Arab teen: Attack by haredim was unprovoked
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 25.12.12, 20:55
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1. 'I couldn’t believe Jews would do such a thing,'
split ,   US   (12.25.12)
Yeah right ;) Now you do ,...
2. Maybe,maybe not.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.25.12)
Excuse me for seeming cynical,but with a culture like this youth comes from it's best to be cautious and suspend belief. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
3. Something Does Not Seem Right
emanon ,   USA   (12.26.12)
4. although I woould never condone...
alsky ,   toronto   (12.25.12)
such actions, it is only natural that some people would want revenge after watching so many attacks on Jews by Arabs ! Sad for all of us !
5. Haredi youth...
Never heard of them attacking anyone but other Jews, but hey, who knows...
6. But there are no Jews in Jordan...
Ariel ,   Europe   (12.25.12)
Just a thought...
7. To #2 Ian
Alex   (12.25.12)
The young boy, the CHILD, the small Kid, who was brutally attacked by two Hooligans was brought up in an Israeli environment. He trusted the safety of Israel. So did his mother. He is a benign CHILD being under attack, totally unprovoked, by two monsters. This is as simple as that. He should CONTINUE to believe in the Justice of Israel, and be sure - Israel will give him justice. By the way, talking about "coming from a specific culture" .... as far as I can recall, Newcastle upon Tyne was established by the brutal Normands. Savages who harrased, not only the English Isles, but also Northern Spain, Sicily, Greece and finally the Holy land - slaughtering and murdering Jews and Moslems alike. What is your "background culture" ?
8. #4
Peace   (12.26.12)
Applying your logic, some people would also want revenge after watching so much land grabbed, house demolished, water resources controlled ,daily life dictated by the jews.What goes round comes around but I believe we have to break this cycle. Don't you...
9. #6
I don't know what your comments have to do with this story, moron, but I am nevertheless grateful for the fact.
10. No 3 oh yes you're damn right!
Northerner   (12.26.12)
Beating up a kid definitely doesn't seem right to me!
11. Something's wrong here . . .
Shalom Hartman   (12.26.12)
2 Hareidi men in full "hareid garb" just decided to cross Jaffa Street and beat him up? Sorry to be cynical but something doesn't sound right here. Suggestions: 1. 2 "underworld" looking characters who happen to be wearing kippot beat him up; 2. Arabs beat him up and he is scared to admit it; 3. He has no idea who beat him up because they attacked from behind, but he recalls seeing hareidim cross the street.
12. Everyone has a breaking point
Sam   (12.26.12)
mom, even us perfect Jews. You're not the only ones who don't like to be punching bags! It is inevitable (although deplorable) that an Arab kid will be attacked here and there just because he is an Arab= the same way innocent Jewish civilians are forced to absorb Palestinian frustrations. Unfortunately, this is what we can expect as long as Arabs reject true and realistic peace with Israel.
13. Abraham fund
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (12.26.12)
The same fund that promotes poetry from a Palestinian terrorist.
14. reply
Mr. Brown ,   Boston, MA   (12.26.12)
You besmirch the honesty of the Palestinians while assuming the honesty of the Israeli culture is a given? Wow! Not sure which alternative universe you live in but it ain't the one the rest of us reside in
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