jews to Eretz Yisrael
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (12.26.12)
...helped bring about our legal claim ratified in San Remo which still stands today. The British reneged on their Mandate to provide us a homeland by dragging their feet from 1922-48 and whittling away at what was initially and legally allocated to us that included today's Jordan. Some people just "don't want" to get it. We should primarily promote the legal claim, that was supported by the historical one...not the other way around. The truth is out there if you really want to see it
11. Thank You For Reinforcing My View
emanon ,   USA   (12.26.12)
As the author states, these are not settlements, these are permanent cities. Settlements are temporary buildings meant to be part of a nomadic liffestyle. Homes mean you live there and have no intention of leaving.
12. Biblical and historical rights of Jews
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (12.26.12)
Very good article, but I would prefer to see it aLSO published in the dailies of New York, London, Paris etc. Even if some people do not understand or accept our biblical rights to the Promised (=Given) land, there are enough historic (archeologic) evidencies of the Jewish presence in this region for more than 3,000 years!
13. Ancient claims keep you from seeing current reality.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.26.12)
The Bible is not a historic document. Many claims in it are fantasies. Modern Archaeology methods must be used to verify Biblical claims. Most of such efforts only lead to ambiguity. Recently, those ambiguities have spurred genetic studies, which have confirmed that Palestinians also are ancient people in the West Bank. The reality is Israel wants the West Bank for its territory first, not because Biblical arguments are valid.
14. if you believe that a book told you that god gives land your
Abdalla   (12.26.12)
15. Dead Sea Scrolls
Simple Jew   (12.26.12)
And many other ancient Jewish artifacts were found in the West Bank.
16. Can't use the bible to claim land
Doives ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.26.12)
We're not in medieval times anymore... We're in the 21st century. The bible is not a political document, and much of its content is open to interpretation, as it's full of metaphors.
17. #14 - Hey Abdalla
Devorah   (12.26.12)
If you believe a book which claims that your god tells you to kill Jews and Christians, did it ever occur to you that you have a psychogod straight out of hell?
18. #14 - Abdalla
Devorah   (12.26.12)
Your own qur'an says that the land belongs to us, so what is your problem?
19. without religion who would care about any of it
zionist forever   (12.26.12)
For thousands of years people from different empires and religions have been fighting for this small bit of real estate because its the holy land. Before the zionists came this was mostly desert and swampland but they worked hard and spent lots of money to change that. If it wasn't the fact this was the holy land would anybody Jew or arab want to live in a country of sand and swamp? The Jews would probably all be living happily in Uganda.
20. I COVET the Southern California Mediterranean climate also
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.26.12)
...does that give me the right to steal it?
21. Jewish claim to the Land
Anshel ,   Canada   (12.26.12)
Interestingly enough Lord Balfour in 1917 and League of Nation recognized the historical claim of the Jewish people to the land in the British Mandate of Palestine in 1922. Let's not forget that!
22. Michael #13: Palestinians "also" are an ancient people?
Steve   (12.26.12)
So you are not denying the Jews (Israelites) are an ancient people. Perhaps your own personal prejudices and biases (whether you are an atheist or an agnostic or other) lead you to believe there are ambiguities in the archaeological record. Men like Abraham lived too far back in time for archaeology to verify his existence, not to mention (according to the Bible) he dwelt in tents. But what of the later Israelite kings? What of King Herod and the second temple and its sacking by the Romans? Ambiguity?
23. Sad to say but its the truth
Max ,   U.K.   (12.26.12)
These people are not Hebrews, the Hebrews of the Prophetic era nor their descendandts, this is the truth, most present day Jews are converts, simple and its just the truth.
24. My country was born like many nations
Joe Capazolli ,   Fort Meyers US   (12.26.12)
1. We have no Biblical claim 2. We had no claim whatsoever 3. We had no United Nations Resolution. 4. We were born out of the barrel of a gun. 5. We are the United States of America. 6. Israel has a much more solid foundation for their Nation and its birth than we do.
25. to 9 Allan: we do not recognize the validity of the ICC
Robocop   (12.26.12)
26. biblical does not equal historical. The Bible
James.   (12.26.12)
is an oral story that has been modified time and time again, written hundreds of years after the "so-called" events happen. There is no proof of a king david or a first temple. Just a myth to support the jewsh claims.
27. #13 you don't understand...
Whether you take the bible for an historic document or not, it is a sufficient and universally recognized proof that jews lived independent in their homeland. You state "because the Bible is not a historic document, Then we dont have any right". I say "We say : we agree that the Bible should not be viewed as a historic argument, but it shows that jews lived in their homeland independent" This is like talking about greek mythology: this is not a history. However, this is, like the Bible, a proof that greeks that have inherited this culture from ancient times, have a right to modern Greece's territory and if they had been replaced by persians or whatever, greeks would be for me the rightful owner of their territory! You also say "modern palestinians are genetically closed to jews and hence have a right to this land" : I agree with you that many jews were forcefully converted from Judaism to islam over the time. But to me and anyone, this is antoher proof that jews have a rightful claim to their land! because that was the culture of people living there independent!
28. working as the international liaison for the Shomron region
split ,   US   (12.26.12)
You mean paid (settlers) hasbara goon - No matter how do you spin it, temporary or not, the settlements are on stolen land ,...
29. Biblical claim to the Land
Harry ,   Connellsville, USA   (12.26.12)
You are absolutely right! But more important to your right and claim to the land is your God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,... the God of Israel. The same God who divided the Red Sea for Moses and all the children of Israel to cross over on dry ground. Israel is still the apple of His eye!
30. Are they worth anything ?
Tony Dismus ,   Dayton USA   (12.26.12)
There are more than 40 Islamic nations. There are countless Christian nations. The Jews have one Nation . One of the 2 oldest religions on earth. Solid historical evidence that Jews have been in Israel for more than 3,000 years . How much are the people worth that attack Jews and their right to their Nation ? What is their motivation ? I knew many people that I came to like and thought that they were truly good human beings . As soon as I hear them spew hatred towards Jews and Israel , I am finished with them . They become 100 per cent worthless to me at that moment . The most persecuted people on earth finally have a place where they are safe . How intelligent and how much can people be worth who want to steal from the Jews and hurt them ? I am NOT Jewish.
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