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Haredi women threaten not to vote
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 27.12.12, 13:21
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1. ...Rav Elyashiv is no longer on this earth...
Aviva ,   J   (12.27.12)
and my (charedi) rebbe said you don't believe anything someone says a rav says unless you check it with that rav. Each woman should ask HER rav n zeh hoo.
2. Uh-oh! The mind-washing is wearing off!
Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (12.27.12)
3. Gentlemen free ur mind 2 possibility that u r wrong!
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (12.27.12)
if you do that then you will come to the realization that there is no danger to you. In other words get over your paternalistic selves...and remember that women are the crown of G-d's creation.
4. Women and politics
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.27.12)
No one objects to women voting. The issue with women MP's or MK's is the unsocial hours and the amount of mixing with men that can be immodest. In a recent photo of H M The Queen and all her Ministers, about 80% were men. The senior woman Minister Theresa May spoke about her sadness of not having stopped to have a family. Former PM Baroness Margaret Thatcher spoke of her sadness about not having had enough time for her children when they were young. In his authorised biography Prince Charles speaks of his sadness as a small child having a mother who had to work such long hours. Women can serve in public office, but many will end up disappointed not to be there when their own children need them.
5. good position
john ,   toronto   (12.27.12)
If a woman should not have a stake in the election she should not vote. Women are capable and make better choices.If she is on a job she will have fewer children, and it will help her family. The role of women extends to the community not only in the kitchen and family.
6. election
john ,   toronto   (12.27.12)
Any man who complains that a woman is not worthy of being in elected office should handle a woman's job for a week. Half the members must be women for such a community.
7. Welcome to the Twenty-First Century
emanon ,   USA   (12.27.12)
What's wrong with women in public office? This is not the taliban, a repressive outdated form of Islam where women are relegated to being barefoot, pregnant and chained to the kitchen. This is Judaism, a progressive religion that respects women and promotes equality between men and women.
8. well done to Rav Amshalem and N Bennet
Michael ,   Yerusaliam   (12.27.12)
R Amshelem is a role model for haredi society and is taking it away from extremism without compromising on orthodoxy.Get UTJ out and get him in!Well done to other religious parties Habayit yehudi for joining religious with secular and the rest of society. Unity is the way forward
9. Public office
Anshel ,   Canada   (12.27.12)
There is a simple solution for the haredi women. If they can't run for public office under the haredi parties, they should not vote for the men on he haredis parties Knesset list. Without their vote many of them won't be elected, they will also loose the balance of power in Knesset. Furthermore, they will loose power to extract funds for their yeshiva's, exclude their boys from serving in IDF and list may go on and on. Maybe, such threat will bring them quickly to reality of the day and will find a halachic solution for women to serve in the Knesset.
10. Men and politics, Mr. Holmes
Dovid ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.12)
You argue beautifully for why MEN should not be in politics, either. It is evil and unJewish to place themselves out ther ein the public mixing with other men in a totally immodest manner, and leaving their chidlren alone at home with no father figure.
11.  "Not elected – not voting"
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.27.12)
Yashir coah to this group of women!
12. Brotherhood....
37 ,   Netherland   (12.27.12)
The muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and the jewish brotherhood in Israel....
13. Haredi women threaten not to vote
ariel wolkowicki ,   holon   (12.27.12)
ok it is fine to have a single sex knesset all women all 120 seats.
14. vote
colin   (12.27.12)
The datim threaten abstaining from voting. Best news this month Nobody wants or needs thier votes/
15. How about Queen Ester?
jerri i ,   USA   (12.27.12)
The chareidi wouldn't be around today if not for Queen Ester.
16. 9Anshel,get real.Haredi women do..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.27.12)
what their husbands tel them to do.
17. I often defend against Haredi bashing but this is ridiculous
Jake ,   USA   (12.27.12)
Bennett and AmShalem are disastrous for Judaism? What is this guy smoking? Any rabbi who wants people to blindly follow instead of asking tough questions, has completely lost his mind! This Haredi world cannot maintain their cult ideology if they want to be relevant. AmShalem is only the beginning. He is a well respected Haredi who simply wont tolerate the cult hierarchy anymore.
18. Rav Kook on women voting
Confused ,   Brooklyn, NY, USA   (12.28.12)
So R. Halbertal invokes the halachic ruling of R.Kook, that women shouldn't vote in elections to criticize these women for refusing to vote. Am I missing something? If he was really true to his principles he would urge all Haredi women Not to Vote since according to just about all the Haredi rabbi's of the early 20th century, it is forbidden for women to vote because of reasons of modesty.
