Outpost eviction fails following clashes
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 28.12.12, 17:02
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1. Results of a Disarmed People
L. Welsh ,   U.S.A   (12.28.12)
This is a good example when a nation disarms its people and all they have to fight back is stones; allowing any corrupt government to do as they want to its people. Obama and his neo nazi democratic party is attempting to do the same to its U.S. citizens. Disarm them and create a police state with in the U.S. Our media that is controlled by our government is being used to orchestrate the democratic take over of the U.S. What people don't realize or fail to understand is when you take the ability of the people to have the means to protect them selves from a corrupt government it allows massive corruption of a government to do what they want to its citizens.
2. 1 - in a country of laws there is law enforcement
David   (12.28.12)
to enforce laws and carry weapons. you want to defend yourself against law enforcement move to Afghanistan.
3. Settlers
Jonathan Baum ,   Kibbutz Sasa, Israel   (12.28.12)
Even "settlers" in Israel have to obey the law. Unlike America, the State here has a monopoly on violence.
4. Lately fashion at Israeli army
Is to pull back when people throw stones at soldiers
5. I suggest redeployment
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.12)
Send those security forces to Lod to put down civil unrest and rioting Arabs there.
6. clashes during evacuation
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (12.28.12)
I understand the settlers, but they are all Israeli citizens - I think or hope so - and Israeli citizens are not supposed to oppose with violence the Tsahal, that only follows the orders of the government, therefore legal orders. Maybe, after the recent calls of Feiglin and Bennett the settlers want to push some of the soldiers to disobey orders. Is that we want, is that the Feiglins and the Bennetts want? Is there a hidden agenda of this two people? Want Bennett and Feiglin a civil war in Israel? No, no, no,… it's completely wrong. If you don't agree go to vote and accept the results of the elections!
7. To#1
Chanan ,   FL,usa   (12.28.12)
They were not unarmed. I had buddies with M4 and M203's least armed man had a Uzi, some people had MAG's and others even had Mortars. They just don't have the heart to shoot at their fellow country men/brothers. As to their brothers shooting tear gas at them, they gonna have to make up their minds. Did I take an oath to a nation or to a govt?
8. to # 2
Keren IL-BR ,   Israel   (12.28.12)
There are no laws in the territories. All the land belongs to God and we have the sacred mission to expel the Arab invasor and regain the land to the jews. Force is required to reach this aim. It is time to real Jews help these defenseless youth who are alone in this battle.
9. #2 David - Jews lived under British law
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRA EL   (12.28.12)
in Palestine, they weren't too happy about it, since Arabs had the guns and Jews didn't When the Brits finally high-tailed it for home, they gave the bulk of their equiment, Taggart forts to Arabs, not Jews
10. #1 - Repulsive
Ferdinand ,   France & Israel   (12.28.12)
To L. Welsh By calling Obama and the Democratic Party "nazi", you insult every Jew, every shoah survivour and particularly every shoah victim. If you cannot tell the different between a democratic president in the US and the sadistic dictators who tried to murder the whole Jewish people, then the problem is with you and only with you.
11. #1...People like you....
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.28.12)
...used to wear brown shirts
12. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.12)
So your dictum would pertain equally to Arabs who riot in East Jerusalem, or in Lod, or in Umm al Fahm, or anywhere else in the State of Israel; is that not correct? Oh, my! It would apply to Arabs in Hebron, Schehem, Jenin and anywhere else in Judea and Samaria too, would it not? It's not exactly as if so-called ersatz "Palestinian" "law enforcement" does its job.
13. IDF
Paul ,   Africa South   (12.28.12)
are not suppose to evacuate settlers, legal or illegal - that is the job of the Police. This Government is weakening Israel & the Jewish people by abusing the military. The IDF is military fighting force that is mandated to defend Israel from EXTERNAL enemies - period. What a disgrace Bibi is.
14. A racist failure of will
Dan   (12.28.12)
The evacuation did not fail - the government's will failed. If this had been a group of Palestinians building illegally, would the outcome have been the same? This is what undermines Israeli legitimacy around the world.
stude ham   (12.28.12)
this is perverse. if the arabs want us out of our own lands then let them try... we have no business in that obscenity.
16. tear gas
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (12.28.12)
17. Giborai israel
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (12.28.12)
Any government that issues illegal, immoral orders against the giborai israel has no right to exist.
18. Between a rock and hard place.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (12.28.12)
I do not envy either side in this one. Brother vs Brother is what happened in our American Civil War, the deadliest of all wars for Americans. I hope and pray that Israel can find a fair solution for both sides, instead of enforcing their brothers to evacuate. There is enough land for EVERY single person to own his own parcel. Let's stop this Brother vs Brother nonsense, whether you are religious or not. Find common ground and look for an opportunity to find peace, not war. We have had enough evacuations and killing already.
19. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.12)
"If this had been a group of Palestinians building illegally, would the outcome have been the same?" There are thousands of ersatz "Palestinians" who build illegally, and rarely -- if ever -- does the government do anything about it. Does that undermine Israeli legitimacy?
20. To # 13 Your ignorance is showing
Stan ,   Israel   (12.28.12)
According to international law these territories are NOT part of Israel and police cannot be used.
21. So let me get this straight...
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (12.28.12)
according to a lot of people here. if Israeli settlers attack IDF troopers just following orders their "heros" But if palestinians do the same their terrorists dont you see any double standards there? or wont your ideology let you?
23. David #2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.28.12)
# 1 is correct. I'm sure Hitler had laws and his law enforcement was very effective. You can not always count on law enforcement to enforce the law. The government from the top to the bottom often decide which laws they will enforce and which laws they won't. Eric Holder running guns to Mexican drug lords is a good example. Obama blocked the investigation by invoking executive privledge. Any government can become corrupt and the reason our founding fathers gave us the right to keep and bear arms was so citizens could prevent government from getting out of control like in Hitlers Germany.
24. Shameful!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.28.12)
There is no reason on earth why the IDF should have failed or retreated in the circumstances. The outpost was supposed to be evacuated and it should have been! Sad to say, but one can readily imagine the orders that these soldiers were given.
25. 23 - ok, keep your ak47 and stay where you are.
Avi ,   Ranana   (12.28.12)
In Israel the IDF and the police are responsible for law enforcement and our founding fathers didn't give our guns to fight our government.
26. #8 was not written by me.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (12.28.12)
Now,my opinion about this issue: Sometimes I am afraid and wonder if Bibi is indeed reliable. I can not undesrtand such a policy of evacuation of Jews from their land. I think it is a bit schizoprenic buildind form one side and destroying from the other. All land ,from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean sea belongs to Israel and no Jew should suffer from settling on what is ours. The evil policy of destruction of what was build by Jews must end lest the credibility of the current government be put in big doubt.
27. One binational country
Jimi ,   Palestine   (12.28.12)
This is the de facto status,
28. #27 Jimi - No way
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (12.28.12)
The Arabs have vowed to drive the Jews out, that is a fact, BOTH The PLO Charter & Hamas Covenant demand that it be done
29. Some 150 settlers confront security force therefores
joe ,   kfar saba israel   (12.28.12)
settlers are extremists equals terrorists!!!! forces should shot to kill. i have no doubt th government politics is heading all us for the worse for the very first time i preffer 100 usd than going to vote!!!! someone will get what im talking about!
30. Jews should not be pitted against Jews in
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.28.12)
the land of Israel...!
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