Palestinian suspected of having sex with yeshiva students
Eli Senyor
Published: 27.12.12, 13:10
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1. Two minors
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.27.12)
Perhaps the two victims can help the police find other underage victims. They would have to remain just letters of the aleph-beis, like other victims of sexual abuse.
2. Amazing...
Eric ,   Toronto   (12.27.12) this report is trying so hard not to reveal the sexes of the students! Is it trying to "protect" gay yeshiva students?
3. Amazing
Sam ,   Bruselss   (12.27.12)
And ur trying to smear yeshiva students !!! How old we're they 13-14-15 and u call them gays?? U should be ashmed
4. My question is...
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (12.27.12)
How many parents new that this was going on and did not report it.
5. #3 Amazing
Eric ,   Toronto   (12.27.12)
At thirteen I already knew I was gay. Though I had not had and sexual experience the feelings were there. I am not saying that the students have encouraged this man, but if they have accepted money to have sex with him that says a lot about them. Only hypocrites like yourself will deny that such realities of life.
6. Faliure to the religious school to teach even the basics.
7. #5 Eric shame on anyone daring to call these minors
Filth ,   should be cleaned   (12.27.12)
ages 10-15 etc a sexual status. At that age money can be more an enducement than anything. As a person goes through puberty they are more sexually uncertain. It does not mean they are gay. Get a grip they are kids. And this leach of a predator deserves to hang.
8. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.27.12)
Knowing you are gay is not the same thing as being coerced into having sex with an adult. The law presumes that youths aged thirteen, fourteen (and certainly younger) are not capable of informed consent. That's why it's called statutory rape. And since we do not know the terms of the transactions that transpired, the only thing we really can assume is that an adult coerced children into illegal sexual acts. Thirteen and fourteen year olds who grow up in relatively sheltered religious communities are not worldly. We also do not know if the adult threatened these children. I don't think of this in terms of homosexual sex acts, I think of this in terms of an adult exploiting children. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Don't be so defensive. You are who you are.
9. 5# You should not stigmatize victims!
This kind of abuse, it is usually a much more complicated situation! Grooming, and even blackmailing is possible! And this kind of criminals are usually very talented what comes to manipulating and blaiming the victims. And Remember that gays can be abusers and pedophiles also!
10. Yeshiva
Mike ,   UK   (12.27.12)
These helpless minors, told nothing about life, relationships and sex. Of course they are going to experiment, shame on the Rabbis who do nothing but indoctrinate these people, no wonder they neeed to let out some steam.
11. -
turn on your own ovens!
12. This report
Ali ,   State of PALESTINE   (12.27.12)
While the report indicates the nationality of this pervert for no good reason, comments so far are enlightened.
13. Homosexuality
edouard ,   Canada   (12.28.12)
Put together young guys ,force them not to have sex ,not to see other women and you will turn them into homosexuals Rabbis are certainly no better than prists ,they are forcing people to go against nature This Palestinian guy is just taking advantage of what is offer to him on a golden plat he would jew or Christian it would be the same thing
14. #12 - why do you have an issue that "Palestinian" was cited?
William ,   Israel   (12.29.12)
It lays the context for the article. Had the reversed happened in Ramallah, the religious affiliation would have been cited, probably with derogatory descriptors like "dirty" and "evil". Your population has already claimed that Israel is spreading homosexuality and AIDS to "Palestinian" areas which, they assume, is pure and wholesome as the driven snow. Had it been a Canadian guy, his nationality would have been cited, too. Don't be so sensitive. You claim to have a State now you're upset when the nationality is mentioned. Get over it.
15. #8 Sarah B
Avi ,   Israel   (12.29.12)
Were you a yeshiva student?
16. 13 Force them not to have sex???
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.29.12)
These boys are minors aged about 14. It is unlawful for them to have sex. I teach boys in this age group, Haredi as well as mainstream. They are more interested in football than in having sex at that age. Were you sexually acftive at 14?
17. #4 Moshico
yunan amram ,   Israel   (12.30.12)
Sadly, I would have to say that probably a lot of the parents knew what was going on but remained silent because the extra income generated helps in these difficult economic times...
18. Does that mean that 'yeshiva' is a failure?
Avi ,   Israel   (12.30.12)
19. Why does Hashem allows Yeshiva boys to be sodomized?
Cynthia ,   U.S.A   (12.30.12)
20. #13 Edouard what complete nonsense
Yoni ,   Hertzalia. ISR   (12.31.12)
As a gay man i can tell you , you cant turn someone gay, they either are or are not. In the same way you can not force a gay man to be straight as all medical experts agree. Apart from that i am perfectly happy being gay thankyou very much. Homosexuality appears in 460 species, homophobia only appears in one ( human beings) so dont lecture others about nature when you clearly are clueless.
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