Opportunity in E1 siege
Avi Zimmerman
Published: 27.12.12, 20:07
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1. Author must be looking forward to the binational state
Unfortunately it will be a state where Palestinians will soon be a majority, something the author doesn't seem to realize in his short sighted vision.
2. Amen
Ari ,   Haifa   (12.27.12)
3. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.27.12)
That will never happen. Judea and Samaria will be annexed, and the Arabs residing therein will be repatriated to Jordan, country of their citizenship. They can rename Jordan whatever they like. One of the benefits of having had to deal with international criticism is that it makes you immune to that criticism. Nothing short of the destruction of the State of Israel will satisfy the international community; Israel is therefore free to act in its own best interestts, and with impunity. The world will get over it. And if they don't -- oh well.
4. Whistling past the graveyard, bad behavior has consequences
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.27.12)
5. writer lost himself. got all tangled up at the end. wrong
ralph   (12.27.12)
6. #1 - to those who claim a bi-national State is an option
William ,   Israel   (12.27.12)
on what basis do you make this claim? Israel is neither obligated to provide this enemy population citizenship in Israel nor the opportunity to create a racist State in which Israel is the future target ad infinitum. You're sadly mistaken if you think there is some law or precedent that forces Israel to take in these foreign hostiles or give them everything they demand for independence at Israel's expense. Infact, there is a 3rd option which your ilk will refuse to acknowledge but some in the PLO already have....that the respective sovereign nations today re-claim the land they once ruled over (even illegally) in the past - Gaza to Egypt and part of West Bank to Jordan. "Palestinians" never demanded autonomy let alone a State while under their rule, and they can't rule themselves today. So, this the most viable option for both security and a peaceful future on all sides.
7. Realpolitik matters
SK ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.12)
I do not question our national rights as Jews in our historic homeland, but we are a small country that is dependent to an extent on others militarily (receiving advanced weapons) and economically (trade). Therefore we cannot just do whatever the hell we want and ignore any consequences.
8. What a load of crap!
Dave ,   San Francisco   (12.27.12)
What garbage! The international community isn't against the right for Jews to live in Israel. Its that Israel thinks it has the right to annex territory NOT its own- yet continues to claim it as their own. This destroys the two state solution, limits prospects for peace and will create a binational state which will mean disaster for the Jewish state! The leaders of Israel, and many Israeli's, are delusional to think that they can annex all of the land and yet keep the Palestinians stateless- which is exactly what these Israeli leaders desire and openly state. How sad that Israel has become a radicalized society with such a strong victim mentality. Israel is committing national suicide!
9. Europe has been impotent outside its own borders since Suez
Thomas the Doubter ,   USA   (12.27.12)
And that was 1956, almost 67 years ago. And calling in a few ambassadors is hardly a 'siege'. You talk about the world's 'disproportionate preoccupation with Israel' and then you talk about Israel saving the world. Get over yourselves. Nobody in the end cares about E1 except a few Palestinians and Jewish settler activists. This issue will be settled one way or another on a far grander than this...
10. Jerusalem - E1
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (12.27.12)
Jerusalem is the enternal and undivided Capital of the State of Israel. Europeans are mostly anti-semitic, even the most sympethetic ones, so please do not be afraid of their noise and do what is best for Israel. If Jerusalem is divided it will act as a catalysts to destroy Jewish culture by Muslims and so called Christians (The false ones I mean) As for arabs: 1) Gaza is part of Egypt and since they are so good at making tunnels they can dig one from Gaza City all the way to Ramallah. 2) The parts of Judea and Samaria which are under the sole control of PA can join up with Jordan and it is between their King and PA to call it Jordan or Palestine or anything else they like. 3) Mahmoud Abbas can ask the King to make him his Prime Minister. 4) Israel will permenantely annex the rest. 5) All the arabs living in Israel will behave and conduct themselves as Israelis with Aligence to the State of Israel like the Druze otherwie they will be sent over the river Jordan and compensated financially. Have a nice day all!
11. Sarah B you are dreaming
Israel has no other choices anymore. It's too late. Israel can not force away Palestinians to another country and deposses them from their lands. The world won't let this happen. As a lawyer you should be aware of international laws and Israel has to obey the rules. Israel has no other choices than letting a viable Palestinian state being created in the West Bank or to annexe and give Arabs citizenship and full rights. That's all
12. #1, even if the West Bank is annexed Jews are a 2:1 majority
Jake ,   USA   (12.28.12)
13. #8, you say Israel annexes territory "not its own"
Jake ,   USA   (12.28.12)
To whom does the territory belong? The West Bank is non-sovereign territory. Israel can annex every inch if they wish.
14. To nr. 3.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn NH, Holland   (12.28.12)
Dear Sarah, I hope that your wish will come true as soon as possible. Unfortunately I cannot give you a guarantee for the future. We will have to wait and see what will happen in that case. Greetings, Sjoerd.