19. Good for the haredi women!
Runner1983 ,   USA   (12.28.12)
As the haredi men slowly regress back in time with their ever growing misogynistic views and their growing marginalization of women, the only people who can stop this are the haredi women. Good for them. The Haredim are slowly drifting away from Jewish values. They need to be brought back.
20. I thank HaShem everyday for making
ilyse ,   israel/usa   (12.28.12)
me a women. I thank him everyday for making me conservative jew. How foolish are these men. The women are even more foolish for following this way of thinking. I think you all miss G-d's idea of what he wants from us. I really do not think he cares about a women doing a job in goverment.
21. ladies, don't be fools, go to Satmar
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.28.12)
They will give you a $100 if you don't vote. Gevaltd, you can not vote and get a new dress too!!!!
22. G*d created Eve to help Adam
CARE   (12.28.12)
Just don't fall for the forbidden fruit. Women, ladies in particular, customarily have had their roles as housewives and homemakers. So, if there would be time permitting between these roles or if it's workable between the husband and still fulfilling the duties to G*d and family, it seems logical that a lady would be able to represent constituency. Women can be proud to serve in the military and G*d bless them that they have the servitude to help the nation succeed. But, we hear of the problems women face in the military, even n the USA. Anyone who doesn't have compassion for them is insensitive. We'd all rather not be seeing the military in action and have true, just and righteous orators, counselors and negotiators guiding all our futures to peace in heart, mind, body and spirit, the way people love the Lord G*d. And in the way women are serving in the military to safeguard the nation, the nation should be doing all it can to safeguard situations they are put into. Representatives that put themselves in the same position the populous and military are in and feel compelled to help them are the kind of people that would be respected in government, male or female.
23. The religious women are getting tired pulling the wagon
Al   (12.28.12)
all alone while ther lazy ass excuses of a husband refuse to go out and work. I dont blame them for finally telling them, their Rabbis and the whole lot of them to simply stuff it. Reminds me of the story of when a hassid came to me wanting to rent a flat. His wife was heavily pregnant and he wasnt even working. I asked the question of how he was going to pay the rent. He pondered for a sec and finally said he was expecting a 'break'. wonder their women have had it with these losers.
24. My private proposal.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.28.12)
Let the women also be elected, but only pretty ones. No more Golda Meirs, thank you !
25. obediance
john ,   toronto   (12.28.12)
Women must obey men if they are righteous , then only they can be taught the Torah. One always learns from those who surround them.If men are unrighteous never obey them.You might learn some unrighteousness from.
26. No Tickee No Washee
Chani Lipshitz ,   Bet Shemesh   (12.28.12)
I am a religious Jewish woman. I won't vote for a party that excludes women MK's. I am sick of the hypocrisy! Women like me are routinely put to work to support a torah studying husband. The rabbis don't mind seeing us working outside the home, thus violating our "modesty", when we work for their benefit. "Modesty" is being used as a code word by misguided rabbis in order to oppress women. As I am modest in my clothes, and in my behavior with others, I see no reason why I cannot wield power. Modesty has never been defined, until very recently, as to preclude women from entire occupations, or from politics. If I wanted to be completely suppressed as a woman, I could become a Moslem and join the Taliban, and get the full, unfiltered experience. At least then I wouldn't have to keep two sets of dishes!
27. How about that for justice?
R Narz ,   Toronto   (12.29.12)
The secular Israelis are not capable of making the Haredim behave. So who does the job - gasp - the Haredi women of course. Gotta luv it!!
28. 15 Queen Esther and public life
Joseph ,   London UK   (12.29.12)
Esther according to tradition was married to Mordechai when she was dragged off to the Royal Harem. She did her best to be rejected by Xerxes, but was chosen just the same. She prayed and asked what she had done to desereve being married to this evil heathen. Mordechai consoled her and said G-d must have put her in the Royal Palace for a reason.
29. Further to number 18
Danny ,   London England   (12.29.12)
In the early 20th Century women did not vote in the USA or UK, so Rav Kook was speaking in a different context. Once it becomes the norm that women vote in elections it's not so immodest.
30. Meretz
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (12.30.12)
When the Meretz votes come from the Charidi ghettos we will know their source.
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