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PM Netanyahu tweeting in Arabic
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Published: 28.12.12, 12:53
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1. So what
Mustapha ,   Brooklyn, N. Y.   (12.28.12)
Is he gonna accept Islam.
2. Took the PMO long enough. End of being slackers?!?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.28.12)
For too long people in the know (like Ch 2's Ehud Yaari) have complained loudly and repeatedly pointed out that Israel is not being heard in the Arabic speaking world. Why? Because the so-called expert "media advisors" had their noggins up their kiesters. Most of them (Min of Foreign Affairs, Min of Info, IDF, etc) still are clueless about how to engage the world, let alone the Arabic speaking world. So mabruk to Bibi for finally bringing the PMO up to speed. Now if he can get an Israeli Arabic satellite news channel, that would be a BIG plus. For you Arabic speakers out there, Bibi's tweets are nothing compared to what this group puts out: Unfortunately, post election the prospects are good for getting Israel heard in the Arabic world. Lieberman has no sway over the MFA, and the MFA are total losers when talking to the Arab speaking world. Potential coalition partners like Naftali Bennet or LIvni or even Shelli and Lapid wouldn't know an Arab audience if it hit them in the head.
3. paid "followers", just like the paid likes from FB
and paid views on youtube.
4. #1. Maybe when islam accepts Israel and Judaism
A ,   Belgium   (12.28.12)
5. Very Big Mistake
John M Davies ,   Sun valley US   (12.28.12)
In the case of Israel and the Arab world its a very big mistake and a distraction. Why talk to a people who do not know or understand the words truth and trust . You cannot believe anything they say and you cannot trust them. . So why talk to the Arab world ? Bibi should talk to his own people and improve communications with them.. The Islamic world wants just one thing ? They want Israel gone . So why waste your time talking to them .. Its a waste of his time. In my book its a major sign of weakness and thats how the Islamic world sees it.. World leaders on Twitter ? This world is becoming one big joke...If he has the time to play with Twitter he does not belong in the position of Israeli PM.
6. Facts are facts.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.28.12)
Jews and arabs are close relatives with 99,8% same DNA samples. In the XIX. century before the zionist movement, many hungarian jewish scientists visited the arab world. Orientalists like Goldzieher, linguists, archeologists. All said later, that they were welcomed by muslim arabs, as true brothers. In Budapest local arabs hate more the neonazis than the jews.
7. stretching out hand to axis of evil?
ygalg ,   israel   (12.28.12)
8. Maybe
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.28.12)
Maybe they will believe him - none of us do!
9. Istvan is a thoughtful and...
Alex   (12.28.12)
well-informed person. More of that kind of postings on YNET, and the quality will improve manifold!
10. #3 - from Iraq and Lebanon?
William ,   Israel   (12.28.12)
hard to find any credibility to your claim which seems to amount to no more than sour grapes.
11. #1 - is he supposed to?
William ,   Israel   (12.28.12)
I thought the idea was to create a dialogue not become another subservient under the yoke of a violent desert religion.
12. #1 Israel HAS accepted Islam...
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (12.29.12)
...and Christianity, whose adherents are free to worship as they choose. How many Arab countries in the Mideast can say that they similarly accept Judaism and Christianity?
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