15. Soundbites from Europoliticians
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.28.12)
UK governments sold its Sovereignty to Germany's European Project along with another 24 nations for a mix of ideology and rich pensions, can exercise the only freedom of expression they are allowed , by spitting venom against Israel and Jews, in line with 4th Reich Directives Just as the sun has set on the British Empire , so its politicians can only meddle in external affairs whilst Germany and France rule GB... Britannia Rules the Waves? What a joke
16. #3
If Israel hasn't been able to repatriate the Palestinians to Jordan by now, do you think it will be able to do it in the future, with more Palestinians and the world increasingly on their side?
17. #6
By annexing their land you take them into your state. Your plan is not viable because it suits nobody (except you).
18. #3
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.28.12)
"repatriate"? You mean forcibly remove Palestinians from their home at gunpoint and march them across the border? Israel wouldn't last five years after that. Not even the US would stand behind Israel then and the sanctions and boycotts would cripple the country.
19. Arabs won't talk peace, they get leftover land, no more.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.28.12)
20. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.12)
I don't quite see how the world can stop Israel from annexing Judea and Samaria and repatriating its Arab population to Jordan. They are, after all, Jordanian citizens. The international community has done its best to dislodge Israel since 1948 -- and that is simply not going to happen. Why do you think it sets good precedent to reward a people for having fomented six wars and for having engaged in vile acts of violence and terror for seven decades? There are consequences to losing wars which you start -- and the ersatz "Palestinians" will have to pay the price. They're not interested in peaceful co-existence with Israel; they never have been. What they want to do is supplant Israel. Do you really think that Israel will allow that to happen?
21. NO.11 it is still legal depending on who does it.
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (12.28.12)
I am sure that the Germans of Eastern Europe would love you to overturn their expulsion (60 years ago). Or the Hungarians expelled from Rumania (40 years ago), What of the Greek Cypriots (40 years ago), What of the Georgians expelled by Russia about 2 years ago. The Tibetans expelled by the Chinese (STILL). What of the Jews robbed & expelled from Arab lands (40 years ago). Nothing is said about any of this & the others. The world thinks that by bullying Israel it can ignore all other problems & fell good about themselves. The sins of the world are not Israel's to carry. Israel is not the scapegoat.
22. Objections against E-1 is modern day Anti-Semitism
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.28.12)
How else can one perceive such biased attacks against Israel?
23. Sarar B. & others show their ignorance
RM ,   NJ   (12.28.12)
The EU is not impotent. But one day, it will lose its patience. Catering to Israel is becoming a thing of the past, given their current level of extreme arrogance. Israel may be strong compared to their neighbors. But, compared to the world powers, they are small patatoes.
24. They Must Go
A Jew ,   Jerusalem   (12.28.12)
We don't need to listen to Europe. We don't have to be afraid of their words. In the end, we will have to expel the Arabs, or take 80% of Yesha, and leave them the rest. We can't get their goodwill, and they can't hate us anymore than they already do..
25. kudos to the author
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.28.12)
nicely written, well presented and will probably be ignored by the EU since the only thing important to them is Arab oil.
26. #8 dave
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.28.12)
1. Claiming territory not its own? 2. limiting prospects for peace? 3. radicalized society? 4. strong victim mentality Yes! Except you speak of the “Pals”. Those who openly say that Israel should let them return, yet their land will be judenrien. Those who twist and turn so as to not actually sit and talk. Those who have rejected generous offers, but in return say that they want everything they demand, and THEN they’ll talk. Sorry, but Israel cannot, and will not, commit the national suicide you wish upon it.
27.  " The EU is not impotent. " Really ?
trump   (12.28.12)
All current events confirm they are !
28. #6 your 3rd option is no option
Baruch ,   NY, Kyiv, Akko   (12.28.12)
If Jordan and Egypt were to assume rule over Gaza and the west bank as you suggest, then we would have TWO palestinian states to contend with since the easiest way for Jordan and Egypt to deal with the Palestinians would be to grant them full independence. Israel indeed has three options: let the Palestinians have their own state and vigourously defend our borders (2) give up Zionism and grant Palestinians Israeli citizenship (3) formalize a policy of apartheid and continue to subjugate Palestinians . Personally, the two state option appears the best to me.
29. We don't need negotiations to have relative peace
Barry ,   Akko, Kiev, NY   (12.28.12)
Three unilateral steps to the only kind of peace we can realistical expect: 1. Declare our borders in accordance with our security needs and international law and deal with the settlements accordingly. 2. vigourously defend those borders 3. Let the Palestinians do what they want within their borders and treat any violations of our borders as an act of war
30. Zimmerman's editorial--Opportunity in E1 siege
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (12.28.12)
Mr. Zimmerman seems to be engaging in wishful thinking. Europe is not looking to Israel for a model bur rather would like nothing than to get rid of the problem (it's very existance).
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