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Turkey: Assad sought asylum in Venezuela
Published: 26.12.12, 19:47
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1. I guess the U.K. turned him down
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.26.12)
Which is puzzling, because Assad was educated in the U.K. and his wife is a British citizen.
2. See ya !
Yosef ,   Ashdod   (12.26.12)
Who cares anyway!
3. Why not?
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (12.26.12)
Chavez permitted Iran to build training camps for terrorists in Venezuela and possibly bases for missiles against the USA. As soon as Chavez dies, Assad must leave, to Iran or Schlaraffia.
4. the Butcher of syria Doesn't Deserve
Asylum ANYWHERE, for he Will Pay For His Crimes Agaisnt Humanity!!!!!! This venezuelean dictator of mesoamerican decent Will Be Held Accountable for his colusion with the Butcher of syria through the behest of the ILLEGAL regime in tehran!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. #1 No way here in the UK
Get Real ,   UK   (12.26.12)
Not here for his own safety,he's not radical or fundamentalist enough. Besides he and Chavez deserve each other.
6. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.26.12)
I'm not sure that the United States will be all that happy to have Assad in its backyard, but if the current administration can tolerate terrorist training camps in Venezuela, they can tolerate anything. It's not time to dust off the old Monroe Doctrine just yet. But if Assad's wife wanted to return to the U.K., the U.K. would have to take her. She is, after all, a British subject.
7. TO # 6
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.27.12)
Assad going to Chavez is more reason for USA to get tougher on Venezuela. It is funny how the original allies of him do not want him either. Russia just threw under the bus and the Iranian Monkey has just been so quiet. He is now trying to buy Palis support by sending them aid in Syria. I hope Assad stays in Syria for years so we don't have to fight the rebels later. Am Israel chai
8. Chavez ill, Havana decides over aSSAD
Dave ,   cubasuela   (12.27.12)
Havana owns Venezuelan oil now
9. Where will CHAVEZ go to when his time comes up?!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.27.12)
10. Mexico took in Reza Pavlavi the Shah of Iran.
11. Jordan took in the family of Saddam Hussein.
12. As long as Assad does not use chemical weapons, he might
be able to leave Syria and live awhile.
13. King Faurouk of Egypt found asylum in Italy.
14. Adolf Hitler lived a long time in Antarctica after first
moving to Portugal and marrying a Portugese woman and fathering two children who grew up in New Mexico according to the book of personal testimonials of witnesses, "Escape from the Bunker."
15. Number 3
Ari Gold ,   LA, ÛŠÅ   (12.27.12)
Awesome reference to schlaraffia. But the won't take him. His sense of humor and level of friendship is not up to their level.
16. strange bedfellow
zorro ,   NYC   (12.27.12)
while Chavez is " christian", ASSad is muslim and Chavez cant even protect himself now that he has terminal testicular cancer
17. If ASSad is smart
zorro ,   NYC   (12.27.12)
he better leave or suffer the same fate as Sadamn or Gadaffy
18. probably this is Russia trying to get the US off its back
zioinst forever   (12.27.12)
This is probably the result of Russia trying to get the US off its back for supporting Assad so they have agreed to quietly tell Assad to look into exile options. Russia that way can at least say they are doing something and can tell Obama to give Assad some time. Russia is probably also holding secret talks with the unofficial government in exile and if they will give certain assurances like Russia keeping their Tartus naval base they will stop supporting Assad. For now Russia wants the fighting to continue whilst they examine their own interests in a post Assad Syria. The widow Asama Assad might go into exile short term and eventually discreetly return to England when the public & media have forgotten about Syria. How can she be expected to live out the rest of her life without Harrods?
19. to # 10
daniela   (12.27.12)
For your information the Sha of Iran came to Panama and lived in Contadora Island, not in Mexico as you said.
20. Perhaps to the Hague? -end
Get Real ,   UK   (12.27.12)
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