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Hitler statue unveiled at site of Warsaw Ghetto
Published: 27.12.12, 23:40
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1. Warped and depraved displays called art
Tracy W   (12.27.12)
The interesting thing is that these so-called artists don't dare to mess with Islam. They attack Jews and Christianity because they can get away with it. But not Islam. They're a bunch of depraved and talentless psychopaths who love publicity.
2. It's a bit embarrassing noone has yet smashed the Hitler
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.28.12)
You know, performance art.
3. Truly, Scriptures says that EVERY KNEE will bow to YHWH!
Rivkah   (12.28.12)
That includes Adolf Hitler's knees, so a statue with him kneeling is most appropriate. His soul is in the worst place of torment being a murderer. He wishes he had not done what he did and there is no remedy. His soul cannot be rescued or ever escape from torment. As dreadful as he was, he is to be pitied as all are who suffer the fate of eternal separation from YHWH.
4. Smash the ugly thing to bits!
Reuven   (12.28.12)
5. There are basically no Jews Left in Poland so,
Joe Fraser   (12.28.12)
I'm not really sure if anyone is insulted at all
6. #3 which scriptures would those be?
jarvis ,   joseph USA   (12.28.12)
I don't recall the Lord requiring anyone to bow. Correction. That sounds like something I read in christian literature. Well maybe people will realize its not real, just like the gods they like to brandish. This person is dead. His image lives though?
7. Statue is a good place for a dog to relieve itself
BH ,   Iowa   (12.28.12)
8. Italy a sad excuse for a country
ReaderX   (12.28.12)
Hitler did say one thing right: he said Italy abdicated as a nation, and that happened 90 years ago. They are completely non-significant losers, irrelevant macaroni-eaters.
9. Coward artist: why no Muhammid statue?
Shep ,   Memphis, tn   (12.28.12)
It's OK to provoke the Jews, cause we don't blow up everyone When we are insulted. If he had balls, he would insult the Muslims and see their reaction..
10. Worse than distasteful art
Ibn Harif   (12.28.12)
Odd because the artist depicts Hitlers eyes as blue, a falsity if ever there was one. Credit to the artist though if he was trying please Hitler, for the dog would have loved his eyes depicted as blue. The mere fact this "artist" uses blue eyes shows this statue is a political statement. Great day for all the closet Hitler lovers indeed...
11. Wow
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.28.12)
Art is supposed to be evocative. This definitely meets that criteria! I surprises me that the negative reaction haven't entered the range of the physical I wonder what that says about Poles and others who see this piece.
12. besides being tasteless
mark ,   usa   (12.28.12)
There is a surprising contemporary look to that wax figure... As in that is what Assad should be doing...looking contrite before God. I always said Assad,sr looked the role of what happened to hilter's missing testicle.
13. Art provokes
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.28.12)
Who cares?
14. Hitler !!!
jack ,   israel   (12.28.12)
15. #8 X, Why don't you like Italians?
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.28.12)
Art is a form of speech and its freedom ought to be protected. So why does one sculptor make you discard an entire nation? A nation which has known for thousands of years how to live well. Italian tourists we see here of all ages are respectful, are polite and acting up a happy storm wherever they go. They seem to be among the merriest people on earth. This sculpture in Warsaw, Poland, is placed very close to where the Jewish History Museum will be opening soon. It's not to my taste to see a sculpture of H anywhere, especially not in Warsaw where the Ghetto was and the Museum will be opening soon for thousands of visitors to reflect upon the Holocaust. So, I hope, the display there now of that sculpture is very temporary. Beyond that, I will continue admiring the Italians for their savoir vivre.
16. actually, it should be embarrassing for THEM
oferdesade ,   israel   (12.28.12)
there is no place m,ore fitting to put a statue of hitler praying than in that good old cathollic bastion - poland. JP2 rolling over in grave, of course, but they dont really care, do they)
17. #5 ..are you asking or telling us, Joe?
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (12.28.12)
18. if it makes them happy who cares
zionist forever   (12.28.12)
Statue or no statue they are all bunch of anti semites anyway so let them idolise Hitler if thats what turns them on. Stopping them putting it up won't change their attitudes. Getting worked up over Hitlers image is a victory for the Nazi sympathisers. Being able to look and walk away makes the him and his sympathisers an irrelevance.
19. @16
Sol ,   Toronto   (12.28.12)
Maybe that is the point the artist is trying to make. That Hitler was a Catholic to his last, and was leading a Christian nation. That without the underlying Christian theology of deicide the Holocaust could not have happened. The good Catholic, Hitler, is on his knees, fingers interlaced in prayer, pleading that he was only doing the work of God according to church credo and his Pope's wishes. Call me nuts but it is a brave work and should be moved to a permanent home in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
20. #5
Frank Mazuca ,   Lakeland florida USA   (12.28.12)
i am not Jewish i was born Methodist and I AM INSULTED, Ignorance and hate- which the "artist" displayed- is an insult to humanity.
21. What hurts
Helene ,   Merkaz   (12.28.12)
is that so many Israelis are seeking to get Polish citizenship... in order to become part of the EU and leave Israel, may be for ever
22. #15 Michael
DavidR ,   USA   (12.28.12)
I am not speaking for #8 but I would like to remind you of one fact that I am sure you are grinning about under cover of this cold media, and I am sure you love the fact that you are showing veiled hatred for Jews everywhere when You conveniently ignore the fact that the Roman Empire was the worse enemy of Jews and that Italy was allied with Hitler! Every one who visits these talkbacks know you are an anti-semite. You don't have to veil it. Oh yes, did I fail to mention the Vatican?
23. Mark of Lodz, my family was from Lodz and Chelm
Joe Fraser   (12.28.12)
Most were slaughtered, and all of our property was usurped by Poles. Perhaps you had a powerful elitist family that was able to reclaim its property, but for me most Poles are anti-semites, and there should be no surprise that this anti-semitic display was put up.
24. Frank, unfortunately you are one of the few
Joe Fraser   (12.28.12)
25. 6 Joseph Jarvis, USA: Isaiah 45:23, Romans 14:11, Philippian
26. Cattelan's depiction of hitler
s rivka levy ,   salt lake city, usa   (12.28.12)
this feels damned strange.
27. Mussolini
Zechariah   (12.28.12)
Without Mussolini The Nazis could not have come to power and now Mussolini and Pope Pius return in depraved ways.The poles know nothing they won't blow up the statue just like they didn't blow up the Treblinka rail track or provide Jews with arms in July 1942 as the Nazi Army advanced onto South Russia and the Jews were to be gassed women and children and babies.This Jesus does not forgive and condemns Nazism and Fascism to hell with Stalinism and much of Bolshevism.The Menshevics are ok though.
28. #6 God told Charlton Heston
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (12.28.12)
to bow down before your Lord God. So it is in scripture
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