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IAF cadet wins battle with cancer
Ilana Curiel
Published: 27.12.12, 15:05
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1. Great man and he deserves to succeed
DT ,   TA Israel   (12.27.12)
at everything. I wish him the best.
2. Inspiration
EM ,   Ra'anana   (12.27.12)
An amazing, inspiring example for all of us. May he live to be 120. At a time when politicians are discussing who can refuse army orders based on conscience...this man shows what serving one's country is all about.
3. Wonderful
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.27.12)
G-d bless these young people.
4. A very special person indeed
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.12)
and a first class pilot I am sure!
5. Not only an inspiration to all of us...
Shield of David ,   USA   (12.27.12)
.... But this Man shows he can accomplish anything. This is the type of person that will go to the end of his mission. I wish him a long life and thank him for his devoted service,!!
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