Too little, too late
Lilac Sigan
Published: 27.12.12, 11:02
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1. If you speak to the regular person on the
Arlene ,   Israel   (12.27.12)
street, they will ask "why hasn't Israel gone in and put and end to it all" Fight fire with fire! OK easily said. Maybe Israel should adopt some of her neigbors ways, by crying at every rocket fired, photoshopping dead babies and maybe putting rocket launchers in peoples homes. Can you imagine the reaction of these human rights groups!! I can hear them now protesting how inhumane I just cant understand their logic, they see the cruelty of the Hamas and Hizzbos, whjat goes on in Syria etc.,any country under Islamic law! Israel is the thorn in the side of these dictatorships and I am sure many of their people would love to be in Israel.
2. Gazans
Volvi   (12.27.12)
And you know what Gazans say? I can rely my welfare on Israel because I know they are accurate in their retaliations and never seek to harm innocents unlike their own brethren. Yet the collective a'holes vote overwhelmingly for the same organisation that treats them like cannon fodder. Go figure....its the arab mind set, only fit for the stone-age. F'em all! they dont deserve any human rights fighting for them. They can rot in their own creation as far as I am concerned and I think most of Israel agrees with that.
3. Human rights organizations have been infiltrated
Logic ,   Israel   (12.27.12)
by axe grinders and far leftists. In fact, Human Rights Watch was considered an exemplary NGO just two decades ago, so it's sad to see their biased behavior today. It is important to understand that many anti-democrats see NGOs as a way to push through policy that they never achieved through the traditional democratic channels. Sadly, those who live under dark regimes and those who barely survive in this life (sub-saharan Africans, for example) are ignored while the world diverts scarce attention to the Palestinians and an unfairly accused Israel.
4. But the truth doesn't get us donations! especially EU $$$
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.27.12)
Well, my keyboard has the $$$ sign and not the Euro symbol. The so-called "human rights" groups in Israel are the ones who stoke the fires of bias and blind the world to the real situation of human rights. ACRI, B"tselem, Peace Now and the rest of them get tens of millions of dollars and Euros in support in order to keep pumping out biased reports. ACRI - deals more with the civil rights of Palestinians than with anything else (especially Israelis, whom the group is supposed to be fighting for) B'Tselem - admits that it is for "rights" of Arabs in the "occupied territories" and purposefully does not push for the human rights of Jews who live there. Peace Now - what can we say? This group gets almost no support from Israelis and almost its entire budget from the EU and Americans. Israelis realized that the group isn't about "peace now" but is in fact "capitulation now". HRW - gets a LOT of Arab funding, which it uses of course not to push for human rights in Arab dictatorships (which all make Israel look like heaven on earth), but to zero-in almost exclusively on Israel. Look at the number of reports/release about Israel and compare to any other country if you think I'm wrong. Ditto for almost every other alleged "human rights" group. They stopped supporting universal human rights years ago, and that is a crime it itself that these groups are all guilty of.
5. Why should the Human Rights groups change?
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (12.27.12)
Its easy to bash Israel. The is a very receptive audience in Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada, Africa, South America and Australasia with Russia and China cheering them on! If the Jews were all to move to the moon, make it into a paradise and build settlements, we would be accused of "occupying" the moon, illegal building and stealing it from the Moon Arabs! Britain once "rules the waves" but Antisemitism has always ruled the world!
6. 2 Evils..."Zionists" are losing the PR war to "Terrorists"
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.27.12)
7. #6
Howard ,   Seattle USA   (12.27.12)
I have been reading your petty and ignorant comments for sometime now and I can deffintly conclude that you are mentally disturbed and should seek help.That or move to Gaza,Syria,Egypt, etc(take your pick of these Hell holes) and experience their unique form of liberty and justice first hand.
8. HRW can be labelled a CRIMINAL organisation
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (12.27.12)
HRW abuses it's purported purpose of the watcher of human rights violations. By spending enormous time and efforts and money just watching Israel for example; HRW neglects real abuses and gives horrible, murderous regimes a free pass. HRW fails to report or under-reports real human rights abuses in the World and thus the real abuser Countries and groups get to use their "free pass". Therefore, HRW, by regularilly and purposely neglecting the real abuses and the real victims, perpetuates the suffering and deaths of victims. HRW is thereby aiding and abetting the real human rights abusers in their crimes and aiding and abetting uneccesary loss of real freedoms and lives. Are these not the actions of a real criminal organisation, and is this is not the real crime of HRW ?
9. #6 Howard, nicer weather in West Bank than Seattle, you move
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.28.12)
10. counting google hits is not research
phil ,   free world   (12.30.12)
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