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Bnei Menashe in Israel: 'It's a dream'
Omri Efraim and AP
Published: 26.12.12, 15:14
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1. Baruch Habaa...2,734 (722 bce) years is a loooong wait
hippocrates ,   World   (12.26.12)
2. Wellcome, Brochiem Habheim
JJJ   (12.26.12)
3. Wellcome, Brochiem Habheim, much joy in Israel
JJJ   (12.26.12)
Yochanan ,   Yerushalayim   (12.26.12)
5. More converts ;) ,...
split ,   US   (12.26.12)
Wow, don't they look and dress like their Semite brothers from that part of the world ? ,...
6. Meanwhile Ethiopian Jews still wait...
George Babbitt ,   Columbus, U.S.A.   (12.26.12)
cuz their black.
7. If they are recognized as Jews, why convert them?
Essie HaKohane ,   FL. USA   (12.26.12)
With that asked, a sincere B'roochim Habaim!
8. welcome home!
alsky ,   toronto   (12.26.12)
wish I was as brave !
9. Baruchim habayim v'hanisharim!!!
Moshino ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.26.12)
Welcome back home! Wishing you all many blessings in your new life.
10. I don't believe
Thomas ,   Poland   (12.26.12)
I doubt that any of them has Jewish roots. Drunk mob is going to exploit government as fast as they can. Traitor, they should be stone to death according to the Torah. What next ??
11. #5 - Saras' B. long lost cousins ;) ,...
snag ,   USA   (12.26.12)
12. the only who sounds drunk is you. you make no sense at all.
ralph   (12.27.12)
13. baruch hashem
vicente ,   canadda   (12.27.12)
14. I Can See Them Moving Into Orthodox Neighbourhood
World Citizen ,   the world   (12.27.12)
That will go over real big. Give them a year and they'll be wishing they were back in India or converting to Hinduism to get deported.
15. 14
they don't think like you do. yes, many of the ethiopean that came to israel have moved into bnei brak and also into mea shearim. these are very orthodox communities. and they live there for years in peace and love within the community of orthodox jews. just go and see. you are ignorant.
16. Birds
Daniel ,   USA   (12.27.12)
Why so many angry birds in the pictures?
17. Jewish lost tribe Bnei Menashe
LION OF JUDAH ,   Jews fight like LION   (12.27.12)
My lost brothers & sisters, ISRAEL &the Jewish nation of Israel welcome you your real home called the JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL. WELCOME BACK YOUR REAL HOME
18. Recent Jews
Jay ,   India   (12.27.12)
Not so long ago (cca 150 years) the N-E Indian Kukis & Mizos were known as head-hunters' tribes. Christian missionaries acquainted them with the Bible. The rest is just local politics and some intelligent Mizos using the opportunity to get themselves and their families out of poverty.
19. 11 better them as cousins
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.27.12)
as a snake or a sprotje
20. Tears of joy?
Indio ,   Brazil   (12.27.12)
landing or leaving? Sad, but true.
21. it's really a dream.
me, again ,   Brazil   (12.27.12)
I agree. Let's talk about apartments prices...
22. Sorry but history and genetics does not agree
Jo   (12.27.12)
Jews and Palestinians are closely related and DNA proves this, history also but using the myth of the lost tribes to prove they are lost is no evidence at all. The so called lost tribes were never lost the records were. The history of this group going back five hundred years proves that they have no connection to the middle east or the Jewish people.....but invite them in.....and then what? Make them religious? It's a tough life they will be facing and no sympathy from the majority.
23. #18 You are right on the history of these people
Jo   (12.27.12)
Question is if you know this , then why do intelligent Israeli Jews not? It is not hard to find this out so I am flabbergasted. Quite a lot do know but your right about it being politics....leaders somewhere using their clout what end?
24. Thanks for your input
Alex   (12.27.12)
Please all you UltraZionists, Please all you devout lovers of Israel: I feel for you and your sufferings in Europe and in the rest of the world, for thousands of years and I accept your wish to have a state as a safe haven for all Jews: BUT: 85-90 % of the Palis originate from the Jews and Hebrews which were converted by force to Islam in 1012 AD. WHY on earth can this fact not reach your stone-hearts? The divine promise to ALL the seed of Jacob INCLUDES the Palis too.
25. Better opportunities
Thomas ,   Poland   (12.27.12)
It is commonly known that Israel state will give them better opportunities than India. Aliyah was taken under consideration regarding to economic economic reason. Lost biblical tribe is a fairy tail.
26. 24 - WHY on earth can this fact not reach your stone-hearts?
split ,   US   (12.27.12)
Because those pale faced grey eyed funny dressed converts are squatters there and not secure enough to share that land ,...
27. To Split #26
Alex   (12.27.12)
So, that means that if UFOs from another solar system would appear on earth and claim to have ancestors from any of the "lost tribes" and start a conversion process, they might as well be accepted, whilst the Palis - with the same genetics as Jews, and with historically proven forced conversion to Islam in 1021 AD by the El-Hakim Edict, would still remain outcasts and outlaws in their G-d-given land ??? Isn´t that weird ? Tanach and the eternal promise to Jacob disproven and dismissed from outer space ?!
28. I am confused…
Alex   (12.27.12)
1.Jacob blesses Joseph “The blessings of your father have excelled the blessings of my ancestors, Up to the utmost bound of the everlasting hills. They shall be on the head of Joseph, And on the crown of the head of him who was separate from his brothers” 2.Previously the MEAN kids of Leah,Bilhah and Zilpah, had pushed Joseph down a deep and dirty well, followed by selling him into slavery 3.Joseph in his strong benevolence saves all other Israelite tribes from famine and certain death by inviting them to Egypt, and at the same time forgives all the crimes his MEAN brothers instigated against him (with the exception of his dear brother Benyamin) 4.Finally, Joseph begets two children with the EGYPTIAN lady Asenath, that is Manesseh and Ephraim (making those two tribes HALF-Egyptian) 5.The Mongolian/Tibetan/Burmese tribes of Mizo, Kuki and Chin are expelled from Yunnan province in China and end up in India. Here they activate themselves with headhunting and other sophisticated work tasks. 6.Many hundred years later, in 1951, a Pentecostalist from the same people has a psychotic dream in which “it appears” that his people are supposed to be “the lost tribe of Manesseh” 7.Followed by conversion and many years of political strategies to bring them “home” 8.And now they appear at Ben-Gurion... Am I confused or not ?
29. Freund and his Fantasies
JH ,   Houston USA   (12.28.12)
Israel is now a first world country and the Jewish story is a compelling one. Anyone interested in either can claim they are descendants of the ten lost tribes but DNA evidence proves otherwise. Freund with his absud fantasies will have Israel overun with the third world; it is the poor Israelis who will pay for this welfare load.
30. Mr Freund should urgently
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.28.12)
visit eskimos and chuckses. They eat a lot of gefillte fish, so are suspicious for me, they have also jewish roots !
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